J Schwanke's Life In Bloom

Host J Schwanke – a fourth-generation florist, award-winning author and well-known floral educator – shows viewers how have fun with flowers and incorporate their beauty into their homes and everyday lives. J tours flower farms, greenhouses, markets, festivals and special events before sharing easy arranging tips and techniques, and flower-based food and cocktail recipes. In addition, guests including P. Allen Smith discuss how flowers intersect with their lives and interests.

Distributed by: American Public Television (APT)
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J Schwanke

J Schwanke

J Schwanke is a flower expert, flower content producer and professional speaker, widely regarded as the most trusted voice in the flower industry.

Life In Bloom

Episode #101 · Host J Schwanke shares simple ways to create a "Life in Bloom." Celebrate and embrace the joy of having flowers in your life, including: flowers for your home, cooking, and helpful flower tips.

Protea: Long-Term Beauty

Episode #102 · Host J Schwanke explores protea, one of the oldest flowers in the world. Visit a protea farm, and learn how to incorporate this exotic flower into crafts, cocktails, and entertaining.

The Romance of Flowers

Episode #103 · Host J Schwanke shares why flowers are considered romantic, and how to use flowers for every day romance. Beautiful, fragrant flowers are used in arrangements, recipes, and for relaxation.

Carnations, Family & Flowers

Episode #104 · Host J Schwanke gives a peek into his family history, his vintage carnation artifact collection, and into a family-run carnation farm. See how flowers have influenced and shaped every part of his life.

Succulents: The Not Quite Flowers

Episode #105 · Host J Schwanke explores the wonderful world of succulents: He visits a succulent farm, hosts a Make & Take party, and goes on location for a succulent-inspired cocktail.

Tulips: Year-Round Spring

Episode #106 · Host J Schwanke shows you the storied history of the tulip, and how to get maximum enjoyment out of this beautiful flower with arrangements and tulip-inspired recipes.

Out on a Limb with Fruit and Flowers

Episode #107 · Host J Schwanke pairs fruit with flowers because it's fun! J gets creative with the abundance of the season, and uses fruit and flowers in simple, unexpected ways in arrangements, recipes, and crafts.

Flower Power

Episode #108 · Host J Schwanke shows you how to use flowers to "petal it forward." The power of flowers affects our health and wellbeing - for the better. See how flowers can heal and cheer when we share them, gift them, even eat them!

All Foliage: Living Green

Episode #109 · Host J Schwanke goes on location to two Florida foliage growers to show you this beautiful workhorse of the plant world, along with several inspired ways to use these long-lasting plants.

A Flower Arranger's Best Friend

Episode #110 · Host J Schwanke shares some history of the flower frog-a device used to help arrange flowers. Whether man-made or natural, this tool has many applications when it comes to arranging and entertaining.

The Art of Flowers

Episode #111 · Host J Schwanke visits with P. Allen Smith at Smith's Moss Mountain farm in Arkansas, and explores the ways flowers inspire and influence art, both in and out of the garden.

Terrariums: Life Under Glass

Episode #112 · Host J Schwanke shows you how to bring more fun, whimsy, and wonder into your life with terrariums, and terrarium-inspired recipes, crafts and entertaining arrangements.

Demystifying Orchids

Episode #113

Arrangements from the Garden

Episode #201 · Host J Schwanke incorporates blooms and branches from the garden into arrangements for the home. Blooms are harvested from the garden, for a framed craft, a rose cake, and a Garden Gimlet cocktail.

From Farm to Plate & Vase

Episode #202 · Host J Schwanke visits Crane Dance Farms and learns the value of pasture-raised food. Local flowers are fashioned into bouquets. Roses from the Farmer's Market are discussed.

Beauty from the Flower Farm

Episode #203 · Host J Schwanke visits Hope Dahlias and learns about the positive effect flowers can have on people. Sage is used three ways: tasty appetizer; spiritual cleanser; flower accent.

The Gift of the Forest

Episode #204 · Host J Schwanke explores the forest and shares ways to experience a bit of its magic every day! Discover forest bathing for wellness. Flower arranging includes moss themes and foraged items.

Traditional Japanese Flower Arts

Episode #205 · Host J Schwanke devotes this episode to traditional Japanese flower arts. Learn about Ikebana flower arranging, the art of a Bonsai, and go on location, to learn the philosophy of a flower farming family.

The Garden, Contained

Episode #206 · Host J Schwanke visits a garden center and offers tips on container gardening and makes an herbal cocktail. Health benefits of flower arranging are discussed. Flowers for a garden party.

Thinking Outside The Vase

Episode #207 · Host J Schwanke explores unusual vessels for flower arranging with a visit to an antique market. Ideas to re-use, re-purpose, and upcycle containers for flower arrangements.

All About Lavender

Episode #208 · Host J Schwanke shares all things Lavender. Learn the health benefits of Lavender's relaxing aroma, go on location to see how hand-crafted soap is made, and arranging and crafting with Lavender.