Painting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer

Travel with Roger and Sarah as they paint their way across the country, visiting out of-the-way places, historic landmarks and interesting towns. Roger captures a beautiful landscape using acrylics or oils, sharing his techniques for color mixing and shading, laying out and refining subject matter. Sarah plays tour guide in each destination, talking to locals who share fun facts and stories.

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Icebreaker Mackinaw

Episode #1001 · Roger and Sarah travel up the eastern coast line of Michigan arriving in the village of Mackinaw City. Sarah tours a retired U. S. Coast Guard icebreaker and talks with an experienced engineer about the ships operations and past rescues. Roger uses oils on canvas to paint the Icebreaker Mackinaw in port.


Episode #1002 · Sarah and Roger visit Christiansted on the beautiful island of St. Croix. Sarah enjoys the sights and sounds of the breezy downtown and the sunny, tropical ocean views. Roger makes a few sketches on location of an historic church which he decides to paint back in the studio using acrylics.

Ralph The Tiger

Episode #1003 · Sarah and Roger are invited to visit a large cat rescue in Mims, Florida. The owner introduces Sarah to the youngest member, Ralph the Tiger. Sarah also meets the larger lions and tigers and learns about their diet and care. Roger takes pictures of the handsome cub back to his studio and paints Ralph's portrait.

Cedar Key

Episode #1004 · Roger and Sarah drive their motorhome to the quaint fishing village of Cedar Key, Florida to spend a few days enjoying art galleries and the local scene. Sarah learns some of the towns rich history while visiting the Cedar Key Historical Museum. Roger selects a wooden fishing boat and palm trees for a scene to paint in oils.

The Biltmore Estate Garden

Episode #801H · Sarah speaks with the production leader in the magnificent four acre walled garden of the famous Biltmore Estate in N C. She learns about the colorful seasonal plantings then takes a stroll through the brick conservatory looking at orchids and other tropical plants. Roger uses a large canvas and oils to capture a full view of the garden and conservatory with mountains in the distance.

The Honey Jar

Episode #802H · Sarah travels to South Carolina to visit a bee keeper who shares his system of collecting honey, separating it from the wax, and caring for the colony. The jar of honey Sarah brings home becomes the subject for Rogers next painting. Using oils on canvas and special lighting, Roger creates a still life of the jar of golden honey glowing with sunlight.

Mountain Lake, Part 1

Episode #803H · Sarah takes a leisurely pontoon boat tour on Lake Lure nestled in the mountains of North Carolina. She and her dog Mic enjoy motoring by scenic coves and summer cottages. Roger sets up his easel on a dock and uses acrylics to paint a lake view featuring a boat house and the surrounding shoreline.

Mountain Lake, Part 2

Episode #804H · Sarah views Lake Lure from high atop Chimney Rock State Park in the Western mountains of N C. She also learns the interesting origins of the park and how Lake Lure got its' name. Roger concludes his lake painting by concentrating on the reflections on the water and the details that finish the boathouse.

The Guitar Maker

Episode #805H · Sarah visits the studio of a North Carolina guitar and ukulele maker who explains how he chooses the shape and the wood for each project then demonstrates the construction process of his fine instruments. Roger uses acrylics and oils to paint a portrait of the craftsman laboring at his workbench.

The Ojibwe Teepee

Episode #806H · Sarah heads North to Grand Portage, MN and learns how an Ojibwe tee pee is constructed using birch bark. She steps inside to see how the interior space is designed for comfort and livability. Roger sets up his easel to create a painting of the birch bark tee pee in the fading afternoon light on the shores of Lake Superior.

The Pumpkin

Episode #807H · Sarah explores a rural farm in WI that has a pumpkin patch containing six to seven thousand pumpkins. She talks with the owner about the different varieties of pumpkins and the requirements for growing them. Roger sets up his easel by an old wooden doorway and creates a colorful pumpkin scene using the early morning light.

Roses of the Biltmore Estate

Episode #808H · Sarah tours the rose garden on the grounds of the majestic Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina and speaks to the rosarian who describes pruning and caring for the fragrant flowers. Roger uses oils to create a unique rose bouquet that will decorate a wooden table top used in their motor home.

Apple Time

Episode #809H · Sarah visits a North Carolina apple orchard and talks with the owner about the numerous varieties and attributes of the apples grown there. Sarah tastes apple samples then walks through the orchard to pick her own bag full. Roger uses acrylics to paint an apple still life exploring facets of light and shadow on a red and a green apple.

The Diesel Locomotive

Episode #810H · Sarah visits the Apple Valley Model Railroad Club housed in the old Hendersonville, NC train depot. Club members show the trains in operation and explain the intricate layout that fills the historic station making it lively once again. Roger uses oils on canvas to paint a powerful image of an aging diesel railroad locomotive focusing primarily on the details of the bright yellow steps and heavy front wheels.

