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In this series, he man responsible for revolutionizing modern American grilling takes on a different kind of barbequing. Steven Raichlen's Project Smoke focuses exclusively on smoking: hot-smoking, cold-smoking, smoke-roasting, and smoking with wood, herbs, spices and hay. Using specialty tools, fuels and a collection of smokers and grills, Steven Raichlen explains traditional and cutting-edge smoking techniques with the same intelligence, substance and style that made his previous series, Primal Grill and Barbecue University, so successful. Steven covers offset smokers, water smokers, drum smokers, kamado cookers, electric smokers, charcoal grills, stainless-steel super grills, stovetop smokers and handheld smokers.

Shot in the stunning Sonoran Desert in Tucson, Arizona, Project Smoke features recipes from around the world. These crave-worthy recipes include: made-from-scratch bacon, pastrami and Sriracha beef jerky; Canadian bacon and smokehouse ham; smoked king salmon, kippered salmon and smoked wahoo; a smoked beef tenderloin and double-smoked prime rib; Texas brisket and Jamaican jerk ribs, and even smoked cocktails and desserts.

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Steven Raichlen

Steven Raichlen

Author, journalist, lecturer and TV host Steven Raichlen is the man who reinvented modern barbecue.

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Shoulders and Bellies

Episode #102H · If you want to enjoy the perfect ratio of crust to meat to fat, smoke a shoulder or belly. These fatty and often tough cuts were once considered poor man's food. But blast them with assertive seasonings and smoke them low and slow and you get meats that are beyond flavorful. In this show you'll learn how to smoke a luscious barbecued Berkshire pork belly and house-cured pastrami. You'll experience a Kentucky-style barbecued lamb shoulder with an unusual black barbecue sauce (called "dip" in local parlance). And to wash them down, a smoked Manhattan. Ceramic cooker, offset smoker, electric smoker, and handheld smoking device. Project Smoke has you covered. Recipes: Barbecued Pork Belly; House-Cured Pastrami; Barbecued Lamb Shoulder with Black Dip; Smoked Manhattan.

Surf Meets Turf

Episode #103H · In this show, we cast metaphorical nets in the sea, over land, and in the air, working the Project Smoke magic on classic surf and turf. First, a smoked shrimp cocktail fired up with chipotle chiles and served with an electrifying Yucatan orange cocktail sauce. Next, fresh trout stuffed with lemon and dill, wrapped with bacon, and smoked on cedar planks in a mammoth ceramic cooker. Santa Maria tri-tip gets the reverse-sear treatment on a pellet grill-a revolutionary technique that guarantees crusty, smoky, perfectly cooked smoky sirloin every time. Finally, a smoked delicacy from Asia: not so classic Chinese tea-smoked duck served taco style. It's surf and turf on Project Smoke. Recipes: Smoked Shrimp Cocktail; Smoked Planked Trout; Reverse Seared Tri-Tip; Tea-Smoked Duck with Chinatown Barbecue Sauce.

Ribs Rock The Smoker

Episode #104H · Ribs rank among our favorite foods for smoking and are one of the primal pleasures of barbecue. Few ribs are more primal-or satisfying-than our first dish: Brontosaurus-size, grass-fed, barbecued beef plate ribs. Next up: spare ribs from heritage breed Berkshire hogs, slathered with Jamaican jerk seasoning and smoked over exotic pimento wood. Our third rack comes from Colorado: Spice-Smoked Lamb Ribs with Cherry Cola Barbecue Sauce. And to round out the meal: a delectably different coleslaw-apple sweetened and hickory-smoked, and smoky bacon-cheddar cheese cornbread. From offset smokers and upright barrel smokers to electric smokers and handheld smoking devices, we'll show you the tools and fuels you need to get the job done. Recipes: Big Bad Beef Ribs; Jamaican Jerk Spare Ribs; Spice-Smoked Lamb Ribs with Cherry Cola Barbecue Sauce; Smoked Slaw; Smoked Cheese-Bacon Cornbread.

How to Smoke When You Don't Have A Smoker

Episode #105H · Perhaps you live in a condo or you don't have a backyard. This show is for people who want to smoke, but don't have access to a conventional wood- or charcoal-burning smoker. You'll learn how to smoke eggplant on your stovetop burner to make a spectacular eggplant dip (think baba ghanoush on overdrive). You'll learn how to smoke tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables with a handheld smoker to make a supremely refreshing gazpacho. Salt- and sugar-cured kippered salmon gets smoked indoors in an ingenious stovetop smoker. And you'll learn how to smoke an authentic Jamaican jerk chicken on a gas grill. The secret? Strategic use of pimento (allspice) berries, leaves, and wood. Recipes: Smoked Eggplant Dip with Walnuts and Feta; Smoked Gazpacho; Stovetop Smoked Salmon; Jamaican Jerk Chicken.

