Wine First

Wine First takes viewers through some of the most beautiful European wine regions, where sommelier Liora Levi and food enthusiast Yolanda Aņo search for three wines that reflect the character of each region. In each episode, they challenge one renowned local chef to cook three dishes that complement the taste and qualities of each of their chosen wines. Liora and Yolanda share the magnificent meal with the winemakers, and together they all decide if the chef has managed to prepare great dishes to match the different wines.
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Mosel Valley

Episode #101 · Liora and Yolanda visit the beautiful Mosel Valley in Germany, searching for tasty wines. This region is known for its white wines, and in particular Riesling wine. Will Michelin-chef Harald Russel succeed in cooking three meals that match the qualities of each wine?


Episode #102 · The Rheingau wine-region of Germany is famous for both red and white wines. Liora and Yolanda are determined to taste as many wines as possible, to find the perfect selection for the chef's challenge. Three wineries are on their list. Will chef Josef Laufer's dishes match the wines picked by our hosts?

Styria & Burgenland

Episode #103 · Liora and Yolanda travel to beautiful Austria in search of three local Styrian wines to present to chef Harald Irka for the cooking challenge. Our hosts get to participate in every aspect of wine production, they harvest grapes with the pickers and compete barefoot grape-stomping in barrels with an Austrian celebrity! Will the fruits of their labor pay off?

Vienna & Lower Austria

Episode #104


Episode #105 · Liora and Yolanda visit Hardanger in Norway to find out more about apples and hard cider, the wine of the north. Did you know that the fjord valley with its steep mountains create a microclimate perfect for growing fruits? Our hosts are eager to learn more about this, so they meet up with three apple-farmers to select three different ciders. Chef Steinar Rinaldo is ready for the chef's challenge. Will his dishes match the chosen ciders?