The Old Drilling Rig

Episode #811H · Sarah explores one of the world's most productive copper mines in Butte MT at the "World Museum of Mining". She hears about old time mining days from a retired miner and enters one of the tunnels with a guide to experience what it was like to work by candlelight. Roger finds a weather worn drilling truck and sets up his easel to begin painting on location before the rain starts.

Florida Palms

Episode #812H · Sarah visits the woodworking shop at the Jack Richeson Company in WI where over one hundred styles of fine artists easels are manufactured. The company president describes the process and shows where each easel and taboret is handmade of oak. Back in his studio Roger uses oils on canvas to paint a large tropical Florida landscape featuring palm trees and native shrubbery.

Fort Mose

Episode #813H · Sarah visits an important National Historical landmark on the Florida Black Heritage Trail in St. Augustine. A Florida living history expert describes the foods of the day and the reason that Fort Mose was built in 1738 for freed slaves. Roger sketches on location and then using oils on canvas, paints a woman in period costume cooking an autumn feast over an open fire.

Inside Passage

Episode #901H · Roger and Sarah Bansemer travel north to Alaska where they visit the town of Ketchican and Totem Bight State Historical Park where Sarah learns about the methods and materials used to create colorful totem poles. Back in the studio Roger uses oils to create a painting of the misty shoreline by the park.

The Sea Turtle

Episode #902H · Sarah visits the Whitney Marine Laboratory and sea turtle hospital in St. Augustine, Florida where she learns about the research and care of injured sea turtles. Back in his studio, Roger uses acrylics and creates a portrait of one of the magnificent creatures.

Todd's General Store

Episode #903H · Sarah and Roger Bansemer visit the small town of Todd, North Carolina where Sarah talks to some down home whittlers and a talented musician on the front porch of the local gathering spot. Roger sets up his easel on location and using acrylics, catches the quickly changing colors and paints the general store in the early morning light.

Castillo De San Marcos

Episode #904H · Sarah tours the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, Florida learning the rich history and viewing its unique architecture and building materials of native coquina stone. Over 300 years old, it is the oldest masonry 17th century fort in North America. Setting up his easel on location and using acrylics, Roger creates a large painting of the fort in the early morning hours.

Hackberry On Rt. 66

Episode #905H · Sarah and Roger visit a most interesting roadside stop on Rt. 66 with relics from the past including old automobiles, a soda shop, rusty signs and all things Route 66. Back in his studio Roger uses oil paints to depict one of the unrestored antique cars on display at the property.

The Fly Fisherman, Part 1

Episode #906H · In the first of this two part program, Sarah joins an expert fly fisherman by the Davidson River in North Carolina where he demonstrates the art of catching trout using different methods of casting. Roger uses oils to begin a large painting of a mountain stream with a fisherman.

The Fly Fisherman, Part 2

Episode #907H · In part 2 of this two part program, Sarah watches an expert as he creates one of the many types of flies used in fly fishing. Using oils, Roger puts the finishing touches on his painting of the mountain stream.

The Dairy Cow

Episode #908H · Roger and Sarah visit the North Carolina town of West Jefferson where Sarah visits a local butcher in the morning and later talks to one of the many artists about his work at an art opening in town. Back in the studio, Roger uses acrylics to paint a dairy cow with the focus being on back lighting a subject.

Dinosaur National Park

Episode #909H · Roger and Sarah visit the Dinosaur National Monument in Utah and Colorado where Sarah views the ancient Petroglyphs and hikes into Box Canyon. In his studio, Roger uses acrylics to paint a sandstone cliff worn by time.

American Egret

Episode #910H · Sarah speaks with a naturalist to learn about birding in north-eastern Florida. Roger uses oils and paints a 24 x 36 inch portrait of an Egret perched high in a Florida cabbage palm focusing on color and the warm summer light coming through frowns of the palm and surrounding foliage.

The Ponce De Leon Hotel

Episode #911H · Sarah tours several of St. Augustine's historic sites including the brick lined Aviles Street arts district, the oldest school house and the former Ponce de Leon hotel built by Henry Flagler. In his studio, Roger uses oils to create a detailed 30 by 30 inch painting of the historic hotel and statue of Pone de Leon.

Journey to Titanic

Episode #912H · Roger is invited to be a part of an expedition to the Titanic. Leaving from St. Johns, Newfoundland, Roger boards the Russian ship, Keldysh and spends the next two weeks at sea over the site of Titanic to create a number of original paintings. While inside the deep sea submersible some 12,500 feet below the surface he uses acrylics to work on paintings while actually hovering over the bow of the ship.


Episode #913H · Roger and Sarah Bansemer travel to Skagway, Alaska, the northern most location in the "Painting and Travel" series so far. Sarah explores the old Victorian downtown area with its wooden boardwalks and then rides the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad for a trip through the magnificent mountain scenery. Back in his studio, Roger uses oils to create a painting of the downtown area with emphasis on perspective and atmosphere.