Big Bad Beef

Episode #106H · For many people, beef makes the ultimate barbecue. This show celebrates beef in all its smoky glory, from not-so-traditional beef jerky (marinated in fiery Sriracha and smoked in an electric smoker) to a magisterial whole smoked beef tenderloin smoked in an upright barrel smoker and served with horseradish whipped cream. Of course, you'll learn how to smoke brisket Texas-style (rubbed with spices and cooked in a massive offset smoker fired with oak logs. Plus smokehouse beans to serve on the side. We'll even show you how to smoke-roast bell peppers directly on a bed of hot embers. Recipes: Sriracha Beef Jerky; Slam Dunk Brisket; Whole Smoked Beef Tenderloin with Horseradish Cream; Smokehouse Beans; Ember Roasted Peppers.

Bacon 24 / 7

Episode #107H · Bacon jam? Bacon ice cream? Where will our bacon mania lead? We open this show with bacon you make from scratch. (It's as simple as curing and smoking a pork belly.) And for people who want a healthier version of bacon, we cure pork loin in fennel brine and smoke it in a ceramic cooker-the Project Smoke twist on Irish bacon. Next up: a spectacular "Tulsa Torpedo"-three pounds of porky goodness encased in a crispy bacon weave. We conclude with a bacon surf and turf in the form of bacon-wrapped Snow Crab Poppers. Bring home the bacon? This episode shows you how. Recipes: Made-From-Scratch Bacon; Canadian Bacon; Tulsa Torpedo (Bacon Weave Sausage Roll); Snow Crab Poppers.

Hog Wild

Episode #108H · Pork is the heart and soul of American barbecue, especially in the South. In this show, you'll learn how to smoke a spectacular whole pork loin roast (complete with ribs, loin, and tenderloin) on a wood-burning rotisserie. (To wake you up there's coffee crust and smoky redeye barbecue sauce.) Next, pulled pork-prepared with a herb slather and served with a West Virginia peppery vinegar sauce. Speaking of Virginia, you'll learn how to cure and hickory-smoke a spectacular shoulder ham. (The process involves four classic techniques: brining, injecting, cold smoking, and hot smoking.) And to serve with it: barbecue cabbage with smoked cheese and chorizo. Go hog wild. Do it now. Recipes: Smoke-tisserie Pork Loin Roast; Smokehouse Ham; Pulled Pork Shoulder with West Virginia Barbecue Sauce; Chorizo Barbecued Cabbage.

Thanksgiving Comes Early

Episode #109H · The secret to supernaturally moist turkey? The Project Smoke version involves a whiskey brine and a slow smoke over maple wood. The traditional side dishes get smoked, too: bacon-stuffed barbecued onions, smoky creamed corn, and a smoky bacon-apple crisp for dessert. Even the cranberry sauce (salsa in this case) has fire thanks to the strategic addition of jalapenos. Forget your oven: this Thanksgiving feast gets cooked in a ceramic smoker, upright barrel smoker, electric smoker, and stovetop smoker. Just don't wait until Thanksgiving to try it. Recipes: Whiskey-Smoked Turkey with Cranberry Salsa; Barbecued Onions; Smoked Creamed Corn; Bacon-Apple Crisp.

Yum Kippers-Fish Gets Smoked

Episode #110H · Sable. Lox. Kippers. Some of our most prized smoked foods come from the sea. This show explores iconic smoked seafood dishes from around Planet Barbecue. We start with salt-cured, cold-smoked salmon in the style of Bornholm, Denmark. (You'll learn to smoke it in a monster offset barrel smoker from Oklahoma). Next, hot smoked black cod (aka sablefish) cured with a fennel-coriander rub and smoked in a ceramic cooker. Our third fish-wahoo from the Florida Keys-uses an unusual double marinating technique prior to being smoked and is served with a habanero-mango salsa. For dessert: spectacular coconut creme brulees smoked in a pellet grill. It's business as usual at Project Smoke. Recipes: Cold Smoked Salmon; Hot Smoked Black Cod / Smoked Cod Toasts; Smoked Wahoo with Mango Salsa; Coconut Smoked Creme Brulees.

