Ice Cream Show

Ice cream. It's tempting and tasty -- a simple joy of life. An Ice Cream Story is a warm and friendly celebration of America's favorite frozen dessert and the places where you can buy a scoop. The one-hour documentary by award-winning producer Rick Sebak features a lot of ice cream people (from makers and eaters to collectors) and ice cream places (from a giant cone-shaped building in Florida to a place that sells only tea-flavored ice creams in San Francisco).

Using his trademark "scrapbook documentary" style, Rick presents a tasty mix of slightly wacky historical facts with current trends and quirky observations of America's infatuation with the creamy delight. Along the tour of shops up and down the East and West Coasts, a lot of interesting questions pop up: What was Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' favorite flavor on Cape Cod? What American university has offered a course on ice cream production since 1892? And where would Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's go to get ice cream if he couldn't have his own? Each segment reveals a fun story about the cold treat.

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