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Hosted by television personality Deborah Norville, season seven of the Emmy®-nominated KNIT AND CROCHET NOW! offers a unique blend of expert advice, creative patterns and useful tips designed to provide viewers with the knowledge they need to create exciting knitting and crochet projects. The team of experts include: Kristin Nicholas, a knitwear and stitchery designer known for her artful use of color and stitch patterns; Ellen Gormley, Editor of Crochet! Magazine as well as a well-known crochet designer; Lena Skvagerson, in-house designer for Annie’s Signature Collection with hundreds of knit and crochet designs under her belt; Robyn Chacula, a crochet fashion designer and author of many crochet books; and special guest Rohn Strong, an accomplished knit and crochet designer. Each of the guests demonstrate the most popular techniques for creating lace, purses, multicolored patterns, felting, socks and more. Field pieces also highlight the latest industry news, the best knitting and crochet blogs, and interviews with the top artists in color and apparel design.

Distributed by: American Public Television (APT)
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Brett Bara

Brett Bara

Brett Bara works as a writer, designer, television personality, spokesperson and consultant in the craft and DIY (do-it-yourself) community. She hosts the Emmy-nominated public television series Knit & Crochet Now.

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Episode #102 · Today it's all about eco-friendly yarn. Myra shows how to crochet a filet market bag and Maggie knits a fun cable scarf. Interview with Debbie Bliss.

Color Techniques

Episode #103 · Have fun with color with Drew's colorful crochet coin purse and Kristin's knit fingerless gloves. Interview with Gina Wilde of Alchemy Yarns.

Be Jewelled

Episode #104 · Learn how to make a stunning crochet beaded bracelet and felted knit cherries bracelet plus barrette. Interview with Norah Gaughan, creative director Berroco Yarn company.

Cozy, Comfy Afghans

Episode #105 · Kristin shows how to knit a stained glass afghan, that is sure to become a family heirloom and Drew crochet's a stunning granny afghan by Ellen Gormley. Interview with Susan Levin.

Unique Tools

Episode #106 · Maggie makes a unique scarf using the bloom loom and Drew shows how to make scarves using hairpin lace and broom stick lace. Interview with Louisa Harding.

Pampered Pets

Episode #107 · Today we show you how to pamper your pets with Drew's crochet plaid dog bed and Kristin demonstrates a super cute cat nip toy. Interview with Pauline Wall.

Fashion Forward

Episode #108 · Today we will show how to knit a wonderfully versatile cardigan by Norah Gaughan, and crochet a shaped pullover by Mary Jane Hall. Interview with Mary Jane Hall.

Warm & Welcoming

Episode #109 · Make your house a home with our comfy pillow projects. Kristin shows how to make a "Garter Ridge" pillow and Drew shares his crochet cabled pillow. Interview with Ellen Gormley.

One Day Projects

Episode #110 · Today it's all about stitching up a couple of quick projects. Maggie shares her felted knit make up bag and Myra works on a colorful bag by Marly Bird. Interview with Marly Bird.

Alternative Fibers

Episode #111 · Drew crochets a bowl using strips of fabric and Kristin knits a rug using old t-shirts. Interview with Sally Melville.

Great Gifts

Episode #112 · Maggie knits up a pair of quick slipper socks and Myra shows how to crochet unique shapes that turn into a scarf. Interview with Edie Eckman.

Creative Kitchen

Episode #113 · Kristin shows how to make a Susan Anderson apple dishcloth and Drew teaches how to make a scrubby dishcloth. Interview with Kristin Omdahl.

Baby Sweaters

Episode #201 · Today we have an adorable knit baby tux by Judy Lamb and a crochet dress by Robyn Chachula. We will also begin our afghan square of the week with the crochet "Crown" pattern and our tip is how to make button holes in both knit and crochet.


Episode #209 · Two fun projects to keep your tootsies warm. Drew is sharing a pair of wild slippers and Maggie's pair have an interesting bonus lining. Both slippers feature slipper soles. Crochet square is "Cross Ripple" and Maggie will show us how to make a figure 8 cast on.

