Zonya's Health Bites

In Zonya's Health Bites, personal wellness coach Zonya Foco offers realistic lifestyle solutions for managing weight, improving health, creating balance and maximizing energy for the whole family. In each episode, Zonya tackles everyday problems in the kitchen, grocery store and exercise room. She cracks the code on confusing food labels to find the healthiest and best choices in every aisle of the supermarket in "Zonya's Grocery Picks." In "Power Habit," Zonya delivers key points for helping people adopt one good habit at a time. In "Lickety-Split Cooking," the bestselling cookbook author creates healthier alternatives to high-calorie family favorites. She shows parents how to prevent and combat childhood obesity with "Junior Bites" and covers quick and easy workouts, from simple exercises to yoga, in the "Fitness" segment.

Distributed by: American Public Television (APT)
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What Color Is On Your Plate?

Episode #303 · Let Zonya show you how you can eat a rainbow of colors the HEALTHY and NATURAL way in the produce aisle. Zonya's one-dish Mediterranean-inspired Ratatouille is not only easy to make, it showcases all the colors of the rainbow featuring eggplant, tomatoes, peppers and squash that pack a powerful punch against cancer and heart disease.

Sucker-Proofing Your Pantry

Episode #306 · Learn how to sucker-proof your pantry by using half the sugar, reducing the fat to nearly nothing and still enjoying delicious Enlightened Zucchini Bread and Banana Bread your family will love. Zonya teaches you how to balance the right carbs and right fats while lowering your calories so you can eat healthy every day without getting suckered into an all-or-nothing diet mentality.

Lowering Your Blood Pressure The Natural Way

Episode #308 · Learn how to lower your blood pressure in lickety-split time without medication as Zonya takes you through an entire day of super-charged meals and snacks that focus on decreasing your sodium while increasing your calcium, potassium and magnesium. From delicious morning smoothies to dinnertime Chili Cornbread Pie, you'll be amazed how delicious a full day of Zonya's prescriptions can taste.

Hearty Meals on a Skimpy Budget

Episode #311 · You can serve your family supercharged meals even on the tightest budget when you follow Zonya's high-value, low-cost tour in the grocery store and treat them to her Lentil Spinach Soup and Oven-Baked Lentils and Rice. These "lentilicious" meals are power-packed with more than 8 times the fiber while saving you nearly half the sodium than a typical hamburger/pasta casserole.

It's So Easy Being Green

Episode #312 · Zonya begs to differ from Kermit the Frog on just how easy it is being green, not to mention how important it is to get your greens. Serving delicious and nutritious main-course salads that satisfy the heartiest appetite starts with a close-up look at choosing healthy dressings then moves to the kitchen for Zonya's Southwestern Grilled Chicken Salad and Raspberry Walnut Spinach Salad that make it soooo easy being green.