How to Cook Well with Rory O'Connell

In his American TV debut, Ireland’s most experienced cooking teacher transforms humble ingredients — from mackerel to beetroot — into imaginative and delicious dishes. In each episode, Rory demonstrates three recipes that incorporate influences from Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, and of course, his native Ireland. Rory makes his recipes simple to follow and accessible, with the aim of giving people confidence in the kitchen.

Rory has been teaching people to cook for more than 30 years. He founded the famous Ballymaloe Cookery School with his sister, Darina Allen. As well as teaching, Rory has worked as a chef in some of the world’s top restaurants, including Chez Nico, Chez Panisse and Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons. Rory’s first book, Master It, won the Andre Simon Food Book Award in 2013.

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Rory OConnell

Rory O'Connell

Rory O'Connell is a teacher, cookbook author and co-founder of Ballymaloe Cookery School. Rory served as head chef of Ballymaloe House for 10 years, where he was twice awarded the prestigious title of Ireland’s Chef of the Year.

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Episode #102 · Beetroot Salad with St. Tola Goats' Cheese, Honey and Pomegranate; Grilled T-Bone Steak with Horseradish Cream and Salsa Verde; Oven Roasted Chips; Salad of Organic Greens; Almond and Cinnamon Thins with Pears.

Episode #103 · Green Vegetable Soup; Roast Leg of Lamb and Mint Relish; Chickpea and Coriander Puree; Carrots with Lemon; A 'Plain Cake' served with Strawberries, Creme Anglaise and Cream.

Episode #104 · Pumpkin Broth with Parsley Pesto; Boiled Oyster of Bacon, Roast Tomato Oil; Parsley, Mustard and Cheddar Cheese Sauce; Mustard and Scallion Champ; Green Cabbage Puree; Yoghurt and Star Anise Cream with Compote of Plums with Red Wine and Star Anise.

Episode #105 · Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon or Wild Mushrooms on Grilled Sourdough Bread; Lamb Koftas and Rocket Salad with Buttermilk Dressing, Roast Hazelnuts and Cumin & Chilli Oil; Chocolate and Caramel Mouse with Caramel Sauce and Raspberries.

Episode #106 · Pan-fried Hake with Herb Relish; Casserole of Roast Chicken with Indian Spices; Pilaff Rice with Parsley; Curly Kale; Kiwi Fruit Granita with Passion Fruit and Orange Sauce; Lacy Nut Biscuits.

Episode #107 · Baked Dover Sole on the Bone with Bretonne Sauce; Roast Sirloin of Beef with red wine, tomato and gherkin; Orange and Mint Jelly.

Episode #108 · Moroccan Harrira Soup; Roast Haddock with Roast Pepper, Olive and Basil Salsa; Mashed Potatoes with Courgette, Olive Oil and Marjoram; Romanesco; Chocolate, Prune and Armagnac Puddings with Chocolate Sauce.

Episode #109 · Kale Broth with Lemon and Parmesan; Grilled Chicken with Marjoram and Lemon and Roasted Almond Sauce; Yoghurt and Star Anise Cream.

Episode #110 · Soft Goats Cheese and Thyme Leaf Tart; Black - eye Beans with Oyster Mushrooms and Caramelised Onions; Buttermilk and Lemon Puddings with Caramel and Pineapple.

Episode #111 · Mimosa Salad; Roast Loin of Pork with Fennel Seeds, Chilli and Garlic; Oeufs a la Neige with Creme Anglaise.

Episode #112 · Risotto; Warm Salad of Quail with Grapes, Honey and Bacon; Candied Citrus Zests.

Episode #113 · Potato Soup with Black Pudding and Parsley Pesto; Roast Fillet of Beef with Roast Peanuts, Asian Dressing, Mint and Coriander; Compote of Rhubarb with Clementine Juice.

Episode #114 · Macroom Mozzarella Salad; Roast Chicken with Bread and Thyme Leaf Sauce and Redcurrant Sauce; Chocolate and hazelnut cake.

