Peregrine Dame, The

The Peregrine Dame shows what it's like to travel the world solo. Without a crew or companions, travel journalist Rachel Parsons wanders the world, meeting new people, and pushing emotional and personal limits. From exploring Mayan ruins in Belize to punting on the Cambridge River in England, The Peregrine Dame shares history, culture and a few meltdowns in a funny, entertaining and educational way.

Distributed by: The National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA)
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Rachel Parsons

Rachel Parsons

Rachel Parsons hosts and executive produces The Peregrine Dame for public television.


Episode #101H · From Mayan ruins to Caye Caulker, host Rachel Parsons explores the tiny Central American country solo; celebrating at Belizean independence festivities with locals and dispelling the pervasive myth that Belize City is nothing but dangerous.

Durban, South Africa

Episode #102H · South Africa’s third largest city, Durban, is home to about half-a-million South Africans of Indian descent. In this episode, Rachel Parsons takes a look into this community and the unique position it occupies in South African society.

Return to Thula Thula

Episode #103H · A follow-up story to a series of short webisodes from the TPD website, this full episode features one of South Africa's favorite sons. Rachel arrives at Thula Thula, a wild game reserve in Zululand, South Africa, at the invitation of conservationist Lawrence Anthony, only to find that circumstances have drastically changed at Thula.

London & Bruges

Episode #104H · London and Bruges is a summer adventure perfect for first time solo-travelers. Host Rachel Parsons takes a fun, silly romp through a glorious English summer, punting on the Cambridge River, swimming in the ponds on Hampstead Heath, and ends up in Bruges for a Belgian waffle.

Buenos Aries

Episode #105H · Host Rachel Parsons lands in Buenos Aires with an obsession for Eva Peron, tango, and the wrong wardrobe. With locals acting as guides to some out-of-the-mainstream adventures, Rachel gets an education in one of the world's most frenetic cities.

Cancun, Mexico

Episode #106H · Despite the rainstorms, host Rachel Parsons manages to experience the real city behind the resort destination - romantic, peaceful, and safe. With a cast of local characters Rachel sees just what the tourists are missing when they don't leave the infamous Hotel Zone.

Rio De Janeiro

Episode #107H · Traveling alone doesn't mean you have to be lonely. This is Rio from a native's P.O.V. Rachel connects with an old friend in Rio to get a first-hand view of the city with an insider, spending more time in one of the city's favelas than on Copa Cabana Beach.

Puerto Rico

Episode #108H · Complex and beautiful, from San Juan to Culebra host Rachel Parsons asks: Is it a commonwealth country, or is it a territory of the United States? Rachel explores Puerto Ricans' diverse political and social views on their unique situation.