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Beginning with season eight, join co-hosts Connie Ellison and Lena Skvagerson and experts Melissa Leapman, Vanessa Wilson, Rohn Strong, Corinna Ferguson, Jenny King and Lee Sartori as they share their crochet and knitting expertise. Each episode includes both a knit design and a crochet design featuring fabulous afghans, cozy slippers, adorable children’s designs, fashionable cardigans & shawls, and also the "Stitch of the Week.

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Afghans with Many Borders

Episode #1002 · Versatility is the key to creating afghans that feature three different possible borders. Lee Sartori starts the show with the crocheted Petranella Throw offering a choice of three different borders to personalize to your taste. Then Britt Schmiesing has a lesson in the Technique Corner for Crochet Colorwork. The final afghan is the Nubby Afghan, with three different borders to choose from. Melissa Leapman creates and knits this easy design featuring great texture.

Colorwork Cowls

Episode #1003 · Whatever the weather, cowls are comfortable, easy to wear and so on trend. This episode features colorwork. Lena Skvagerson begins with the Oslo Cowl - a moebius twist combined with Fair Isle snowflakes in tapestry crochet. Then in the Technique Corner Rohn Strong shows tips on making crochet and knit I-cords. Last is Kristin Omdahl and the Norwegian Cowl with a tapered flap in the front.

Hooded Scarves

Episode #1004 · When the wind is blowing, nothing is cozier than a hooded scarf that does double duty as a hat AND wrap. The featured crochet pattern is a cabled scarf, the Hoodie Scarf, with Toni Lipsey. Then it's time for a fun technique - did you know you can crochet with plastic bags? Lee Sartori shows you how in the Technique Corner. Rohn Strong and the Hoodie Shawl close the show. Wear it as a shawl or pull it up over your head for an instant hood.

Fantasy Filly Cardigans

Episode #1005 · Who says horses are found only on a farm? On this episode fantasy fillies find a home on two adorable cardigans. Lee Sartori is first with the Unicorn Cardi adorned with mythical creatures. Then it's a lesson on how to change your sleeve length with Lena Skvagerson in the Technique Corner. The show ends with Kristin Omdahl as the whimsical style continues with the knitted Purple Pony Cardigan.

Oversized Tees

Episode #1006 · We don't think about summer enough when designing knit and crochet garments. This episode features some favorite summer wardrobe choices with oversized tees. The first look is the Beach Rose Tee with Britt Schmiesing. It is a crocheted, lacy tee great for dressy or casual wear. Then its time for a fun technique to dress up your favorite sneakers with a crochet top from Rohn Strong in the Technique Corner. Last is the Afternoon Tee featuring split sides with Melissa Leapman.

Market Bags

Episode #1007 · Show off your creative style with market bags that are environmentally friendly and so useful. The first bag is the Terrific Tote using the crochet ripple stitch. Toni Lipsey demonstrates this durable bag made with nylon cord perfect for the beach, market place or every day! Then it's Turkish crochet beads with Britt Schmiesing in the Technique Corner. Kristin Omdahl demonstrates a knitted bag, the Union Market Bag.

Perfect Ponchos

Episode #1008 · What makes the perfect poncho? Is it the design, the yarn, or the style? Today's featured garments have all three! First, Lee Sartori demonstrates the Textured Cable Poncho. Then it's the Technique Corner with Lena Skvagerson - learn how to make perfect buttonholes. Last, Melissa Leapman knits the Leaf Lace Poncho, a flattering design to compliment casual or dress attire.

Classic Cardis

Episode #1009 · If ever there was a classic sweater style it definitely would have to be the cardigan-- a fashion statement all by itself. Toni Lipsey is first with the Crochet Crocus Lace Cardigan with a figure-flattering A-line design. Then in the Technique Corner Lee Satori shows how to get a straight seam when crocheting in the round. Finally, Rohn Strong creates the Sweet Springs Cardi that looks great on everyone.

Baby Blankets

Episode #1010 · Who can resist cuddling a tiny baby in a beautiful blanket? This episode features two new baby blanket patterns. Toni Lipsey demonstrates the crocheted Candy-Gram Baby Blanket finished with a beautiful lacy border. In the Technique Corner Rohn Strong shows how to join a new ball or color of yarn the right way resulting in a neater more professional look. Finally, Kristin Omdahl has an impressive knitted pattern for a Cozy Cable Blanket.

Mosaic Looking Hats

Episode #1011 · From head to toes, we've got you covered this season on Knit and Crochet Now! This episode is all about hats, beginning with Melissa Leapman and the Dotted Stripes Hat - perfect for a beginner. Then Britt Schmiesing is in the Technique Corner with a lesson on foundation crochet. The final knitted design is the Love Bug Beanie with co-host Lena Skvagerson.

Hygge Feet

Episode #1012 · Whether on the ski slopes or at home, if you have cold feet, this episode has some great solutions. Toni Lipsey makes Ski Boots that are fun for the entire family. Then see what kind of fun projects can be made by crocheting around a cord with Lee Sartori in the Technique Corner. Finally, Rohn Strong demonstrates a pair of Snug Slippers to keep you warm all winter long.

Holiday Stockings

Episode #1013 · The last episode features holiday designs for holiday stockings. Melissa Leapman starts with the Folk Art Crochet Stocking. Then Jonah Larson is featured in the final Technique Corner showing tips and stitches when crocheting with loopy yarn. The last project of the season is the Waiting for Santa Knitted Stocking with Kristin Omdahl.

Circular Afghans

Episode #1101 · The first episode features Toni Lipsey and the Alegria Afghan worked in the round. Then it's the Technique Corner with Lena Skvagerson, working the first crochet block with bean stitches for our Novo Block Afghan. Finally, Kristin Omdahl demos rich knit stitches and textures in the Matelasse Lapghan.

