Hey Kids, Let's Cook

Hey Kids, Let's Cook! is a cooking show created just for kids and teens. The series, hosted by food and nutrition teacher Kathy Powers, helps children ages 6 to 14 develop cooking and life skills. Each episode features a nutritious and delicious recipe children can learn to make themselves. The entertaining format features fun characters, including Farrah (the manners expert), Emma (the field trip traveler), and the animated “Myplate,” who teaches kids about creating healthy meals.

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Afterschool Snacks

Episode #209 · When the 3:00p.m. bell rings, you bolt from the classroom, and get home with a ton of homework slung over your back. You know it has to be done right away, but the first thing that comes to your mind is? Snack time! Today we're going to show you how to make four fast, delicious, and nutritious snacks that will be sure to hold you over until dinner is ready. The key to these snacks is that they are super easy to make, because when you're hungry you want it right now!

White House - Healthy Lunchtime Challenge 2013

Episode #301H · We're taking you inside the White House for lunch today to see what the First Lady Michelle Obama has planned for kids all across America. The First Lady has made one of her very important goals to lower the obesity epidemic across our nation. This past summer Emma was invited right inside the White House to see the 2nd annual Healthy Lunchtime Challenge. That's because lunches should be healthy. Kids across the nation sent in recipes they created, and a team of judges picked one winner from each state to attend an official State Dinner. See the action up close and personal in the East Room with First Lady Michelle Obama, White House Chef and Let's Move Executive Director, Sam Kaas, and even a surprise visit from the President. Watch the kids and the First Lady show their moves and dance along with Rachel Crow, X Factor Finalist. Take a tour of the White House Kitchen Garden then watch Kathy and the kids host a winner to share a yummy recipe!

Banana Pancakes

Episode #302H · Today is all about breakfast. Teachers tell you often that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. With tummies's full of nutrition, you know you've done everything in your power to begin the day right, and to help in the learning process. Well let's give these quick, fun breakfast recipe a try. We're making banana pancakes. And you'll have so many options for toppings: sliced strawberries, bananas, pineapple, toasted pecans, even apple butter. Then learn how to make a hot, yummy breakfast sandwich, with melted cheese and Canadian bacon. We'll serve them up with a couple of smoothies that are done in minutes.

It's A Wrap

Episode #303H · Ummmmh! Today we're serving up wraps with chicken and turkey. The wrap is simply a type of flat bread or tortilla that has different types of yummy fillings piled high, then rolled up. So easy to hold while you eat. Whoever thought of this definitely had kids in mind, no knives or forks. And you can use any combination of fillings or favorite toppings imaginable. And we'll make a fun, fruit dip to make our MyPlate complete.

Super Simple Salads

Episode #304H · There are so many reasons to add salad into your daily diet, they're not only healthy but they're also fun and easy to make, and they taste good too. And today we're traveling around the world looking for different influences for quick and easy to make salads. We're into Middle Eastern cuisine for a salad that is packed full of flavor, then on to Italy where we'll try a creative salad that will taste just like pizza and even a salad made with pasta. Sound yummy? And on the side we'll serve it up a fresh dip. You can dip fresh pita bread or fresh veggies into this.


Episode #305H · This recipe is so much like every kid's favorite: pizza! Kid's will not be able to resist this yummy version of Stromboli! We're showing you how to make this hand held sandwiches and once we get the combination of gooey mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and other creative toppings, you'll love it!

Huevos Rancheros

Episode #306H · Huevos Rancheros is either fried or scrambled eggs served on a whole-grain corn tortilla, then it's smothered with a yummy homemade salsa. Sound great? Eggs are always a good choice for breakfast. A food so nutritious, so handy, so inexpensive and so easy to cook. and because eggs contain a high quality protein, and are nutritionally dense.

Lasagna Rolls

Episode #307H · Large Lasagna noodles can actually be rolled up with the filling and then served hot, dripping with sauce, and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. A traditional Lasagna recipe can serve as many as 12-16 people and take hours to make. So here's a recipe that will serve a family of four or five, is fast and easy to make, and tastes just as yummy as a huge pan of Lasagna that your mom spent hours making. And we'll serve it up with oven roasted asparagus and chunky applesauce.

Fish Tacos

Episode #308H · Fish has become so popular because it's so healthy. But make no mistake, in these tacos the tasty, white chunks of flaky fish is lightly topped with zesty flavors like, cabbage, salsa, light sour cream, and served up in a soft, chewy, whole grain corn tortilla... uuuummmmh. And so fun to eat ....kids love them because they can pick them up with their hands. We'll serve them up today with fresh fruit cups....topped with just the right amount of fresh squeezed lime juice and a sprinkle of chili powder.