Scheewe Art Workshop

In Scheewe Art Workshop, host Susan Scheewe introduces the art of watercolor and shares the gratifying accomplishment of creating a piece of art. Sue's easy-to-follow style encourages creativity in beginning and intermediate artists. Combining a love of teaching with a fine arts background, she uses a variety of techniques and media to demonstrate a wide range of scenes, including sunlit country roads, refreshing seascapes and delicate renderings of lavender lilacs and white magnolias. In addition to her painting talents, Sue also is a successful writer, publisher and businesswoman.

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Susan Scheewe

Susan Scheewe

Scheewe Art Workshop host Susan Scheewe's genuinely warm and welcoming style, combined with her easy-to-master techniques, continue to nurtue an ever-growing audience of viewers and painters.

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Daisy Meadow

Episode #1002 · Join Sue as she creates the delicate leaf foliage in this "Daisy Meadow" by simply tapping the proper brush. This acrylic painting is a simple, yet elegant, project for the beginning artist.

Long Forgotten

Episode #1003 · The delicate Queen Anne's lace adds the perfect charm to the long forgotten water pump nestled in the berry brambles. Join sue as she paints this country charmer.

Sunshine Yellow

Episode #1004 · Capture a burst of sunshine yellow with these beautiful sunflowers. The soothing neutral pinewood background, texture medium and radiant acrylic paints bring these delightful sunflowers to life.

Daisy Fresh

Episode #1005 · The fresh appearance of daisies can accent your garden or home on furniture, fabric and tin ware. Sue shows you a variety of projects you can create using a fresh daisy theme.

In Touch with Nature

Episode #1006 · There's nothing like creating a painting from nature. A long walk in the woods was the inspiration for this serene forest scene.

Country Hat Tree

Episode #1007 · Reminiscent of summer's warmth, a country hat tree wrapped in berries and flowers is the subject for Sue's creative painting talent.

Watermelon Summer Party

Episode #1008 · Summer is always a wonderful time for a party. Join Sue for inspiration on painting decorations that are sure to be the hit of any gathering.


Episode #1009 · Hollyhocks, no cottage garden is complete without them. Join sue as she recreates their delicate beauty in watercolor paint.


Episode #1010 · Golden pears are reminiscent of the rich fall harvest. Join Sue as she creates this elegant, timeless painting.

Cottage Flowers - Anemone

Episode #1011 · Join sue as she paints the colorful, beautiful shades of summer. Vibrant anemones spring to life at the touch of Sue's brush.

Rose Neat

Episode #1012

Strawberry Season

Episode #1013 · Ripe and luscious strawberries announce summers arrival. Join Sue as she paints this mouth-watering treat.


Episode #1014 · Summer poppies fragile and delicate are the inspiration for Sue's vibrant watercolor. Tune in and discover how easy it is to create this painting step-by-step.

Old Fashioned Garden

Episode #1015 · Join Sue as she creates a delightful spontaneous old-fashioned garden with just the touch of a brush.

Country Lane

Episode #1016 · Journey down a country lane with Sue as she creates this memory-filled painting. Step-by-step she will guide the viewer through this watercolor.

Summer Medley

Episode #1017 · This summer medley of beautiful blue delphinium and delicate yellow daisies adds a perfect touch to your home. Join Sue as she shows you how to paint this lovely cut flower arrangement.

Sweet Treats

Episode #1018 · These special little hummingbirds are almost hidden in the foliage of these elegant fuchsias. Learn how to paint this project in acrylic on a variety of surfaces.

Woodland Wayside

Episode #1019 · Preserve the memory of a restful stroll in the woods with this beautiful forest scene. A glorious tranquil stream gently flows through this dense forest.

Coastal Wonder

Episode #1020 · Capture the felling of distant fog and hazy light in this acrylic " Coastal Wonder." Working wet-on-wet, you will learn to create the distant hillside and shoreline. Majestic monoliths add to the splendor of this Oregon coast memory.

Gentle Cascade Waterfalls

Episode #1021 · Cascading water, pooling with many layers of rocks, makes a delightful acrylic painting. Sue uses a sea sponge to create texture in the rock formation.

Rainbow Trout

Episode #1022 · Join Sue as she creates a special project for a fisherman, the Rainbow Trout. Sue will show you how to create this fish on a variety of surfaces. A wonderful gift idea for a special person.

Days Past

Episode #1023 · Learn how to create the realistic charm of this rustic enamel pitcher and bowl. Through the garden windowsill, a beautiful red geranium and a light blue sky will also delight you.

Winter Beckoning Atmosphere

Episode #1024 · This watercolor painting invokes thoughts of a chilly winter morning and snow falling through a blanket of haze against a beautiful mountain range. Sue will take you as she takes you step-by-step through this lovely painting.

Glistening Snow

Episode #1025 · Learn how to create evening snow flurries, a majestic mountain range and an alpine cabin in this lovely watercolor. This winter retreat is so inviting you will wish you were there.

Christmas Memories

Episode #1026 · Close your eyes for a moment and remember the magic of the snow swirling in the air and gently falling to the ground. Wonderful Christmas memories are brought back in this watercolor painting.

Sweetness of Stargazer Lilies

Episode #1101 · Enchanting blooms of the Stargazer Lily unfurl with their sweet fragrance and permeate the air. It is a fun task to pick a favorite color among the allure of opaque white, pink, yellow, and deep magenta. The Lily's beauty with a variety of colors provides a wonderful subject.

Morning Glow

Episode #1102 · The brilliance of the morning sun creates the backdrop for this delightful painting. Greeting cards or any size canvas that can be painted by varying and adjusting the size of the brushes to the size of the project. Paintings, like great treasures, often come in small sizes and make a wonderful gift to send to a family member or friend.

Spring Blossoms

Episode #1103 · Bring a touch of spring into your home to enjoy all year long. Blossoms of tulips, primroses and narcissi, can be painted using delicate hues or bright jewel tones the choice is yours. Paint the same subject several times for gift giving by creating and customizing accent colors to meet your friends' tastes. Watercolors allow you to build layers by allowing the translucent quality of the watercolor's pigments to create colors that are different from mixed colors.

Path to Follow

Episode #1104 · The inviting stone path meanders down into the distant woods that are sprinkled with nature's wildflowers. Discover the technique of "tapping" on layers of foliage, to create depth in your painting.

Touch of Blue (Fresh Picked)

Episode #1105 · The cool and tranquil colors of a delightful and casual daisy bouquet provide a perfect subject. The hues of blue and lavender capture the texture of the daisies as you learn how to contrast and accent.

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