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Beginning with season eight, join co-hosts Connie Ellison and Lena Skvagerson and experts Melissa Leapman, Vanessa Wilson, Rohn Strong, Corinna Ferguson, Jenny King and Lee Sartori as they share their crochet and knitting expertise. Each episode includes both a knit design and a crochet design featuring fabulous afghans, cozy slippers, adorable children’s designs, fashionable cardigans & shawls, and also the "Stitch of the Week.

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Lacey Look Cardigans

Episode #801 · That lacey look is always in style. Knit along with Melissa Leapman as she makes a button-front cardigan with a lacey bodice that is knit in one piece. In the technique corner, learn to add a lifeline to lace knit projects. Then, crochet a short-sleeved cover-up with an all-over lace design with Jenny King.

Blooming Afghans

Episode #802 · Let stitch patterns bloom in beautiful afghans. Kristen Mangus knits an autumn-inspired afghan with a lush pattern of leaves and berries. Create cabling without a cable needle in the technique corner with Melissa Leapman. Ellen Gormley crochets 3-round squares to make an heirloom lace afghan with elegant tassel fringe.

Contrasting Cowls

Episode #803 · Cowls are cozy, warm and on trend. Meredith Crawford combines brioche stitches with cables to knit a colorful cowl. Ellen Gormley shares three ways to crochet edgings in the technique corner. Jenny King gives a crocheted cowl extra style with a cross stitch pattern.

Snuggly Slipper Boots

Episode #804 · Show off warm, snuggly socks. Melissa Leapman knits cozy boots with a folksy Fair Isle pattern and an interesting heel construction. Learn lots of ways to make pom poms and tassels with Lena Skvagerson in the technique corner. Vanessa Wilson crochets cute rustic boots with fringe that are easy enough for a beginner.

Sweet Baby Cardigans

Episode #805 · Every baby needs a soft, warm cardigan. Lena Skvagerson shows how to make a charming baby sweater by knitting sideways. In the technique corner, Melissa Leapman makes three types of crochet ribbing. Jenny King crochets a darling child's sweater with twisted cables and little bobbles.

One of a Kind Totes

Episode #806 · Take your yarn along in a stylish tote. Kristen Mangus makes an adorable raspberry stitch bag that is knit on a loom. Learn to make center-pull yarn balls in the technique corner with Ellen Gormley. Vanessa Wilson crochets a Boho tapestry bag with a long strap and drawstring closure that goes everywhere.

Top Down Sweaters

Episode #807 · Let's take it from the top down. Lena Skvagerson knits a comfy tunic sweater with a saucy split at the neckline. Melissa Leapman knits mitered squares in the technique corner. Then, Ellen Gormley crochets a lacy, casual, pullover with a Bruges lace neckline and no seams.

Fanciful Shawls

Episode #808 · Make a simple shawl fancy. Starting with a garter stitch, Kristen Mangus knits a cable lace edging to create an elegant shawl. In the technique corner, Lena Skvagerson shows how to work in the ends as you go. Jenny King crochets a peacock-colored shawl starting from the center out and adds a picot border.

Outfits in the Round

Episode #809 · Let's work in the round. Melissa Leapman knits the moss stitch to add a flounce border to a cardigan. It has a wide collar and soft, flowing folds. Ellen Gormley has tips on double-ended crochet in the technique corner. Vanessa Wilson crochets a colorful vest with shades of color radiating out from the center back.

Hunky Dory Hats

Episode #810 · Top things off with a hunky dory hat. Knit a colorful beret with Meredith Crawford using a feather and fan stitch pattern. Melissa Leapman shows a double knitting technique and interesting color work in the technique corner. Jenny King crochets a stylish beret with a charming flower.

Snug-Bug Baby Blankets

Episode #811 · Join the arm knitting craze. Vanessa Wilson uses only her hands to knit a quick baby blanket with chunky yarn and adds a border. Ellen Gormley shows how to get and maintain gauge. Then, Meredith Crawford crochets sideways to make a sunset-striped baby blanket.

Tunics A La Mode

Episode #812 · Catch the latest fashion trend with tunics. Knit a long summer top that is perfect for layering with Kristen Mangus. Lena Skvagerson shares great seaming techniques in the technique corner. From the bottom up, Ellen Gormley crochets an easy-fitting top with wide sleeves and a trendy hood.

