Taste Of Louisiana With Chef John Folse & Company: Hooks, Lies & Alibis

Based on his cookbook of the same name, A Taste of Louisiana With Chef John Folse & Company: Hooks, Lies & Alibis takes viewers from the waterways of the state to the kitchen as Chef Folse prepares dishes honoring the age-old tradition of fishing, and Louisiana’s world-famous cuisine.

In this 13-part cooking series, Chef Folse travels through the region, visiting with local fishermen, shrimpers and the everyday people who live, work and celebrate life along the rivers, swamps and the Gulf of Mexico. Chef Folse demonstrates how to cook some of the very best seafood dishes, including shrimp, crabs, fish, alligator and other tasty treats from the Gulf Coast region.

Distributed by: American Public Television (APT)
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Crabs - Louisa, LA

Episode #1301H · John visits St. Mary's Seafood & Marina. He makes fried soft-shelled crab po boys with Frank Randol of Lafayette, owner of Randol's Restaurant. John and Chris Lusk, executive chef from Cafe Revolution in New Orleans, make ultimate crab cakes and French fried frog legs. Plus John mixes a drink called the Havana cooler.

Tilapia - Scott, LA

Episode #1302H · In this episode, John Folse travels to Scott, in south central Louisiana, and learns about all natural aqua farming of tilapia. Brian Gotreaux and his family raise tilapia without the aid of any chemicals which they say gives their product a fresh, natural taste. Utilizing the farm-raised tilapia, John cooks with EBR Diosce Bishop Robert Muench and makes two tasty dishes. In their first recipe together, John shows the Bishop how to steam tilapia with an Asian flavor. And later, the two make storm night soup; a perfect spring evening dish. And, John recounts his trip to Israel and roasting tilapia on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

Redfish/Snapper - Caminada Pass

Episode #1303H · In this episode, John explains the different varieties of tasty Gulf fish species off of the coast. John introduces local seafood experts from Tommy Vidrine, champion gulf fisherman, who specializes in catching speckle trout... to Leah Chase, famous Creole chef from New Orleans, who describes how Creoles used red snapper to adorn their holiday table. John cooks a tasty red snapper Mardis Gras style with good friend Buckley Kesler. Back on John's White Oaks landing dock, he cooks redfish with Captain Ryan Lambert, who owns a fishing and hunting lodge in Buras, LA. Then John makes a Creole bouillabaisse with LA outdoors writer and host of his own outdoor show. Then John and his guest relax with a little Southern hospitality sipping a Caribbean sunset on the dock at White Oaks.

Catfish - Lake Des Allemand

Episode #1304H · In this episode, John travels to Lake Des Allemand, east of New Orleans where he learns the methods of catching catfish from German descendants. John's nephew Jay and his daughter Allie, teach John the hoop net method of catching fish and then have a good old fashion catfish fry. Back on the White Oaks Dock, John's guest is Don Dubuc, famous local outdoorsman and host of a TV and radio show for the last 20 years. Don and John create a tasty catfish black pot court-bouillon then make a local fishing camp favorite with catfish and shrimp over grits. And they finish the evening with a nice barracuda with a smaller bite that the notorious fish of the same name.

Bass/Crappie - Toledo Bend Reservoir

Episode #1305H · In this episode, John goes to the world-famous Toledo Bend Reservoir to tangle with hard-fighting large mouth bass and the delicious white perch, locally called crappie. Local chef and restaurant owner, Randy Ziegler whips up a mouth-watering herb-baked bass on the pier. John meets local bass legend Harold Allen who talks about his time as a fishing rodeo champion. John cooks pancake battered bass on the dock with Jerry "JT" Thompson, who with his wife own Living The Dream charters at Toledo Bend. Later John shows JT how to turn the white perch (crappie) into a tasty fish burger. Then JT, his wife and friends join John to celebrate the day with a dock rocker; better hold on with two hands if you're an amateur.

Fish Markets/Gaspergou - Baton Rouge, LA

Episode #1306H · In this episode, John visits the famous Tony's Seafood Market in Baton Rouge and learns the secrets behind their success. John picks up a beautiful gaspergou and travels to New Orleans with his friend Leah Chase and creates a gorgeous backed gasperou like Leah's mother used to make on special occasions. Then Leah teaches John how to make her famous turtle stew. Later John is joined by outdoorsman and seafood wrangler extraordinaire, Rick Phillips and cooks a fricassee of gaspergou. Then later, both make a rice and tomato-stuffed carp. After a hard day of cooking, John and Rick share a bayou Bloody Mary with friends.

