How She Rolls

The lifestyle documentary and culinary series follows award-winning baker Carrie Morey as she balances the pressures of leading a thriving business—Callie's Hot Little Biscuit—with being a loving wife, daughter and mom to three girls. In addition to family, the series also features appearances from culinary greats, including renowned Charleston barbecue chef Rodney Scott and former PBS culinary television host Nathalie Dupree. Featuring a delicious mixture of mouth-watering southern fare, the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and that unmistakable southern charm, How She Rolls provides hope and inspiration for anyone struggling with growing pains and the challenges that come with change.
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Carrie Morey

Carrie Morey

Carrie Morey is an award-winning baker and entrepreneur who transformed a made-by-hand mail order biscuit company into a booming culinary business.

How She Rolls

Episode #101 · It's a full life, every day. Carrie Morey runs a growing business based on her mother's biscuit recipe. She does this from her kitchen, her car, food festivals, her daughter's volleyball games, and anywhere else she finds herself around Charleston.

Biscuits Rising.... In Charlotte

Episode #102 · Carrie builds and opens a new Hot Little Biscuit location in Charlotte, North Carolina. In the middle of it all is her daughter's birthday.

This Was Not Part of the Plan

Episode #103 · On the day Carrie and her team are set to finally launch a rebrand of their biscuit business, the coronavirus overtakes America. Over the next months, she will shed staff and run out of flour, but also discover a new path to success.

Farm to Table

Episode #104

Warm and Buttery on the Inside

Episode #105

Recipe for Success

Episode #106

How She Road Trips

Episode #107


Episode #108

Youre Gonna Need A Bigger Bakery

Episode #109

Fear Is Good

Episode #110