Hoodie Sweaters

Episode #1102 · Lee Sartori starts the show with the crocheted stylish Gradient Pullover. Then Lena Skvagerson gets us started on the Verity Block Knit afghan by stitching the first block with berry-in-a-box stitches. The final garment is the Nordkapp Hoodie, a cozy winter favorite. Rohn Strong knits this easy design featuring great texture.

Knit and Crochet Now

Episode #1103 · This episode features Gansey inspired textures. Toni Lipsey begins with the Ashton Gansey Stole - a generous crochet wrap with beautiful cable work. In the Technique Corner Lena Skvagerson is working diamond stitches for the 2nd crochet square for the Novo Block Afghan. Last is Kristin Omdahl and the knit Gansey Stole, a piece rich with historic combinations of knit and purl stitches.

Popular Beanies

Episode #1104 · The featured crochet pattern is a trendy beanie, the 3-hook hat, with Lee Sartori. Are you ready for the 2nd knit block? Lena Skvagerson shows you how to work tulips in the Technique Corner. Rohn Strong and the Chica Beanie close the show. You can never have enough beanies, when the temperatures start dropping.

Asymmetrical Shawls

Episode #1106 · We believe shawls are a girl's best friend. First up is a favorite accessory choice, the stunning Elixir Shawl with Lee Sartori. It is a crocheted, lacy piece great for dressy or casual wear. Then it's time for a fun knit rib technique used in knit block 3 from Lena Skvagerson in the Technique Corner. Last is the Pristine Knit Shawl featuring an abundance of lace stitches with Rohn Strong.

Lacey Look Cardigans

Episode #801 · That lacey look is always in style. Knit along with Melissa Leapman as she makes a button-front cardigan with a lacey bodice that is knit in one piece. In the technique corner, learn to add a lifeline to lace knit projects. Then, crochet a short-sleeved cover-up with an all-over lace design with Jenny King.

Blooming Afghans

Episode #802 · Let stitch patterns bloom in beautiful afghans. Kristen Mangus knits an autumn-inspired afghan with a lush pattern of leaves and berries. Create cabling without a cable needle in the technique corner with Melissa Leapman. Ellen Gormley crochets 3-round squares to make an heirloom lace afghan with elegant tassel fringe.

Contrasting Cowls

Episode #803 · Cowls are cozy, warm and on trend. Meredith Crawford combines brioche stitches with cables to knit a colorful cowl. Ellen Gormley shares three ways to crochet edgings in the technique corner. Jenny King gives a crocheted cowl extra style with a cross stitch pattern.

Snuggly Slipper Boots

Episode #804 · Show off warm, snuggly socks. Melissa Leapman knits cozy boots with a folksy Fair Isle pattern and an interesting heel construction. Learn lots of ways to make pom poms and tassels with Lena Skvagerson in the technique corner. Vanessa Wilson crochets cute rustic boots with fringe that are easy enough for a beginner.

Sweet Baby Cardigans

Episode #805 · Every baby needs a soft, warm cardigan. Lena Skvagerson shows how to make a charming baby sweater by knitting sideways. In the technique corner, Melissa Leapman makes three types of crochet ribbing. Jenny King crochets a darling child's sweater with twisted cables and little bobbles.

One of a Kind Totes

Episode #806 · Take your yarn along in a stylish tote. Kristen Mangus makes an adorable raspberry stitch bag that is knit on a loom. Learn to make center-pull yarn balls in the technique corner with Ellen Gormley. Vanessa Wilson crochets a Boho tapestry bag with a long strap and drawstring closure that goes everywhere.

Top Down Sweaters

Episode #807 · Let's take it from the top down. Lena Skvagerson knits a comfy tunic sweater with a saucy split at the neckline. Melissa Leapman knits mitered squares in the technique corner. Then, Ellen Gormley crochets a lacy, casual, pullover with a Bruges lace neckline and no seams.

Fanciful Shawls

Episode #808 · Make a simple shawl fancy. Starting with a garter stitch, Kristen Mangus knits a cable lace edging to create an elegant shawl. In the technique corner, Lena Skvagerson shows how to work in the ends as you go. Jenny King crochets a peacock-colored shawl starting from the center out and adds a picot border.

Outfits in the Round

Episode #809 · Let's work in the round. Melissa Leapman knits the moss stitch to add a flounce border to a cardigan. It has a wide collar and soft, flowing folds. Ellen Gormley has tips on double-ended crochet in the technique corner. Vanessa Wilson crochets a colorful vest with shades of color radiating out from the center back.

Hunky Dory Hats

Episode #810 · Top things off with a hunky dory hat. Knit a colorful beret with Meredith Crawford using a feather and fan stitch pattern. Melissa Leapman shows a double knitting technique and interesting color work in the technique corner. Jenny King crochets a stylish beret with a charming flower.

Snug-Bug Baby Blankets

Episode #811 · Join the arm knitting craze. Vanessa Wilson uses only her hands to knit a quick baby blanket with chunky yarn and adds a border. Ellen Gormley shows how to get and maintain gauge. Then, Meredith Crawford crochets sideways to make a sunset-striped baby blanket.

Tunics A La Mode

Episode #812 · Catch the latest fashion trend with tunics. Knit a long summer top that is perfect for layering with Kristen Mangus. Lena Skvagerson shares great seaming techniques in the technique corner. From the bottom up, Ellen Gormley crochets an easy-fitting top with wide sleeves and a trendy hood.

Wildlife Buddies

Episode #813 · Get a little wild. Knit a cute koala with a baby on her back. Lena Skvagerson knits all the pieces and adds fuzzy tufts to the ears. Melissa Leapman shows how to read and follow a chart. Then, Meredith Crawford crochets a loveable elephant with a colorful collar.

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