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Bring your paintings to life with popular workshop instructor, best-selling author and television personality Jerry Yarnell. Jerry has made painting a pleasure--and a success--for thousands of artists, both beginner and experienced alike. He delivers fine art compositions in his signature teaching style. Following Jerry's clear and friendly instructions, viewers will learn how to paint beautiful heartfelt paintings that capture not only awesome beauty, but also a feeling of peace and well-being. Jerry helps viewers channel that same sense of ease by guiding them confidently every step and stroke of the way.
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Jerry Yarnell

Jerry Yarnell

Jerry Yarnell is an internationally known wildlife, western and landscape artist.

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Wine & Roses (Still Life), Part 2

Episode #1002 · In this episode, Jerry continues outlining crystal glass with script brush then under paints grapes - then with chisel edge brushes finishes painting in colors of wine in glass. Then begin highlighting grapes - then sketch in roses with white pencil and under-paint them with chisel-edge brushes.

Wine & Roses (Still Life), Part 3

Episode #1003 · Begin highlighting roses and using the synthetic chisel-edge brushes to start under-painting the large grape leaves-adjusting the value of the color so that they show up against background. Then begin highlighting leaves to give them form. Now build darker shadows on back side of grapes. Then add additional grapes and leaf stems. Then finish by adding rose leaves and additional highlights to grapes, rose petals, wine glass, and wood table.

Wine & Roses (Still Life), Part 4

Episode #1004 · This session is all about final details, highlights, shadows, and adding wood grain to wooden table top using script brush and chisel edge brushes. Then finish by adding additional pedals which have fallen from rose, and then carefully add any additional highlights.

My Girl, Part 1

Episode #1005 · (18 x 24 stretched canvas; Acrylic Medium) First begins with a rough basic sketch of the basic land masses and brief discussion about the ocean. Then under-paints a late evening sunset and talks about leveling the horizon line. Now with a #6 bristle brush block in water along horizon, then finish landscaping the rest of water and sandy shore. Then block in grassy sand dune.

My Girl, Part 2

Episode #1006 · Begin by taking #6 bristle brush and start highlighting ocean along horizon line and then switching to #4 round sable brush. Add brighter sunlight highlights on water. Now taking #10 bristle brush block in tall grass on top of dunes and lower right corner. Now begin highlighting sand with #6 bristle brush. Then finish with brighter highlights on water.

My Girl, Part 3

Episode #1007 · At this point, Jerry takes the white conte pencil and sketches in the old broken down dune fence. Then with the #6 chisel-edge brush block in the fence pickets. Then switch to a #2 bristle brush and paint in support posts. Then paint in additional brush and grasses at base of fence, and finish by adding highlights on drifted sand.

My Girl, Part 4

Episode #1008 · In the final episode, Jerry adds final highlights on fence, grass, water, sand dunes. Also sketches in figure with soft vine charcoal. Then with #2 bristle brush under paint figure then switch to sable brushes to detail figure. Then finish painting with #4 script brush by adding tall grass and seagulls and silver lining on figure. Finish up with tooth brush splatters on sand.

Adobe Sunrise, Part 1

Episode #1009 · (18 x 24 Canvas Board; Acrylic Medium) In this episode, Jerry does a basic sketch of the adobe building then with the #10 bristle brush under paints sunrise sky - then smoothes it out with hake brush. Then he blocks in distant hills and trees - the under paints snow with darker values with #6 bristle brush. Then he re-establishes the sketch with soft vine charcoal. Then finishes this episode by blocking in the dark areas of the building with the #4 bristle brush and adds brighter glow to sky.

Adobe Sunrise, Part 2

Episode #1010 · In this session, Jerry begins blocking in the adobe building to create its 3 dimensional form with the #4 bristle brush. Then with the #4 script brush he paints in all of the distant dead trees behind the adobe building. Then he blocks in the doors and windows with darker values, and paints in the support poles next to the garage area.

Adobe Sunrise, Part 3

Episode #1011 · At this point Jerry under-paints the snow on the roof and the tops of the adobe walls and snow drifts against base of building. Then with the #6 bristle brush, he under-paints the adobe oven. Now with the #4 chisel brush he blocks in miscellaneous poles and some of the odd components attached to the building. Then he switches to smaller bristle or sable brushes and paints on the first layer of highlights of the snow. He now finishes by scumbling on the texture of the adobe walls.

Adobe Sunrise, Part 4

Episode #1012 · In this final session Jerry begins the process of painting in all of the miscellaneous and final highlights to give the building and the surrounding snow the early-morning glow. Also he adds final details on building and surrounding area like grasses, bushes, tall weeds, and miscellaneous accent highlights at the base of all the objects that are seated in the snow using the #4 round sable brush.

Color Mixing 101 for Intermediate to Advanced Students

Episode #1013 · In this one 30-minute episode, Jerry takes you through a very comprehensive color-mixing process for basic to advanced mixtures. Special emphasis on mixing blacks, grays, and under-painting colors for certain objects including flesh tones, animals, birds, trees, grasses, and numerous other landscape objects and still-life objects. Also how to mix highlight colors for accenting objects.

Autumn Bridge, Part 1

Episode #101 · In this first episode, Jerry shows how to properly prepare and under-paint the background of this beautiful Autumn scene using the # 10 Bristle Brush. Jerry shows how to use a scumbling technique to achieve a soft, mottled background of warm, earthy, Fall tones. The first of several layers. Then he under-paints the walls and the water.

Autumn Bridge, Part 2

Episode #102 · In this segment of "Autumn Bridge" Jerry shows how to apply the next layer of warm Autumn highlights using the same scumbling techniques as in episode one. Then he under-paints all of the rock formations. Now with the #4 Script Brush, Jerry paints in most of the smaller and intermediate size tree trunks and limbs.