Smoking The Competition-Our Tailgating Show

Episode #111H · Forget the contest on the gridiron. Tailgating gets a lot more interesting when you fire up your smoker. Invest in a portable smoker (if you don't already own one) and ply your guests with game-changers like Smoked Chicken Nachos and spicy Smokehouse Wings (firepower provided by Thai Sriracha hot sauce). Also on the menu is Wisconsin's idea of po'boys-crisp-skinned smoked bratwurst piled on rolls with smoked sauerkraut. Even our burgers come hickory- smoked-complete with a Rauchbier (smoked beer) Cheese Sauce. We're smoking the competition on Project Smoke. Recipes: Smoked Chicken Nachos; Smokehouse Wings; Double Brat Po' Boys; Hickory-Smoked Burgers with Rauchbier Cheese Sauce.

You Can Smoke What?! Extreme Smoking

Episode #112H · By now you're comfortable smoking ribs and barbecuing brisket. (We hope.) This show focuses on foods you never dreamed you could smoke-and won't be able to live without once you've tried them. To whit, hickory-smoked Deviled Eggs. Camembert cheese smoked on a cedar plank with pepper jelly and jalapenos. Hay-Smoked Steaks served with charred Chipotle Salsa. (To make them, you'll learn a cool technique called reverse searing.) And a classic cocktail-the Bloody Mary-gets smoked with an ingenious handheld smoking device. Whether you're smoking in a kettle grill, pellet grill, stick burner (offset smoker), electric grill, or directly on the embers, we're smoking extreme on Project Smoke. Recipes: Smoked Deviled Eggs; Plank-Smoked Camembert; Hay-Smoked Steak with Chipotle Salsa; Smoky Mary.

White Glove Smoke Session

Episode #113H · This show elevates smoking from the tailgating lot to the penthouse. Start with mesquite- smoked oysters electrified with chipotle barbecue sauce. A mammoth 7-bone prime rib takes a turn on a wood-burning rotisserie prior to being cut into steaks and seared over a blazing oak log fire. You can't have meat without potatoes: the Project Smoke version comes smoke-roasted, stuffed with bacon and smoked cheddar cheese, then smoked a second time until bubbling, and topped with-what else?-smoked paprika. For dessert, there's a rich creamy cheesecake-smoked, of course-and served with burnt sugar cream sauce. Think of this as a white glove smoke session and don't think of firing up your smoker without trying it. Recipes: Chipotle Smoked Oysters; Smoked Prime Rib with Smoked Jus; Triple Smoked Potatoes; Smoked Cheesecake.

Abc's of Smoke

Episode #201H · Smoking ranks among the world's most ancient and popular cooking methods. We begin season two with a refresher course on the basic smoking techniques and smokers, from rotisserie-smoking chicken to smoke-roasting bourbon-bacon pork loin. From low and slow-smoked "brisket on the bone" (beef plate ribs) to smoked pears with smoked whipped cream for dessert, you'll learn to smoke on a kettle grill, pellet smoker, electric smoker, and offset barrel smoker. Rotisserie-smoked chicken with drip pan root vegetables; Bourbon-brown sugar smoked pork loin; Brisket on the bone; Smoke-roasted pears.

Bird Meets Smoke

Episode #202H · Some of the world's greatest poultry dishes owe their character to wood smoke. In this show you'll learn the fundamentals of smoking chicken, turkey, duck, and even quail eggs-from curing and brining to hay-smoking in a stovetop smoker. Chipotle chilies give cherry barbecue sauce a blast of smoke, too. Cherry-smoked duck with chipotle-cherry barbecue sauce; Citrus-smoked turkey breast; Bacon, ham and cheese chicken thighs; Hay smoked quail eggs.

Asian Smoke

Episode #203H · Smoking reigns supreme in the Americas and Europe. In Asia, not so much. This show explores a region you don't normally associate with smoking, from Chinese char siu pork and pork belly steamed buns, to smoke-braised lamb shanks and smoky tangerine flan for dessert. Get ready for Asian barbecue with American wood smoke. Char siu pork tenderloin; Pork belly steamed buns; Smoke-braised lamb shanks; Tangerine smoked flans.

