Julie Taboulie's Lebanese Kitchen

Chef and Lebanese-American Julie Taboulie celebrates the colorful and flavorful cuisine of Lebanon in Julie Taboulie's Lebanese Kitchen.

Throughout the series, Julie shares her authentic array of original Lebanese recipes (tabbouleh, lamb kebab, and Lebanese-style French fries) that have been handed down in her family over three generations.

She searches for the freshest and finest foods at her favorite farmer’s markets and farm stands, winds her way through several Finger Lakes (NY) wineries, and explores the rich rural farmlands, lakes and landscapes of the region. Julie then stops by her mother’s garden before heading back home to her kitchen, where she demonstrates her tried-and-true tips, tricks, and techniques.
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Garden of Dreams

Episode #101H · In this sensational season opener of the series, Julie finds herself in a garden of dreams in Mama's Glorious Garden. This special place and special person, both serve as Julie's number one source of inspiration and ideas that influences her to create, cook and celebrate her impressive line-up of fresh, flavorful and fabulous Lebanese foods. From exquisite eggplant, vine-ripe ruby-red tomatoes and spectacular Swiss chard to bouquets of healthy herbs, perky peppers and purple potatoes, Julie showcases and shares some special Lebanese recipes in which all of the ingredients are sourced straight from Mama's home-grown garden. Throughout this spectacular show, Julie takes viewers along with her right into the garden to get an up close and personal look at all of the beautiful and breathtaking bounty as she meets with Mama who shares some of her green-thumb gardening tips for viewers to try for themselves at home. It's more garden, more glory and most of all more Mama in Julie's garden of dreams show, let's dig into deliciousness.

It's Taboulie Time

Episode #102H · Join the "Queen of Lebanese Cuisine", Julie Taboulie, as she pays a special tribute to her namesake dish and her culinary traditions. Throughout this visually vibrant show, Julie takes viewers back to memory lane of her Lebanese heritage and the dishes that she grew up eating ever since she was a young girl at her family's Lebanese table. It's tart, it's tangy and it's tasty. It's non-other than Julie Taboulie's namesake, signature salad, taste-bud-tantalizing taboulie Originating in the mountains of Mount Lebanon, this famous dish is known as the "Queen Salata" throughout the land and Julie shares all of her tips, tricks and techniques to make the tastiest taboulie. Julie also makes a couple trips to Mama's garden and to her very own herb-garden that Mama especially planted for her to gather all of her fresh ingredients for her recipes. While Julie's there she happily introduces viewers to her Uncle Dominick to answer their number one question to finally find how she got her stage name. Julie also shares her luscious lamb kabobs lahem mishwee that lead the way along with her Lebanese-style French fries batata maqlieh inspired by her Sitto (Julie's grandmother) that are finished off with an authentic garlic, olive oil and lemon sauce famously called toum making this show so succulent that viewers will wish there was taste-a-vision.

Meet Me at the Market

Episode #103H · Julie is cordially inviting all of you to come and meet her at the fresh farmer's market. Besides Mama's Glorious Garden, farmer's markets are Julie's favorite places to frequent for fresh foods. She loves meeting and greeting all of the farmers, strolling around an open-outdoor market while supporting and sourcing locally sustainably foods. On today's show, this fresh farmer's market is inspiring Julie to make her marvelous makbouseh, a Lebanese-style summertime squash stew. Meaning to "mix things up," Julie's Makbouseh is a magnificent medley of fresh vegetables along with an array of amazing aromatics that slowly simmer away into a stunning and scrumptious squash stew that is sure to be a staple at your table all summer long. She also prepares and perfectly pairs her homemade and handmade Lebanese pasta tossed in a glorious garlic sauce that just sort of melts in your mouth which is famously known as macaroune b toum. Plus, Julie's first food memory, a childhood favorite of fried squash blossoms called zahrah kousa b maqlieh that Julie is whipping up just for you. Fresh from the farmer's market to a mouthwatering meal, this is one Lebanese masterpiece that you won't want to miss.