Saltwater Fishing - Gulf of Mexico

Episode #1307H · In this episode, John encounters the endless varieties of fish offered up in the Gulf of Mexico... from fishing along the coast for speckled trout, mango and redfish to fishing the deep water for red snapper, amberjack and tuna... the Gulf of Mexico has it all. John hooks up with champion fisherman Tommy Vidrine for some expert advice. Then John and the Mayor of Grand Isle, Davis Camardelle, grill beautiful tuna steaks with a tangy garlic sauce. And back at the dock at White Oaks, John cooks with Captain Sammy Faulk from Cameron Parish to make homemade tuna fish that has been marinated in olive oil. The duo makes a mouth-watering cippino using fresh seafood and toast the end of the day with the infamous drink the tidal wave.

Coastal Erosion - Louisiana Coast

Episode #1308H · In this episode, John gets a first-hand look at the size and scope of Louisiana's coastal erosion problem. Louisiana has 40% of our nation's wetlands and each year experiences the loss of land equal to the size of Rhode Island. John celebrates the coastal bounty by making sauteed speckled trout with a spicy garlic and orange vinaigrette with saltwater fishing champion, Tommy Vidrine. Then, John cooks a dried shrimp potato stew with Bobby Collins. Finally, John, Bobby and Sister Marie Dulce make a dried shrimp encrusted red snapper. And the trio top off the day with a favorite south Louisiana drink, the famous hurricane.

Fishing Tournaments - Grand Isle, LA

Episode #1309H · In this episode, John joins the fun at the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo. Saltwater fishing tournaments are a summer tradition, and the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo is the oldest fishing championship in the country. John interviews Ricky Templet with the rodeo and then the pair prepare a pan-roasted grouper with Caribbean sofrito. Afterwards, Captain Theo Bourgeois drops by to visit John on his deck at White Oak Landing and grill up a delicious deep water favorite, amberjack. After grilling, John and Captain Theo demonstrate the proper technique for smoking king mackerel. And finally, the pair end the day with a little bit of "The Hair of the Dog".

Garfish/Caviar - Bayou Dularge, LA

Episode #1310H · In this episode, John travel to south Louisiana and visits the Houma Native American Nation, and learns about the Houma's fishing culture and techniques for making alligator gar tasso. John is then joined by Rick Tramanto from Cafe Revolution and cooks coushatta garfish stew. John Burke from Cajun Caviar tells John how caviar is farmed using local fish, and Rick Tramanto creates a caviar staircase to show off this tasty treat. And everyone salutes the end of the day with the perfect salty dog.

Turtles - Lake Verret, LA

Episode #1311H · In this episode, John travels to Lake Verret, LA to hunt for the feisty alligator snapping turtle. John joins two LA Dept. Of Wildlife and Fisheries biologists to trap and catalogue these protected treasures. Then Wildlife and Fisheries Secretary, Robert Barham and John cook a turtle sauce picante. Later, the two state biologists Amity Bass and Kerry Landry cook with John and make a turtle stroganoff and a delicious turtle soup. John then thanks everyone with a drink aptly named "Alligator".

Oysters - Empire, LA

Episode #1312H · In this episode, John travels the mouth of the Mississippi River and meets the Lepetich family. Mato Lepetich came to Louisiana in the early 20th century and started farming oysters, and his son Matt teaches John all about the oyster industry and how Czechoslovakians came to settle in Louisiana and dominated the industry. Matt then helps John make oyster Rockefeller soup. John then meets Curtis Hendon, a Native American oysterman, and the two grill some fire roasted oysters right on the banks at Isle de Jean Charles. Back at the dock, Matt Lepetich's mother, Joyce, shows John how to make oyster spaghetti with a unique Czechoslovakian seasoning. And the drink of the day is of course, the oyster shooter.

Shrimp - Timbalier Bay, LA

Episode #1313H · In this episode, John meets Bobby Collins and learns how to dry shrimp. John remembers how dried shrimp was like candy when he was growing up. Later John makes a shrimp file gumbo with Native American Zoe Verret. Then James Carville drops by John's deck and they make mirliton and shrimp casserole to go along with everyone's favorite barbeque shrimp. And bikini martinis cocktails provide the perfect ending of the day's festivities.