Raichlen On Ribs

Episode #204H · Ribs epitomize barbecue, combining well-marbled, rich-tasting meat with the primal pleasure of eating with your bare hands. In this show we embark on a rib world tour, from St. Louis ribs with a surprise ingredient to Chinatown spareribs and the Project Smoke version of the boneless rib sandwich. You'll also learn how to build an onion bomb that explodes with flavor in your mouth. St. Louis ribs with vanilla-brown sugar glaze; Chinatown ribs; Onion bombs; Rob's real BBQ baby back rib sandwich.

Seafood Gets Smoked

Episode #205H · It's a simple formula-seafood plus salt plus wood smoke-but the results are richly flavorful and complex. In this show, you'll learn essential seafood smoking techniques, from brining and curing to cold- and hot-smoking. Smoked shrimp and corn chowder, New Orleans barbecued shrimp, whisky-cured salmon, and salmon candy-all get the smoke treatment. Teach a man to smoke and he'll feast on glorious seafood the rest of his days. Smoked shrimp and corn chowder; Whisky-cured cold-smoked salmon; NOLA barbecued shrimp; Salmon candy.

Smoked In Four Courses

Episode #206H · Once you get the hang of smoking, you can smoke nearly anything-from bar snacks to dessert. In this show, you'll learn to smoke nuts (spice-crusted pecans), fresh oysters on the half-shell, a spectacular prime rib cooked using the reverse-sear method, and even a mango macadamia nut crisp for dessert. Cook a four course feast from soup to nuts using electric smokers, pellet grills, ceramic cookers, and stovetop kettle smokers. Smoked pecans; Chappaquiddick smoked oysters; Reverse-seared prime rib; Mango-macadamia crisp.

Ham Sessions

Episode #207H · Ham is a hog's leap to immortality, and you can use classic ham curing and smoking techniques for foods that go well beyond traditional pork leg. In this show, learn how to make ham in a hurry (the secret? use a boneless pork loin) and give the ham treatment to spareribs and turkey legs. The fire and smoke continue with eye-popping bacon sundaes for dessert. Ham in a hurry; Honey ham ribs; Bacon sundaes; Turkey ham.

Rise and Smoke: Breakfast Hits The Smoker

Episode #208H · Wake up and smell the coffee? We'd rather smell the wood smoke. The truth is, some of the world's best breakfast dishes-from bacon to hash-depend on the irresistible flavor of wood smoke. Today, we give you a reason-to-get-up: Project Smoke breakfast, complete with a smoky mile-high pancake, candied bacon, pastrami hash, and a beer can breakfast burger sandwich. Mile-high pancake; Candied bacon; Beer can breakfast burgers; Pork pastrami hash.

Smoke in a Hurry

Episode #209H · Grilling is fast. Smoking demands patience. But what if you could achieve great smoke flavor in five to 10 minutes? In this show, you'll learn how to smoke in a hurry, from spectacular spruce-smoked steaks to a dragon's breath cocktail dramatically served in a smoking brandy snifter. Ember-smoked corn and a Project Smoke first: smoked ice cream. Set your stopwatch: We're smoking in a hurry. Dragon's breath cocktail; Hay-smoked mozzarella (smoked caprese salad) ; Spruce-smoked steaks; Ember-roasted corn; Smoked ice cream with rum-raisin sauce.

Tropical Smoke

Episode #210H · Barbecue originated in the Caribbean-literally-with a Taino Indian smoker-grill called a barbacoa. This show salutes tropical barbecue, from French West Indian buccaneer chicken to traditional Mexican barbacoa. Learn how to smoke snapper to make a spicy fish dip and use a handheld smoker to prepare a lime- and mint-scented mezcalini cocktail. Smoked snapper dip with smoked vegetable chips; Buccaneer chicken; Oaxacan barbacoa; Mezcalini.

Smokehouse Cocktail Party

Episode #211H · You've sourced and seasoned your meat. You awoke early to fire up your smoker. What better way to celebrate than with a smokehouse cocktail party? We've got a big- flavored international menu for you, including grilled sangria, Danish smoked shrimp, Australian lemon-sesame chicken wings, and an eye-popping Project Smoke cheesesteak. **Lemon-sesame chicken wings; Danish smoked shrimp; Grilled sangria; The Project Smoke "cheesesteak".

The Big Smoke

Episode #212H · Good things come in small packages? Maybe for jewelry, but not when it comes to barbecue. This show is all about thinking big and smoking big-with brined monster-thick smoked pork chops; wood-roasted Cape Town lamb; and spectacular smoked whole suckling pig. Our grand finale? Chocolate bread pudding hot off the smoker. Because sometimes bigger really is better. Triple-thick pork chops; Cape Town lamb; Smoked chocolate bread pudding; Smoked suckling pig, vinegar slaw, and vinegar sauce.