Eggplant Extravaganza

Episode #104H · On today's show, it's an extraordinary eggplant extravaganza. American, Italian, Indian, Sicilian, French, Lebanese, Japanese and Chinese too, it's all about eggplant that Julie is making just for you. From simple and sophisticated to earthy and exotic, eggplants are excellent selections for sauces, spreads, soups and stews, stuffed and even pickled eggplant too. In today's episode Julie is sharing some of her favorite eggplant recipes with you. Julie's eggplant extravaganza all starts with her signature starter called batenjen mishwee, a fire-roasted eggplant spread that sets the stage for her magnificent main meal, internationally known as sheikh el' mahshi. Her star dish delight of the day showcases baby Indian eggplants, that are sauteed and stuffed with a mouthwatering meat and pine nut mixture then blissfully baked away in a tomato casserole that is golden brown and bubbly as can be. Last but certainly not least is a specialty breakfast dish called bayd b batenjen baked eggs and eggplants that is an enjoyable flavor combination. With just one look, you will love Julie's extraordinary eggplant dishes and inspiring ideas just as much as she loves preparing them for you. Sourced straight from Mama's garden with Mama's eggplant expertise on how-to grow right at home. Sliced, diced, sauteed, smashed and stuffed too, it's Julie's eggplant extravaganza that she is cooking up just for you.

Street Food Star, Shawarma

Episode #105H · Julie is serving up her street food star supreme sandwich, shawarma. Succulent, spicy, saucy and shaved off a rotisserie spit, shawarma is one of Lebanon's and the Middle East's most famous street-food sandwiches seen throughout the international and the American street food scene. Translating to "turn" or to "rotate," shawarma lahem is thinly sliced marinated lamb meat that is roasted and lusciously layered with traditional toppings of caramelized onions and stewed tomatoes called khoudra mishwiyeh then topped with tasty and tangy tahini, a sesame seed sauce sprinkled with an array of fresh herbs. Then, this succulent sandwich is all wrapped up in warm pita bread, making this scrumptious sandwich something that you'll want to create, make and taste, time and time again. Julie is sharing some of her special tips, tricks and techniques on how to make her signature street food star sandwich right at home so that you can simply re-create her recipes in your very own kitchen and NO rotisserie spit needed. It's succulent. It's spicy. It's saucy. It's shawarma. Julie Taboulie's supreme street food star sandwich.

Stop & Smell The Roses

Episode #106H · STOP! And, smell the roses with Julie's rose water signature scented sweets hailing from Lebanon and the Middle East. Everything is coming up roses on today's show as Julie brings you along with her as she strolls through beautiful and breathtaking rose garden that inspires her to come back into her Lebanese kitchen to make and bake some of the most sumptuous rose water infused sweets that her culture is so famously known for. First up is Julie's bellawriyeh meaning to "glow" this shredded phyllo dough dessert is delightfully layered with a flavorful pistachio-walnut filling. Followed by her eish al bolbol, shredded phyllo dough birds nest shaped sweets topped with pistachios then blissfully baked away until lightly golden brown. Both sweets are finished off with Julie's signature rose water syrup ater b maward, that is subtly sweet, slightly sticky and surprisingly splendid to the senses. Julie's rose water signature sweets will surely have you stopping to smell the roses and stimulate you to create her sweets for yourself right at home as she simply shows you step-by-step in true Julie Taboulie style.


Episode #107H · Rise and shine by starting your day the Lebanese way. Magnificent, mesmerizing and memorable as can be, it can only be Julie making manoush, Lebanese breakfast dough pies with her Mama in the morning. As soon as the thought of manoush comes to mind, Julie immediately envisions her mother. Ever since she was a little girl, Julie grew up to the sights, sounds and scents surrounding her as her mother would be making and baking manoush on their family's saj (an authentic outdoor Lebanese oven) signaling Sunday mornings. Julie may be all grown up now but her senses still remain the same, meaning manoush plus Mama, equals magnificent. Today, Julie is making one of the most famous manoush of all time, manoush bi zaatar, Lebanon's most brilliant breakfast food. These Lebanese personalized dough pies are topped with the Lebanese signature spice blend called zaatar, an earthy and zesty thyme herb mixture made up of wild zaatar (or Greek oregano) thyme, sumac spice, sesame seeds and sea salt that is simply irresistible, making for a scrumptious way to start your day. Julie also shows you how to simply make homemade yogurt right at home called laban which is unstrained, smooth and silky then teaches you how to transform it into labneh which is strained, thick and creamy yogurt. Last but certainly not least no morning would be quite complete without a small demitasse cup of authentic Arabic coffee called ahwa, and this strong stuff is sure to keep you going all day long. Julie and Mama bring you outside to the veranda for a special treat for you to see their saj in action showing you how to make and bake Lebanese bread on their authentic Arabic outdoor oven that is rarely seen in the States today.