Wall Art

Episode #301 · Robyn shows how to make giant crochet motifs, designed by Linda Dean, that are perfect to hang on your wall and Kristin will take you through the steps of knitting 3 different patterns that are perfect for hanging up. Afghan square of the week is crochet Raised Chevron.

It's A Wrap

Episode #302 · Maggie will demonstrate how to knit a pattern stitch wrap in a quick chunky yarn, designed by Meghan Jones, and Ellen will go through the steps of making a wonderful crochet tunic by Jo'Elle Gallo. The square this week is a knit Bowknot.

Baby Sleeping Sack

Episode #303 · Snuggle up the wee ones in one of our baby sacks. Robyn has designed a colorful crochet sack and Kristin will take you through the steps of a knit hooded baby sack by courtesy of Simply Knitting. Afghan square is the crochet Raised Cluster.


Episode #304 · Beautiful afghans are always a welcome addition to any home and this week Maggie will show us how to knit the Moth Wing afghan designed by Michael Del Veccio. Ellen is up next with the Quantum Granny crochet afghan designed by Carrie Carpenter. Knit square this week is the Scalloped Shell.


Episode #305 · Robyn is first up with a fashionable granny square sweater designed by Tammy Hildebrand and then Kristin will show how to knit a directional rib cardigan by Irina Poludennko. Afghan square this week is a crochet Scalloped Shell.

Light Up The Room

Episode #306 · Take a plain lamp shade and add a little knit or crochet to make it your own. Maggie will show you how to knit a lace stitch cover and Ellen will demonstrate a crochet shell stitch shade, designed by Carrie Carpenter. Knit Ice Storm is the square this week.


Episode #307 · Everyone loves knit or crochet socks and we have a pair of each for you. Robyn shows how to make crochet a pair of graphic socks designed by Jewdy Lambert. Next up Kristin takes you step by step through making a pair of striped socks by Lisa Carnahan. Square is crochet Cross Over.

Working with Fabric

Episode #308 · Incorporating fabric into your knit and crochet is easier than you think and Maggie shows how to make add knitting to a fabric dress, designed by Joan McGowan-Michael. Ellen shows how to make an adorable fabric and crochet baby blanket by Carrie Carpenter. Knit Lace Stitch is the square.


Episode #309 · Robyn will show how to make a Tunisian scarf designed by Kim Guzman and then Kristin shares a color work knit scarf by Irina Poludennko. Afghan square is crochet Pretty in Pink.


Episode #310 · Knit and Crochet rugs add a personal touch to any room. Meghan Jones designed a fun garter stitch rug and Carrie Carpenter designed a giant crochet doily for your floor. Square is knit Blue Berry Muffin.


Episode #311 · Covering a simple footstool is a simple way to change the decor of your room. Robyn shows how to make a granny square cover and Kristin shows us a knit strip cover. Crochet Tricolor is the square.

Beading with Knit and Crochet

Episode #312 · If you want to learn how to knit or crochet with beads these two coin purses are the perfect starter project. Each on features a metal frame. Afghan Square is the Diagonal Bobble Stitch.


Episode #313 · Handmade gifts are perfect for any occasion. Robyn will show how to make a thread necklace designed by Susan Lowman and Kristin will show how to make a cable stitch tablet case designed by Cheryl Murray. This week we will show how to finish up the afghan square of the week.


Episode #401 · Knit a Haxagon Throw with Maggie Pace, and crochet a floral throw with Robyn Chachula. Brett Bara demonstrates Entrelac knitting for a scarf.

Shrug It Off

Episode #402 · Ellen Gormley shows you how to crochet an award winning lace shrug, while Kristen Nicholas takes you through knitting a simple spring cardigan. Brett Bara teaches you to crochet a scarf with a lovely floral motif.

Animal Pals

Episode #403 · No child can resist these adorable stuffed toys. Maggie Pace shows you how to make the topsy turvy Elephant and Mouse by designer Susan B. Anderson. Robyn Chachula shows you the steps to crocheting a clever Woodland Fox. And Brett Bara takes combines sequined yarn and fur yarn for the Snow Bunny Scarf.

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