Iowa Ingredient

Local flavors are always on the menu on Iowa Ingredient.

Join host Charity Nebbe as she journeys throughout Iowa to meet resourceful farmers behind the heartland's distinctive local flavors.

Each episode spotlights a single ingredient, grown and raised by Iowans. Then, talented Iowa chefs transform the main ingredient — ranging from honey and spinach to bacon and broccoli — into beautiful and tasty recipes in a studio kitchen.

The "On the Side" segment showcases food-related event or activity in Iowa — from an ice cream festival to a winery visit.

Iowa Ingredient is produced by Iowa Public Television, and airs as part of Hometown Create, which features locally produced content from Create's member stations.

Find recipes from the series on the Iowa Ingredient website.

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Episode #102 · Antioxident-rich, low in fat, and downright scrumptious, blueberries are the ideal treat. On her search for distinctive Iowa foods, host Charity Nebbe explores how blueberries are grown and used. Join her in Nevada, Iowa where she visits The Berry Patch. Afterwards Charity joins Chef Walter Jahncke in the kitchen to sample some delicious blueberry treats. Finally, Napa Valley isn't the only place in the U. S. making wine these days. Learn about the growth of winemaking in Iowa.


Episode #103 · With its mild flavor and range of uses, eggplant is a food for culinary inspiration. Accompany host Charity Nebbe on her farm to table journey throughout Iowa. Find out the complexities of growing eggplant at a Boone, Iowa farm. Then join Charity and Chef Nate Jiroutek in the studio kitchen to create an Eggplant Napoleon recipe that's both delicious and gorgeous.


Episode #104 · Rich in flavor and, unlike other nuts, low in calories, chestnuts are a popular cool season treat. Take a tour of Red Fern Farm outside of Wapello, Iowa with host Charity Nebbe to check out the unique way chestnuts are harvested. Then Des Moines Chef Jason Simon joins us in our studio kitchen to share a twist on a traditional chestnut stuffing recipe.


Episode #105 · Beets are perhaps one of the most polarizing foods available. Everyone has their own opinion. On this Iowa Ingredient, join host Charity Nebbe to learn more about the beet at Table Top Farm in Nevada, Iowa. Then Iowa City Chef Katy Meyer brings new flavors to life by adding a fresh twist to this vitamin packed root. And mobile food is on the move! We'll meet a chef who brings local, organic and fresh to the streets of Sioux City, Iowa.


Episode #106

Maytag Blue Cheese

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Iowa State Fair Special

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Behind the Scenes Special

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Aronia Berries

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Brussels Sprouts

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Sweet Potatoes

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Summer Smoothie Special

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Sweet Corn

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Green Beans

Episode #131

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