Painting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer

Travel with Roger and Sarah as they paint their way across the country, visiting out of-the-way places, historic landmarks and interesting towns. Roger captures a beautiful landscape using acrylics or oils, sharing his techniques for color mixing and shading, laying out and refining subject matter. Sarah plays tour guide in each destination, talking to locals who share fun facts and stories.

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Episode #1002 · Sarah and Roger visit Christiansted on the beautiful island of St. Croix. Sarah enjoys the sights and sounds of the breezy downtown and the sunny, tropical ocean views. Roger makes a few sketches on location of an historic church which he decides to paint back in the studio using acrylics.

Ralph The Tiger

Episode #1003 · Sarah and Roger are invited to visit a large cat rescue in Mims, Florida. The owner introduces Sarah to the youngest member, Ralph the Tiger. Sarah also meets the larger lions and tigers and learns about their diet and care. Roger takes pictures of the handsome cub back to his studio and paints Ralph's portrait.

Cedar Key

Episode #1004 · Roger and Sarah drive their motorhome to the quaint fishing village of Cedar Key, Florida to spend a few days enjoying art galleries and the local scene. Sarah learns some of the towns rich history while visiting the Cedar Key Historical Museum. Roger selects a wooden fishing boat and palm trees for a scene to paint in oils.

Belle Isle

Episode #1005 · Sarah and Roger stop in Detroit, Michigan to visit the renowned Detroit Institute of Arts later swinging by the famous Motown recording studio. They also explore Belle Isle Park and view the impressive city skyline. Roger chooses to paint the iconic fountain using oils on a large canvas back in his studio.


Episode #1006 · Roger and Sarah cruise to Ketchikan, Alaska visiting the downtown area before heading off to Glacier Bay National Park. Roger paints a vessel in the marina used as a fishing tender when he returns to his studio. The cruise is peaceful and scenic along the way to the glacier field where they watch a glacier calving.

Old Presque Isle Light House

Episode #1007 · Painting and Travel tour the Old Presque Isle Light House on the shore of Michigan's Lake Huron. Sarah climbs the tower and visits the charming keepers house learning of its history and restoration. Roger uses acrylics to paint a birdseye view of the 38 foot tower and surrounding landscape.

Blue Water Bridge

Episode #1008 · Painting and Travel head north to Ontario Canada. Sarah spends time near the Blue Water Bridge at the Waterfront Park in Point Edward where warm fall afternoons are enjoyed by locals and visitors. Roger sets up his easel and uses acrylics to create a panoramic landscape including the bridge from a seventh floor balcony.

One Stop Buggy Shop, Part 1

Episode #1009 · Painting and Travel visit Amish country and the Miller Carriage Shop in Shipshewana, Indiana. Sarah talks with the owner of the hand built carriage business and watches the buggies being built to various stages of completion. Roger chooses to paint a landscape with one of the horse drawn carriages on a hilly country road.

One Stop Buggy Shop, Part 2

Episode #1010 · Using acrylics Roger concludes his landscape painting of a horse drawn carriage on a rolling countryside lane in Shipshewana, Indiana. Sarah visits the auction house and huge flea market where many Amish shop and sell vegetables, fruits, and tasty baked goods. While speaking with a vender she learns about some changes in the Amish lifestyle that help them live in today's world.

Sault Ste. Marie

Episode #1011 · During a visit to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Roger does a plein air painting of a Great Lakes freighter heading towards the locks. He also paints a friendly Canadian goose back at his studio. Sarah and Roger cross the International Bridge to the twin city in Ontario and tour the fascinating displays at the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Center.

Sea Oats and Dunes

Episode #1012 · Roger paints a seascape featuring sand dunes with sea oats using acrylics on board. Sarah takes a walk on the beach with Mic the rescue dog and later visits an environmental education center to learn about the importance of the dunes and other natural aspects of beach life.

Balloon Festival

Episode #1013 · Painting and Travel take to the air during the Albuquerque, New Mexico Hot Air Balloon Festival where hundreds of balloons come from around the world to participate. Roger describes the process of creating a 100 foot tall balloon mural on the side of a hotel. He also paints a scene of a colorful balloon in flight using acrylics.

Glacier National Park

Episode #601 · Sarah and Roger Bansemer travel to Montana to visit Glacier National Park, marvel at the glacier covered majestic mountains and ride across the famous Going to the Sun Road. Roger captures a magnificent water fall scene with oils on a large canvas.