Magical Mezze Amidst The Moonlight

Episode #108H · Mezze is internationally known all over the world as one of the most distinctive and delicious display of dishes to delve into originating right from Lebanon and the Middle East. In today's show Julie is making her mezze magical with an evening set amidst the moonlight of scrumptious small plates presented on a table as far as the eye can see for you and for her loving Lebanese family that Julie is entertaining throughout this socially-inspired show. Traditionally, the mezze can offer upwards of forty to fifty different types of hot and cold small plates, and today, Julie opts to prepare and present some of the most popular and perhaps some of the most famous small plates among the mezze made perfectly for passing around the table with family and friends. This enchanting evening starts off with Julie's heavenly hummus a classic and creamy chickpea and sesame seed spread that is a surefire staple at any mezze table which Julie clearly teaches you how to make her fool-proof recipe; followed by Julie introducing you to its close counterpart, being her blissful baba ghanouj, a rich and robust roasted eggplant dip that is as delicious as its catchy name. Finally, a newcomer to the mix, is Julie's spicy and smoky roasted red pepper and walnut spread called "mouhamarah" making up a magical trio of tempting tastes and textures that will tickle your taste buds all evening long. This alluring array of appealing appetizers are sure to become festive favorites for your next get-together. Julie makes her mezze accessible, affordable and most of all achievable for you to successfully make her recipes for your family and friends. Julie Taboulie's magical mezze served under the twinkling stars and served upon a traditional Lebanese table sets the scene that will surely inspire you to host your next social party.

Falling for Fattoush

Episode #109H · Julie is falling for fattoush and you will be too. Her Lebanese peasant-style bread staple is sure to become your new favorite salad. This singular dish inspires Julie to visit a wonderful waterfall nearby where freshness fills the air and aspires her to make a light and lovely Lebanese meal. In today's show, Julie brings you along with her as she surrounds herself in one of Mother Nature's natural wonders before she heads back into the kitchen to create her fresh and flavorful family of dishes known as fattat meaning to use "left-over flat bread." This Lebanese peasant-style bread salad is anything but peasant-tasting and is full of sudden surprises. Exhilarating tastes and textures infuse with a variety of vibrant vegetables and herbs that meet a medley of mixed greens coated in a lemony and garlicky vinaigrette that is seasoned with tangy sumac spice. Then, this spectacular salad is tossed together with Julie's homemade crispy and crunchy, toasted-to-perfection pita bread pieces that is sure to become your new favorite salad. Julie also introduces you to another member of the fattat family of foods that also goes by the same name called fatteh hummus, which is a warm chickpea-pita-chip-dip bowl blend of chickpeas, yogurt, spices, parsley and toasted pine nuts layered with crispy pita chips. Since pita bread is a uniting theme in this show, Julie teaches you how-to make and bake your very own pita chips right at home with her khebez mahamas b soomsoom. This show is all about making simple and satisfying dishes with fresh ingredients that you have on hand and that you don't need to fuss over. Fattoush, it's a waterfall of freshness.

Fish, Spice & Everything Nice

Episode #110H · Fresh, flaky and fabulous fish from the famous Finger Lakes region is the catch of the day on today's show. Resembling fingers in pattern, the famous Finger Lakes region is widely known for their stunning and scenic sights, award-winning wineries, and hosting a fabulous feast of fresh water fish. What better way to represent this rich region than by Julie sharing one of her special Lebanese fish dishes inspired by the Finger Lakes simply called samak harrah. Translating to "spicy fish" samak harrah is one of the most famous fish dishes to hail from Lebanon, straight from Tripoli, a Mediterranean Sea port city situated in the northern part of Lebanon, and with just one bite Julie knows that you will love it too. Julie serves up her samak harrah using whole branzino, a Mediterranean Sea bass, that is blissfully baked away then finished off with a spicy sesame seed, pine nut and cayenne pepper sauce called taratour. She then perfectly pairs her rez b macaroune, a long grain rice and orzo pasta pilaf with her sauteed arugula and onion leeks called sleek b zeit. Her fiery and festive fish dish makes for a wonderful weeknight meal that is truly heart-healthy. Julie's fresh fish, spice and everything nice will reel you in hook, line and sinker.

