Rudy Maxa's World: The Taste of Japan

Rudy Maxa: The Taste of Japan takes an in-depth look at the places in Japan that many visitors miss, as well as the food that makes Japanese cuisine one of the world's most admired.

Along with Tokyo-born, Washington, D.C. restauranteur Daisuke Utagawa, host Rudy Maxa tours Tokyo, the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, and the southern, subtropical island of Kyushu. Along the way, they meet the local producers of Wagu beef, ramen, sushi, black pork, rice, pasta and vinegars, and discuss how the cuisine ties in with Japanese culture.

In the one-hour special, Rudy goes beyond the more heavily touristed cities of Tokyo and Kyoto and shows the range of climates and attractions across the country. In Hokkaido, where ramen reigns, eight feet of snow; on Kuyshu, palm trees and cherry blossoms line the road, and visitors relax in sand made hot from natural springs.

Distributed by: American Public Television (APT)
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Rudy Maxa

Rudy Maxa

Rudy Maxa, one of America’s premier consumer travel experts, is the host and executive producer of Rudy Maxa's World.