Autumn Bridge, Part 3

Episode #103 · In this episode, Jerry shows how to take the #10 Bristle Brush and using a dabbing technique begins adding the brighter highlights to the background trees. Now he adds the first highlights on the water and first form highlights on the rocks. Painting is now ready for final details.

Autumn Bridge, Part 4

Episode #104 · In this final segment of Autumn Bridge, Jerry shows how to put all of the final highlights and details throughout the painting like large trees, bridge supports, tree limbs, water, weeds, and brush.

The Homestead, Part 1

Episode #105 · This is a beautiful snow scene at sunset, with an old farmhouse and warm glowing lights coming from the windows. In this first episode, Jerry shows how to block in the sky and then creating the proper color for under painting the snow.

The Homestead, Part 2

Episode #106 · Now with the under-painting in place, Jerry will show how to sketch in the house using proper perspective. Then blocks in pine trees and house. Then applies first layer of snow on ground to establish the snowdrifts around road and ground contours.

The Homestead, Part 3

Episode #107 · At this point in the painting, Jerry applies final glow to sunset using a dry brush technique. Then applies intermediate details to house and then adds another layer of snow on ground and road area.

The Homestead, Part 4

Episode #108 · In this final episode, Jerry shows how to put final details on farmhouse, final snow highlights on ground and pine trees. Then adds final details to the rest of the painting, like weeds, fence posts, fence wire, etc.

America's Pride (Bald Eagle) and Broken Pots 2, Part 1

Episode #109 · This is a great, very small, painting of the head of a bald eagle. In this first episode, Jerry shows how to prepare the canvas for a bird painting. Then proceeds to show the proper mottling techniques to create the proper background for the eagle's head. Then shows examples of other miniature bird and animal paintings.

Bluebird's Paradise

Episode #1105 · Host Jerry Yarnell provides step-by-step instruction on how to paint Eastern bluebirds on a diptych. For more information on Jerry Yarnell's online school, visit

America's Pride (Bald Eagle) and Broken Pots 2, Part 2

Episode #110 · In this episode, Jerry shows how to sketch in the Eagle's head using a white Conte Pastel Pencil. Then proceeds to show how to under-paint the head, beak, eye, and shoulder with the proper under-painting tones. Also Jerry gives a great description of how to use the correct brushes and techniques for blocking in feathers.

America's Pride (Bald Eagle) and Broken Pots 2, Part 3

Episode #111 · In this episode, Jerry shows how to put final details and high lights on the eagle's beak, eye, head and shoulder. He shows the proper use of brushes and consistency of paint to achieve the layering effect on the feathers and adding a few tree limbs. In the second half of this episode, Jerry begins a new acrylic painting called "Broken Pots 2". (Some old discarded Indian pots in the snow.) Again, properly preparing the 5x8 horizontal canvas and showing how to paint in the background using the Hake Brush.

America's Pride (Bald Eagle) and Broken Pots 2, Part 4

Episode #112 · In this episode, Jerry shows how to sketch in the pots using proper composition techniques to create good eye flow. Then he shows how to under-paint each pot with the appropriate colors using specific brushes and blending techniques to achieve roundness to each pot.

America's Pride (Bald Eagle) and Broken Pots 2, Part 5

Episode #113 · In this final episode, Jerry shows how to paint the final highlights on each pot. Then, shows how to use small brushes to apply the design to each pot. Now he shows how to under-paint the shadowed part of the snow on and around the pots. Then he applies the highlights on the snow and then with the Script Brush paints in the tall weeds. Then, he adds a few final highlights and details throughout the painting.

Biloxi Shrimpers, Part 1

Episode #1201H · In episode one of this painting, Jerry discusses the differences between a gallery wrap and the traditional canvas as he begins the composition of a boat dock with a shrimp boat, reflections in the water and a pelican on the piering. The first step is to begin the background on a gray canvas with red and alizarin crimson to create a warm base. Then he blends in turquoise deep and ultramarine blue to create a hazy early morning effect. Jerry continues with the turquoise deep and ultramarine blue combination and using small 'banana strokes' paints the underpainting for the water. The final step for this episode is the painting of the first level of grays for the distant look of objects, all the while being cognizant of his negative space.

Biloxi Shrimpers, Part 2

Episode #1202H · In episode 2, Jerry continues to discuss the gallery wrap and using the pegs in the frame to tighten a canvas as he continues to under paint the grays of the dock and the boat. He utilizes the contrast rule and discusses the value created with the use of turquoise blue and ultramarine deep to successfully achieve the next level of value in the piers and dock. The next step Jerry demonstrates is the movement of water by using different values all the while keeping a close eye on his negative spaces.

Biloxi Shrimpers, Part 3

Episode #1203H · In episode 3, Jerry adding the intermediate details of the boat trim, barrels on the dock, miscellaneous items stacked around the boat house and the additional highlighting of the water. He begins placing more emphasis on the center of interest, the dimensional form of the boat. He blocks it in stages with the #4 bristle brush and a dry brush blending. To finish out this episode, Jerry will sketch in the reflections with a conte pencil and begin to develop the values in the layering process to achieve the value and level of detail in the boat and the water.

Biloxi Shrimpers, Part 4

Episode #1204H · In the final episode, Jerry begins adding the final details in the boat, blocking in and adding shape to the pelican, plus, he demonstrates how to make a correction to the design/composition of a painting by altering the length of the boat. He switches to the Dynasty brushes for the chiseled edge and to create the shrimpers nets on the boat. The final step in this painting is the demonstration of Jerry's technique for creating a weathered post with thick paint and then the development of wood grain.

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