This Old House Create Showcase: New Orleans Rebuilds

Post-Hurricane Katrina, This Old House follows stories of rebuilding and recovery in New Orleans, while helping one fourth-generation resident of the Lower Ninth Ward return home by renovating her flood-damaged shotgun single.

Distributed by PBS
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Return to New Orleans, Post Katrina

Episode #101 · This Old House travels to New Orleans, Louisiana, to help a fourth-generation resident of the Lower 9th Ward return home, while following stories of rebuilding and recovery throughout the city.

Camelbacks, Bargeboard, and Toxic Mold

Episode #102 · Back in New Orleans, Kevin meets homeowner Rashida Ferdinand and her architect Rick Fifield for a look at the plans and model of the proposed work to her shotgun single.

French Quarter, Shotgun Colors

Episode #103 · Host Kevin O'Connor visits the French Quarter with Vieux Carre Commission Director Lary Hesdorffer to see how one of the most important neighborhoods in America faired during the storm.

Saints in the City

Episode #104 · Norm Abram takes Kevin across the Mississippi River by ferry to Algiers Point, home of the first This Old House New Orleans project back in 1990, to see how it fared during Hurricane Katrina.

First Builder Falls Through

Episode #105 · Host Kevin O'Connor and Norm Abram visit the local's alternative to Bourbon Street-the neighborhood jazz clubs of Frenchmen Street, where the New Orleans music scene is still alive and well.

Back On Track

Episode #106 · Host Kevin O'Connor and master carpenter Norm Abram take a ride through the city of New Orleans with streetcar driver Sue Daniel, who is known locally as Streetcar Sue.

Recovery Continues

Episode #107 · The Dollut Steamboat house. Holy Cross house's new quartz countertops made using laser technology. Cabinets, flooring and paint. A lesson in making a window stool and apron. Reclaimed pine flooring.

Landscapes and NBA Legends

Episode #108 · Kevin and Roger visit a tradition on Poydras St., Mother's Restaurant, to sample the local cuisine. Roger and landscape architect Brian Sublette create public and private space on our lot.

Only In New Orleans

Episode #109 · Host Kevin O'Connor meets District Fire Chief Tim McConnell to see how his firemen are rebuilding 22 damaged firehouses with the help of volunteers and the Denis Leary Foundation in NYC.

One Small Corner Restored

Episode #110 · Kevin O'Connor and the Krewe of Zulu prepare for Mardi Gras. In Holy Cross, Roger Cook finds metal worker Joe Strain finishing the installation of the "hoop and scroll" iron fence.