Behind The Smoke

Episode #213H · Come behind the smoke as Steven pushes the envelope with a refreshing lime and mint mezcalini, hay-smoked quail eggs, Danish smoked shrimp and, believe it or not, smoked ice cream! Mezcalini; Danish smoked shrimp; Hay-smoked quail eggs; Bacon sundaes; Smoked chocolate bread pudding; Smoked ice cream with rum raisin sauce.

Much at Steak

Episode #301 · A show devoted to the most awesome cut of meat to grill: steak. Unleash your inner carnivore and build your confidence whenever you step up to the grill to cook the perfect slab of meat. Up first, a magisterial wood-grilled beef tomahawk steak topped with Pt. Reyes blue cheese butter. Followed by a four-finger thick cherry-smoked New York strip steak, whose juices become part of an intensely flavorful sauce you build right on the cutting board. Then a plancha-seared "steak" from the sea: bacon-wrapped albacore tuna "filet mignons" sauced with peppercorn cream sauce. Wood-grilled beef tomahawk with blue cheese butter; Cherry-smoked strip steak with cutting board sauce; Bacon-wrapped albacore "filet mignons" with peppercorn cream sauce.

Hot Stuff

Episode #302 · A show to stoke our insatiable appetite for fiery foods, starting with smoky Nashville hot wings. From rural Kentucky comes smoky grilled pork shoulder steaks dunked as often as you dare in an incendiary vinegar cayenne pepper sauce. For more pain, we present piri piri Pprawns from South Africa grilled in the shell and ignited with a distinctive hot sauce introduced by Portuguese explorers, followed by spice-blasted Indian tandoori lamb served with Hell's Fury Hot Sauce and a cooling cucumber yogurt raita. Nashville hot wings; Monroe County pork steaks with spicy vinegar dip; Piri piri prawns; Tandoori lamb with Hell's Fury Hot Sauce and raita.

Fire Meets Water

Episode #303 · Impeccably fresh local fish hits the grill in this show, which is devoted to the art of grilling seafood. Local Channel Island rockfish roasts on a Himalayan salt slab, served with a colorful melon mint relish. Tuna steaks come spice-rubbed and grill-blackened, sauced with spicy Cajun remoulade. Next, fire-roasted shrimp seasoned with deconstructed pesto. And for smoked fish lovers, gorgeous Alaskan king salmon cured with maple syrup and smoked over maple wood. Salt slab-grilled rockfish with melon mint relish; Grill-blackened tuna with Cajun remoulade; Grilled shrimp with deconstructed pesto; Maple-cured smoked king salmon.

Fire Birds

Episode #304 · Poultry is one of the most versatile meats to cook over live fire, popular in grill cultures across planet barbecue. From the Republic of Georgia comes tabaka, citrusy butterflied chickens grilled under a press to compact the meat and crisp the skin. On the side? A piquant rhubarb tkemali sauce. From Fez in Morocco, experience grilled chicken and onion kebabs marinated in and sauced with spice-scented charmoula. Pound cake gets the grill treatment with fresh berry "salsa" and smoked whipped cream. Finally, not even Norman Rockwell would recognize this magnificent bird...a smoke-roasted organic turkey with butter and sliced fresh truffles under the skin. Tabaka chicken with rhubarb tkemali; Moroccan grilled chicken kebabs with charmoula; Grilled pound cake with berry salsa and smoked whipped cream; Truffle stuffed smoked turkey.

Pac-Rim Smoke

Episode #305 · Though grills are traditionally small, Pan-Asian pit masters (and mistresses) developed an edgy, innovative big flavor grill culture that celebrates the "fifth taste," umami . Striped bass is stuffed with lemongrass, chiles, scallions, and ginger and grilled then, wait for it the fish is topped with more aromatics and doused with sizzling hot sesame oil. Thai beef salad is a mosaic of color and textures with an emphasis on veggies. Corn comes basted with sesame soy butter and finished with fire-toasted coconut. Last up, pounded chicken thighs enclose Chinese ham, sausage, shiitake mushrooms, and cheese, and then get basted with Beijing barbecue sauce. Whole grilled striped bass with Asian aromatics; Grilled Thai beef salad; Coconut-grilled corn with sesame soy butter; Char Siu chicken thighs with Beijing barbecue sauce.

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