The Sod Roofed Cabin

Episode #602 · Sarah tours the interior of a sod roofed cabin in Polson, Montana with the founder of the Miracle of America Museum who describes the rigors and joys of rural life. Roger uses acrylics to paint the timber and sod cabin from the 1890's.

The Steam Tractor

Episode #603 · At the Miracle of America Museum in Polson, Montana, Sarah takes a ride on a steam powered tractor through the old museum town. Roger sketches and later paints the colorful old farm tractor in oils on a large canvas.

The Button Factory

Episode #604 · The lock master In Belleview Iowa shows Sarah the operation of lock # 12 which allows boats and barges to move up or down the Mississippi river. Roger paints a landscape with an old button factory building by the river's edge.

Devils Tower

Episode #605 · Roger and Sarah Bansemer visit Devils Tower WY. Sarah learns about the tower and the sport of rock climbing from a veteran climber who has summated 2000 times. Roger paints a landscape on location featuring this remarkable national monument.

The Sheep Wagon

Episode #606 · Sarah takes you inside a Wyoming sheep herders wagon owned by a Wyoming rancher who explains the importance of this shelter used during the summer months. Roger sets up his easel and paints this charming old west wagon with acrylics.

Lochsa River

Episode #607 · Roger and Sarah Bansemer stay in a heavily wooded campground deep in an Idaho valley along the Lochsa River. Sarah enjoys the natural surrounds while walking her little dog through the park. Roger uses oils to paint a landscape from the bank of the river.

The Church on the Hill

Episode #608 · Roger and Sarah Bansemer visit the historic mining town of Philipsburg, Montana with its brightly painted buildings and delightfully restored downtown. Roger uses oils to paint an old wooden church on the hill.

The Buffalo

Episode #609 · The Bansemers take a drive through the National Bison Range near Dixon MT with incredible panoramic views and opportunities to watch the buffalo up close. Back in the studio Roger uses acrylics to paint a portrait of the powerful head of a buffalo.

El Galeon

Episode #610 · In historic St. Augustine harbor, Sarah goes aboard the Spanish ship El Galeon and talks with Capt. Menendez about his voyage to the new world. Roger paints the bow of the ship using oils on a large canvas in his studio.

Shore Bird Murals

Episode #611 · Sarah visits a Florida bird habitat and learns about the roseate spoonbill and other shore birds. Roger works on a two dozen 4' by 8' bird murals with large brushes and exterior grade sign paint for these outdoor paintings.

The Antique Saloon Lantern

Episode #612 · Sarah visits the Rogues Gallery In Hulett, Wyoming, and meets the owner, artist Bob Coronato, who describes the etching process and shows examples of his fine art work. Roger paints an antique brass saloon lantern that was used nearly a century ago.

Sioux Moccasins

Episode #613 · Sarah talks with artist and curator Bob Coronato in Hulett, Wyoming and learns about American Indian artifacts from his collection in the Rogues Gallery. Roger uses acrylics and paints a pair of beaded Sioux moccasins from the 1890s.

The Biltmore Estate Garden

Episode #801H · Sarah speaks with the production leader in the magnificent four acre walled garden of the famous Biltmore Estate in N C. She learns about the colorful seasonal plantings then takes a stroll through the brick conservatory looking at orchids and other tropical plants. Roger uses a large canvas and oils to capture a full view of the garden and conservatory with mountains in the distance.

The Honey Jar

Episode #802H · Sarah travels to South Carolina to visit a bee keeper who shares his system of collecting honey, separating it from the wax, and caring for the colony. The jar of honey Sarah brings home becomes the subject for Rogers next painting. Using oils on canvas and special lighting, Roger creates a still life of the jar of golden honey glowing with sunlight.

Mountain Lake, Part 1

Episode #803H · Sarah takes a leisurely pontoon boat tour on Lake Lure nestled in the mountains of North Carolina. She and her dog Mic enjoy motoring by scenic coves and summer cottages. Roger sets up his easel on a dock and uses acrylics to paint a lake view featuring a boat house and the surrounding shoreline.

Mountain Lake, Part 2

Episode #804H · Sarah views Lake Lure from high atop Chimney Rock State Park in the Western mountains of N C. She also learns the interesting origins of the park and how Lake Lure got its' name. Roger concludes his lake painting by concentrating on the reflections on the water and the details that finish the boathouse.

The Guitar Maker

Episode #805H · Sarah visits the studio of a North Carolina guitar and ukulele maker who explains how he chooses the shape and the wood for each project then demonstrates the construction process of his fine instruments. Roger uses acrylics and oils to paint a portrait of the craftsman laboring at his workbench.

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