Wildlife Buddies

Episode #813 · Get a little wild. Knit a cute koala with a baby on her back. Lena Skvagerson knits all the pieces and adds fuzzy tufts to the ears. Melissa Leapman shows how to read and follow a chart. Then, Meredith Crawford crochets a loveable elephant with a colorful collar.

Avant-Garde Afghans

Episode #901 · Afghans with a twist! Melissa Leapman creates a reversible afghan featuring a different design on each side. Then, it's the weekly square of the week. Vanessa Wilson creates a square featuring the shell stitch. Finally Lee Sartori shows us a beautiful Tunisian crochet throw.

Teeny Circular Cardis

Episode #902 · Bring out the fashionista in your little one with the popular circular cardigan! Lena Skvagerson starts us out with a knit, polka dot, circular cardigan. Then it's Corinna Ferguson, and the Gansey texture stitch on our square of the week. We finish up with crochet expert, Jenny King demonstrating a cute and colorful mini me cardigan.

Seasonal Wreaths

Episode #903 · Show off your knit and crochet skills right on your front door, with a colorful wreath to announce the season. Rohn Strong gets us ready for the holidays with a beautiful knit holly wreath. Then we change seasons with a fabulous fall crochet wreath with amazing autumn colors demonstrated by Vanessa Wilson. In between our wreaths, it's medallions, in our square of the week with Lena Skvagerson.

The Cocoon Craze

Episode #904 · Join the latest craze in knitting and crochet: the shrug style cocoon. Melissa Leapman gets started with the royal rib turtleback, the accessory for layering. Then it's lacy leaves, our square of the week with Corinna Ferguson. Finally, Lee Sartori is back with the boyfriend cocoon.

Snuggly Slippers

Episode #905 · Lounge around in comfort and style and get cozy all the way down to your feet, with snuggly slippers. Up first, Rohn Strong creates cable cuffed boots. Next up is Vanessa Wilson and our square of the week: a lace texture stitch. We finish up with crochet felted slippers with Jenny King.

Stylish Shawls

Episode #906 · Wrap yourself in style with shawl designs. We begin with the knitted crescent shawl with Melissa Leapman. Then, Corinna Ferguson has our square of the week and the bloom texture stitch. We wrap things up with Lee Sartori and a versatile striped shawl design.

Teddy Bear Blankets

Episode #907 · These cozy bear blankets with whimsical hoods are a great way to keep your little cubs warm and snuggly! Join Rohn Strong as he shows how to knit an adorable teddy bear blanket. Next, Lena Skvagerson shows us this week's square of the week: a cable block. Finally, Jenny King shows us the crochet version of the bear blanket with an Australian Wombat.

Contempo Cardigans

Episode #908 · Get inspired by patterns with a fresh, modern look. Melissa Leapman is up first with a knitted, mosaic trimmed cardigan. Then it's our square of the week. Corinna Ferguson introduces intarsia color work. Last, Lee Sartori crochets the perfect cardigan for your autumn wardrobe.

Playtime Pals

Episode #909 · Have fun with delightful playtime pals for your favorite little one! Rohn Strong is back with our first little friend, a knitted vintage looking bunny! Then Jenny King crochets an irresistible mermaid doll. In between, it's our square of the week and a hound's-tooth block with Lena Skvagerson.

Rectangular Throw Pillows

Episode #910 · Pillows are one of the easiest ways to freshen up decor. Melissa Leapman is up first with a mitered pillow. Then Corinna Ferguson stitches the soft cable block in our square of the week. Finally Vanessa Wilson crochets the "love" pillow.

Basic Baskets

Episode #911 · The basic basket is more than basic when you add interesting stitches and color. Rohn Strong starts us out with simple, garter stitch baskets in 3 sizes, each with an interesting twist on the bottom! Next, Lena Skvagerson demonstrates the heart block in our square of the week. Then, Lee Sartori closes the episode and adds an element of texture to two tone baskets with a fresh looking design.

Winter Wonderland

Episode #912 · Add a little winter wonderland to your home with accents you knit and crochet. First, a knitted, mini mittens and hats garland adds whimsy to your holidays with Lena Skvagerson. Next up, Jenny King has roly poly elves for your holiday decor! In between our two decorations, Corinna Ferguson shows a cable texture block in our square of the week.

Slouchy Hats

Episode #913 · Slouchy hats are on trend this season, they're warm, comfortable and they cover your hair when the snow is flying! Rohn Strong is up first with the slouchy slipped hat. Then finish up our squares of the week with a fan lace stitch with Vanessa Wilson. Finally, Melissa Leapman has her own crochet version of the slouchy hat.