Taste The Islands

Taste the Islands showcases the sweet, spicy and exotic flavors of Caribbean cuisine.

In season two, co-hosts Hugh Sinclair (aka "Chef Irie") and Lisa Lee Arneaud introduce spices and traditional dishes and explain their history and relevance in Caribbean culture. Chef Irie’s passion for the cuisine and his culinary experience shine through as he discusses his unique take on various recipes and offers helpful tips and techniques. With simplicity and passion, Haitian-born chef Thia Verna infuses Caribbean, African, Latin, Asian, French and Mediterranean flavors into fine dining experiences.

Distributed by: American Public Television (APT)
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Chef Irie

Chef Irie

Hugh A. Sinclair, better known as Chef Irie, hails from Jamaica. He is a professionally certified personal chef and caterer who fuses the influence of the islands with the influence gained by his travels through Europe and the Far East.

The Latin Lover

Episode #101H · Chef Irie brings out his inner Latin lover, preparing citrus infused Snapper Ceviche and Mussels Chorizo with Mango Coconut Sauce, finished with Guava Cream Cheese Phyllo tartlets.

Carnival Nights

Episode #102H · Chef Irie reinterprets Trinidadian favorites with Cilantro Corn soup, Chicken Pelau, Pineapple Pepper Slaw and an Irie-style ginger libation. Viewers listen in on a food conversation between Chef and Trinidadian Olympic athlete and Sports Analyst Ato Boldon.

A Little of This

Episode #103H · Chef Irie draws inspiration from Trinidad and Jamaica with Plantain chips and dip, Pan Grilled Jerk Pork Medallions, Sweet Mango Chutney and an Herb Apple Salad. Chef's interaction with Trinidadian Olympic athlete and Sports Analyst Ato Boldon is concluded with a lesson in making an interpreted Trini Bake and Shark.

Dinner in the Keys

Episode #104H · Chef Irie showcases his love of island gourmet with Shrimp Bisque, Spicy Steamed Fish Papillote and a Mango Key Lime Pie. Chef cooks and converses with the "Bad Boys" of reggae, Inner Circle.

Rich & Refreshing

Episode #105H · Chef Irie makes a lineup of non-traditional elements with his Coconut Pumpkin Rum Soup, Picadillo Meatballs, Chayote Salad, and cool Cucumber Lemonade. Viewers listen in on a food conversation between Chef and chart topping British Jamaican reggae singer Maxi Priest.

An Early Lunch

Episode #106H · Chef Irie prepares a casual brunch menu: Jerk Turkey Pumpkin Frittata, Herb-Crusted Salmon with Green Papaya and Mango Slaw, and a decadent Passion Fruit Mousse. Chef's interaction with chart topping British Jamaican reggae singer Maxi Priest is concluded with a lesson in making a vegetarian-friendly lentil salad.

Kingston to Bridgetown

Episode #107H · Chef Irie mixes big island and small island traditions with his Escoveitched Flying Fish over Coucou, Kale Salad with Mango Vinaigrette and a delightful Rum Raisin Bread Pudding with Coconut Custard Sauce. Chef takes on a drink-making challenge at the home of Vincentian Soca King Kevin Lyttle.

Direct Heat

Episode #201 · Jamaican Chef Irie and Haitian Chef Thia create a sumptuous grilled menu with okra wrapped in proscuitto, grilled lamb in guava mint sauce, churrasco steak with chimichurri sauce and roasted red snapper. Co-host Lisa Lee visits a Caribbean grilling mecca called Oistins.

Jamaica Jammin

Episode #202 · Chef Irie gets in touch with his Jamaican roots preparing ackee and saltfish with mashed yams, curried goat with breadfruit and pumpkin salad, and a carrot juice cocktail. We see a glimpse of Chef Irie's Jamaica, then Jamaican Consul General Franz Hall stops in for a meal.

Sak Pase

Episode #203 · Chef Thia creates a menu reminiscent of home with a simple tomato avocado salad, Haitian tasso de dinde - turkey sauteed in white wine, djon djon mushroom rice and a passion fruit rum punch. She shares her memories of youth in the land of kreyol.

Roots and Rum

Episode #204 · Chef Irie explores Afro and French Caribbean cuisine with a simple celery salad, scallops in sauce chien, camarofongo (plantains) with sauteed shrimp, finished with a pineapple coconut cocktail. Co-host Lisa Lee takes us on a trip to the oldest rum factory in the world.

Morning Glory

Episode #205 · Chef Thia explores a variety of island breakfast options with codfish Creole and sauteed boniatos, cornmeal polenta with spinach, breakfast chicken patties and spicy hot chocolate. Co-host Lisa Lee shares her visit to three island daytime eateries.

Cultural Composite

Episode #206 · Chef Irie takes a culinary journey through the Dutch Caribbean islands making carni stoba (beef stew), curried peanut chicken with sauteed green beans, sweet noodle cakes with warm apple compote, and a refreshing papaya cocktail. Co-host Lisa Lee visits a world class Caribbean restaurant with international influences.

Eat Your Veggeis

Episode #207 · Chef Thia explores a healthy vegetarian menu with accra fritters, Haitian eggplant legume (vegetable medley), a refreshing pear and chayote salad, and a stovetop sweet potato pudding. Co-host Lisa Lee visits a Caribbean fresh market and a Rastafarian Ital chef.

Pineapple Expressed

Episode #208 · Chef Thia and chef Irie prepare a menu with pineapple as the star in each dish. Starting with fresh made pineapple salsa, pineapple glazed pork with a mango and jicama salad, pineapple marmalade chicken skewers and finished with a new version of pineapple ginger cocktail. Co-host Lisa Lee chats with the reigning queen of soca music Alison Hinds.