Spring Sensations

Episode #111H · Today's show is a special celebration of Julie's favorite season of all, the spring. There is something about this time of year that puts a smile on Julie's face and a little spring in her step (ahem) and in her cooking. This full-of-life moment of breathing in the refreshing new air, absorbing the new signs of life all around her and awakening to the sudden surprises that the springtime offers inspires Julie to cook, create and celebrate this sensational season. What better way for Julie to rejoice in the stimulating surroundings than by her preparing and sharing a special spring meal with her crown roasted leg of lamb meat called xaruff mishwee infused with a bouquet of fresh herbs and slowly roasted until fork-tender makes quite the centerpiece on the spring-time table. Julie accompanies this amazing main meal with her fire-roasted baby wheat grains infused with aromatics called freekeh, a super-grain that is sweeping the nation along with her steamed spring vegetables that are tossed in a glorious garlic and fresh-herb butter sauce called khoudra b samneh. Together, these impressive platters truly set the stage and make this show a stunning spring sensation during this significant time of year when everything seems possible.

My Love Letter to Lebanon

Episode #112H · Julie Taboulie believes that "one dream can the light the world" and her dream to light the world is acting as an ambassador for Lebanese cuisine, culture and customs in America. This selfless mission has been Julie's journey and lifelong work to spread the light and to spread the love of showcasing, spotlighting and most of all sharing her authentic recipes, special stories, gracious and generous nature by which she warmly welcomes audiences across America into the heart of her home in her Lebanese kitchen. This show is Julie's love letter to Lebanon, for her homelands hospitality, soaring spirit and resiliency to rise above that lives in Julie's soul forever. So, what better way to pay tribute to this beautiful and breathtaking country that inspires Julie each and every day than by cooking the national dish of Lebanon itself called kibbeh. Julie pleasantly prepares and presents libbeh three different ways. Kibbeh nayeh, a Lebanese-style steak tartare delicacy that is undeniably delicious leads this show as she smoothly moves on to making kibbeh kbekib, mouthwatering meat pies that are perfect for everyday eating or extraordinary events, along with a vibrant vegetable version for all of her faithful vegetarian viewers called kibbeh batata, a potato, bulgur wheat and fresh-herb spread that is simply sensational. Julie's "TLLC" (Tender Loving Lebanese Care) is thoughtfully infused into each and every dish that she creatively cooks up in her love letter to Lebanon show. Julie may not live in Lebanon but Lebanon lives in her. As Julie exclaims, Ana Bahebak Ya Lebnan "I love you Lebanon!"

Lebanese Sweets for the Holiday Season

Episode #113H · Special seasonal sweets straight from Lebanon and the Middle East always signify the holiday season for Julie as she warmly welcomes you into her home for the holiday season. Ever since Julie was a little girl she grew up to the sights, sounds and smells of fragrant orange blossom water, floral rose water and the warm aroma of baklawa baking away by her beautiful mother. Today's show Julie is masterfully making and baking some of the most famous sweets and some of her personal favorites for the holiday season. First up is Julie's blissful Baklawa, a decadent phyllo dough and walnut diamond-cut dessert that is deliciously delightful. Followed by her homemade phyllo dough cups called baklawa b ashta filled with a luscious Lebanese cream and tasty toppings then finished off with her orange blossom syrup called ater b mazaher. Last, but certainly, not least is the queen sweet of Lebanon and the Middle East, a special treat simply called knefeh. Deliciously decadent and absolutely divine, Julie's Lebanese signature sweets are sure to be a special treat for your family and friends this holiday season straight from Julie's Lebanese kitchen to yours.