New Scandinavian Cooking With Claus Meyer

Join Danish chef Claus Meyer for a fascinating journey through his native country in this installment of New Scandinavian Cooking. The cookbook author and restaurateur leaves no stone unturned in his exploration of Danish food, culture and history. He travels from the rocky coast of Denmark to the idyllic countryside, including parts of Norway and Greenland, to seek out local specialties and prepare delectable recipes in unusual and exotic locations. In New Scandinavian Cooking With Claus Meyer, hunt for grouse in the breathtaking Norwegian mountains, venture to a chic port on the northernmost point of Denmark, sip from an 8,000-year-old spring, concoct a vodka-based drink atop inland ice and prepare pâté near an old Viking burial site.

Distributed by: American Public Television (APT)
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Claus Meyer

Claus Meyer

Claus Meyer has published 14 cookbooks in Denmark and has hosted his own television series, Meyers Kkken (Meyer’s Kitchen). He co-owns the gourmet restaurant Noma, runs a cooking school, and operates catering, fruit and chocolate supply companies.

Sea Bed Soil

Episode #101 · Claus visits a pig farm to learn about the inner workings of this intriguing business. Afterwards, Claus makes pork chops, a carrot drink with wild rowanberries and bakes celeriac (celery root) in hay over an open fire in the very heart of this root vegetable paradise.

Ice Water Cooking

Episode #102 · In this Artic adventure, Claus journeys to Greenland to fish for shrimp and ice fjord halibut, which he later prepares with capers, crabmeat and potatoes. He then transforms musk ox meat into a delicious tartar, then, atop the inland ice, concocts a vodka-based drink made with Greenlandic angelica and ice.

The Lure of the Mountain

Episode #103 · After boating to neighboring Norway, Claus conjures a few traditional dishes, including herring with potatoes, dill, butter and aquavit, and pickled herring with red onion, fennel and cumin. In the breathtaking Norwegian mountains, Claus hunts for grouse then prepares the bird with wild berries known for their aphrodisiac properties.

Cooking of Light

Episode #104 · Claus ventures to the chic port of The Skaw, the northernmost point of Denmark, to serve up some stylish fish cakes with rye bread and his own remoulade. After visiting a lively fish markets, Claus prepares flatfish with potatoes, butter sauce and pickled berries.

Sunny Strawberries and Golden Rape Seed Oil

Episode #105 · The island of Bornholm's spectacular scenery serves as the backdrop for this episode. After biking down to the rocky shore, Claus barbecues herring, pickled green strawberries and mustard seeds. Later, he visits a smokery before serving up an unforgettable menu of golden pancakes, strawberries and vanilla parfait.

A Dairy's Dream

Episode #106 · Claus investigates the Denmark's dairy traditions while standing among grazing cows on wild fields of North Sealand. He then prepares several milk-based dishes, including his version of syllabub (a traditional beverage of cream and Sherry) with red berries and Danish pastry.

White Gold

Episode #107 · Claus discovers an 800-year-old salt-boiling tradition on the small islands of Samsoe and Laesoe, and then shares his recipe for boiled potatoes. Later, at the beautiful port of Vesteroe, Claus bakes freshly caught crayfish in salt with shallots and sweetens them with honey from a nearly extinct species of bees, then makes a delicious dish with the legendary Laesoe ham.

Waters of Shells

Episode #108 · At a local festival, Claus celebrates the town of Logstor's first blue mussel catch of the year. In addition to delicious blue-mussel dishes, Claus also makes a parsley oyster soup and a salad with Jerusalem artichokes, apples, chervil and berries.

Food Where The Lilacs Bloom

Episode #109 · It's early spring and Claus makes an unforgettable rhubarb trifle at the stylish Steensgaard Manor on the island of Funen. He also visits a beach where people gather to catch shrimp with fish nets. There, he prepares a menu of barbecued beef and crispy croustades filled with Danish spring vegetables: asparagus, peas and pointed cabbage.

Stones and Pomes

Episode #110 · Claus visits the idyllic islands of the southernmost point of Scandinavia - the home of some of the world's tastiest and most aromatic apples. In a small kayak, he paddles from Fejoe to the neighboring island of Lilleoe, where he prepares an apple cake made with apple cider and apple syrup. He feeds a giraffe local fruit before inviting everyone on the island to taste his smoked eel with apples, Jerusalem artichokes, rye bread and his own balsamic apple cider vinegar.

The Rich South

Episode #111 · On the spectacular marshlands of the southern part of Jutland, Claus Meyer makes a cool Nordic salad of lamb and Roemoe shrimp with dark rye croutons. On the German border, he prepares sausages and investigates the rich pastry tradition of the region.

Cooking in the Woods

Episode #112 · Near an old Viking burial site in Aalborg, Claus prepares a pate from hare and pheasant with nuts and mushrooms. Later, he hunts in the woods, sips water from 1,000-year-old springs and prepares a second game dish with a heavenly Brussels sprout puree and unforgettable double-roasted garlic and rosemary potatoes.

Danish Brew

Episode #113 · In and around Copenhagen, Claus explores Danish beer history, visits several Nordic micro-breweries and learns about the surprising alliance between the smallest and the largest brewery in the country. After discussing biodiversity in the garden, he serves a rustic soup made with organic vegetables at the beautiful Fuglebjerg farm then makes pate with pickled red beets and mouth-watering open sandwiches.