Jamie's Quick & Easy Food

English chef, author and restaurateur Jamie Oliver offers the ultimate set of go-to recipes that are quick to prepare and easy to remember — perfect for those who love their grub, but don’t have the time or energy for complicated cooking.

Using all his culinary know-how, Jamie has developed a collection of creative and tasty dishes using just five ingredients, plus a few pantry basics: olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, sea salt and black pepper. His recipes — egg fried rice, Thai-style crispy sea bass, sticky kickin' wings and more — are perfect for busy days and made with the minimum number of elements to deliver maximum flavor.

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Scallops/Steak/Pastry Puff

Episode #101 · This week on Jamie's Quick & Easy Food, Jamie's cooking up his super-fast sizzling seared scallops, with a cool hack for speedy spuds. Then there's egg and mango chutney flatbreads, a cheeky snack for when you're in a hurry, with the fastest bread you'll ever make. Next, a show stopping rib-eye steak that'll give you big results in little time. And to top it all off, Jamie's almond pastry puff - a blow-your-mind pud that makes baking a breeze.


Episode #102 · This week on Jamie's Quick & Easy Food, Jamie's cooking up his snappy sesame seared tuna, a mouth-watering meal in minutes, and messy meatball buns, feel-good family food that's fast and loaded with flavor. Followed by his irresistibly gooey chocolate rye cookies, home baking at breakneck speed. Then, to top it all off, hearty chicken pot pie, a comforting classic with a quick and easy hack for the perfect crispy crust.

Chops/Linguine/Fish Cakes

Episode #103 · This week on Jamie's Quick & Easy Food, Jamie's cooking up his quick Asian fishcakes, with a brilliant tip for a sweet and spicy glaze; then his speedy lemony courgette linguine, perfect at the end of a hectic day. Sticky lamb chops a knockout one-pan dish with a fast-track to incredible flavor. And for dessert, there's a super-charged cherry chocolate mousse with a cheeky flavor boost.

Lamb/Spaghetti/Apple Cookies

Episode #104 · This week on Jamie's Quick & Easy Food, Jamie's cooking up his tender lamb shoulder, an epic sharing feast that's super-quick to prep, with an easy cheat for incredible flavor. Next up, super green spaghetti, speedy veggie pasta that'll blow your mind. Plus, his one-pan fabulous fish, a fail-safe supper with a quick and easy tip for perfect rice. And to top it all off, Jamie's apple crumble cookies - an old-school favorite reworked into a delicious, super-quick treat.


Episode #105 · This week on Jamie's Quick & Easy Food, Jamie's cooking up his high-speed ginger shakin' beef, teamed with one-minute-wonder veg, pak choi. Followed by crispy squid and smashed avo, an irresistible, impressive plate of food that's a joy to make and a pleasure to share. Jamie's pork and mash gratin is a big, bangin' family meal that will simply blow you away, and finally, to sweeten things up, we've got almond, orange and polenta cake, and a slice of sunshine to brighten up a busy day.


Episode #106 · This week on Jamie's Quick & Easy Food, this week Jamie kicks things off this week by cooking up his crazy good pork burger, a naughty little treat that takes fast food to the next level. Then it's sticky mango prawns, a speedy sharing platter with a shortcut to phenomenal flavor; and easy rustic gnocchi, an elegant veggie supper made with a super-quick sauce. And finally, frozen banoffee cheesecake, a party show stopper that's irresistibly simple to make.

Sausage Carbonara/Thai Red Chicken

Episode #107 · This week on Jamie's Quick & Easy Food, Jamie's sharing his super-fast, stress-free easy sausage carbonara, with a quick hack for a powerful peppery punch. Followed by Thai red chicken soup, a spicy one-pot supper that's the easiest dish you'll ever make; and sublimely silky scrambled egg omelette, a fast and fabulous dish for when time really is tight. Saving the best for last, there's the cheekiest little steamed puddings with a speedy, sticky marmalade glaze.

Pesto Chick/'nduja/Sausage Bake

Episode #108 · This week on Jamie's Quick & Easy Food, Jamie's cooking up super-indulgent flaky pastry pesto chicken, a flavor-packed way, to treat the family. Followed by spicy nduja vongole, sophisticated surf and turf pasta that's a lightning quick supper. Plus his comforting sausage bake - brilliantly quick, gorgeous grub for those you love. And finally, Jamie's refreshing watermelon granita, a perfect pud that's a cinch to make.

Episode #109 · This week on Jamie's Quick & Easy Food, Jamie's cooking up his succulent sticky kickin' chicken wings, super-fast finger food made for sharing. Followed by his outrageously tasty sizzling sirloin, with a time-saving trick for awesome aubergines. Next up, glorious creamy garlic mushroom pasta, a perfect high speed, supper for any day of the week. And to sweeten things up, Jamie's flaming fast rum 'n' raisin, a heavenly hack for grown up ice-cream.

Episode #110 · This week on Jamie's Quick & Easy Food, Jamie's cooking up his Thai-style crispy sea bass, a super-quick, flavor packed fish supper. Followed by baked garlicky mushrooms, a sensational veggie tray bake that's ridiculously tasty. Then Jamie's sweet chicken surprise, a one-pan wonder with a great hack for a stunning sauce. And to top it all off, pineapple carpaccio, a totally tropical zingy dessert made in minutes.

Episode #111 · This week on Jamie's Quick & Easy Food, Jamie's cooking up melt in the mouth mustardy beef, with phenomenal flavor from just five ingredients. Next, there's his foolproof baked saffron rice, that will revolutionize the way you cook this glorious grain. Then steamed salmon Nicoise, a striking salad that's stress-free and super simple; plus Jamie's decadent plum tarte tatin, beautifully easy and probably the best plum pud you'll ever make.

Episode #112 · This week on Jamie's Quick & Easy Food, Jamie's cooking up his spicy aromatic lamb kofta flatbreads, a mighty meaty treat, for when you need good food fast. Next it's his Spanish inspired broad bean and Manchego cheese salad... packed full of goodness and put together in minutes. Followed by gnarly peanut chicken with a clever shortcut for this super-charged satay. And for a deliciously sweet treat, peach and almond Alaska, a super-quick and totally irresistible pud.

Episode #113 · This week on Jamie's Quick and Easy Food, Jamie's cooking up his super-fast, Asian tuna steak salad, a delightful fish dish in next to no time. Then it's his beautifully hearty ale barley lamb shanks, with a clever shortcut to big flavor. Followed by his sweet and sour chicken noodles, a speedy stir-fry for when you need feel-good food, fast. And to finish, duck and orange salad French classic, revamped, super-fast, and insanely good.