Episode #115 · Red Onion, Roast Pepper, Rosemary and Anchovy Pissaladiere; Grilled Hake with Roast Cumin and Tomato and Coriander; Almond Praline Ice cream.

Episode #116 · Carrot, Coconut and Lemongrass Soup; Slow Roast Shoulder of Lamb with Aioli and Salsa Verde; Rhubarb and Strawberry Trifle with Almonds and Pistachios.

Episode #117 · Beetroot and Raspberry Salad with Labnah; Grilled Lightly Spiced Quail with Pomegranate and Walnut Salad; Saute Potatoes with Rosemary and Garlic; Tuscan Apple Cake.

Episode #118 · Celeriac Fritters; Casserole Roast Pheasant with Indian Spices and Jerusalem Artichokes; Yellow Rice; Sicilian Casatta with Pistachios, Candied Peel, Roses and Lemon.

Episode #119 · Lentil and Curly Kale Soup in the Italian Style; Grilled Duck with Watercress, Radicchio and Orange Salad; Rustic Roast Potatoes with Balsamic Butter; Coconut Rice Pudding with a Compote of Sour Cherries.

Episode #120 · Grilled Scallions with Mushroom, Anchovy and a Poached or Hard Boiled Egg; Poached Monkfish or Mackerel with Frothy Green Hollandaise Sauce; Peas and New Potatoes; Apricot Tart with Almond Praline Cream.

Episode #121 · Salad of Figs, Goats Cheese and Mint; Grilled Squid with Cherry Tomatoes and Marjoram; Spaghetti with Herbs; Coconut and Lime Cake.

Episode #122 · Pumpkin Soup with Toasted Pumpkin Seed Oil; Spiced and Braised Lamb; Saffron Potatoes; Lime Orios with Yoghurt, Banana and Lime Ice.

Episode #123 · Roast Cauliflower with Red Onions and Cumin Seed and Muhammara; Grilled Chicken Paillard with Roast Grapes, Almonds and Rosemary; Chocolate and Caramel Whip Langues de Chat.

Episode #124 · Salad of Coolea Cheese with Apple Syrup and Roast Hazelnuts; Braised Beef with Oysters and Oyster Mushrooms; Mashed Potatoes and a Green Vegetable; Champagne Rhubarb and Blood Orange Tart.

Episode #125 · A Platter of Irish Oysters; Jerusalem Artichoke Soup; Ballymaloe Spiced Beef with Horseradish Cream; Chocolate Christmas Biscuits; Meringue Christmas Tree.

Episode #126 · Ruby Grapefruit, Pomegranate and Shredded Mint Cocktail; Kale, Fennel, Radish and Parmesan Salad; Onion Marmalade; Turkey Liver Pate with Sourdough Toasts and Red Onion Marmalade; Chocolate Yule Log.

Episode #127 · Ballycotton Prawns served in their Shells with Watercress and Home-made Mayonnaise; Prawn or Lobster Bisque; Roast Duck with Orange; Brussels Sprouts with Toasted Hazelnuts and Candied Bacon; Traditional Irish Sherry Trifle.

Episode #128 · Rugelach; White Christmas Cake; Galette de rois; Plum pudding and Mrs Hanrahan's sauce.

Episode #129 · Whiskey punch and Christmas Fruit Punch Spicy Indian Meatballs with pomegranate and cucumber raita; Salsify in Filo; Beetroot Puree with Toasted Cumin seeds on Poppadoms; Medjool Dates w crozier blue; Quail Eggs with Roasted Cumin; Cheese and Sesame Sablees.

Episode #130 · Mincemeat Filos and Ballymaloe; Nougat; Blackcurrant pastilles; Pickled pears and Kumquat Compote; Chocolate Christmas Tree.

Episode #201 · Mussel and Wild Garlic Omelette, Chermoula Meatballs with Roasted Red Onions, Cherry Tomatoes and Green Olives Caramel Meringue with Gooseberries, Elderflower, Butterscotch Sauce and Almond Praline.

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