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GardenSMART takes the mystery out of gardening with expert tips from horticulturists and successful home gardeners. Each information-packed episode highlights color combinations, landscape design, vegetable and flower gardens, and containers. Horticulturalist, propagator and industry guru Eric Johnson spotlights the latest plants, discusses helpful gardening techniques, addresses green and sustainability issues, and presents the latest gardening trends, including hydroponic gardening, community gardens and vegetable gardening. GardenSMART also visits one-of-a-kind home and public gardens in historic (and sometimes unusual) locations for some design inspiration and practical advice.

Whether a novice or experienced gardener, tune in for innovative and time-tested gardening ideas designed to help you GardenSMART.
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Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

GardenSMART host Eric Johnson shares his extensive horticultural knowledge and experience in easy-to-understand language.

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Episode #1002 · Extending our outdoor living spaces is a hot trend. With all the innovations in outdoor furniture Garden Smart goes shopping to find what is new and exciting. It's difficult to tell the difference between furniture for indoors and outdoors, Garden Smart ventures out to answer those questions.

Episode #1003 · Garden Smart visits Taos, New Mexico. Part of the fun of visiting a new place is to see new gardens and visit with gardeners. In this episode Garden Smart visits some special gardens tucked away in unsuspecting places and meets some great gardeners. Don't miss, a lot to learn and some great teachers.

Episode #1004 · One of the premier display gardens in the entire world is Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Garden Smart visits and shares what Pierre du Pont set out to protect over 100 years ago. This is a don't miss episode. Tune in

Episode #1005 · Garden Smart visits Michigan and the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. The way they've mixed art and horticulture is unique and beautiful. The principles of balance, proportion, scale and symmetry are key elements to making a landscape plan look great. There is something for everyone in this episode.

Episode #1006 · Taos, New Mexico has a wide range of growing conditions. Garden Smart visits a garden center in the high desert that has a surprising number of plants that thrive in these conditions. Many may do well in your yard or garden. Tune in and find out.

Episode #1007 · Orlando offers gardeners something year round. Leu Gardens showcases many different collections as well as unusual or historical plants. Join us as we Garden Smart from Orlando.

Episode #1008 · Garden Smart visits the Hermitage, the home of the 7th President of the U.S., Andrew Jackson. It is a classic example of an 1800's home and garden. The lessons learned here apply to our gardens today. Tune in.

Episode #1009 · Rutgers Gardens are unique and a learning experience. There are 8 to 10 different rooms in these gardens and all provide valuable gardening information. Join us as we Garden Smart from the garden state.

Episode #1010 · Indoor gardening is becoming more and more popular. In Texas everything is big and this indoor garden spread out in a 4 and 1/2 acre atrium is no exception. Gardening information and problem solving solutions are plentiful as we Garden Smart in Texas.

Episode #1011 · Container gardening is one of the hottest trends in gardening today. Garden Smart visits with one of its viewers who shares some of the hottest new plants, containers and garden art. Great ideas, tune in.

Episode #1012 · It's that time of year for flower shows. They're great places to see the latest in plants and design. And, there is no better flower show than the Philadelphia Flower Show. Join us as we Garden Smart in Philadelphia.

Episode #1013 · Nothing says springtime better than tulips. Garden Smart visits Holland, Michigan to talk with their experts about Tulip care, maintenance and design. A beautiful show but full of Garden Smart information as well. Tune in.

Episode #1101 · Churchill Downs is home to the Kentucky Derby and it also has beautiful grounds and gardens. Garden Smart goes behind the scenes to see how their experts prepare the grounds for an audience of millions. The gardening lessons they've learned since 1875 apply in our own landscape. And the winner is...

Episode #1102 · Garden Smart is always looking for the next "hot" plant. What's new, what's improved, what are the latest design ideas? Tune in. Garden Smart visits with an expert propagator who shares his ideas on plant trends.

Episode #1103 · Longwood Gardens is one of the world's premier display gardens. And they have a new Children's Garden. It is experiential, letting young and old alike explore and discover the magical experience of gardening. No matter your age be sure to tune in.

Episode #1104 · Garden Smart visits an historic Delaware mansion with gardens that have ranked among the finest examples of French-style gardens in the U.S. And they're under construction. Not to worry, there is plenty to learn during the construction process. The hands-in-the dirt lessons learned in this show can help us all Garden Smart.

Episode #1105 · "Green Gardening," and "Sustainable Gardening" have become hot trends. Garden Smart visits the Philadelphia Flower, the oldest and largest Flower Show, to learn from the masters. This is the wave of the future. Tune in, there's a lot to learn.

Episode #1106 · Garden Smart goes to the beach. The setting for this program is a very unique, very historic and very beautiful ocean front property that provides valuable gardening lessons for all. Many of the plants discussed will adapt to your environment, inside or out, and make beautiful additions to your yard or home. Let's go to the beach.

Episode #1108 · Garden Smart is going to the Zoo, and it's in the desert. The Living Desert provides a complete introduction to the natural desert. A unique experience and you'll be surprised at the number of plants that will grow in a wide range of climates. Our Garden Smart experts show you what and how.

Episode #1109 · Garden Smart visits the homes and gardens of some very talented gardeners in Palm Springs, California. Their yards and gardens are stunning. Tune in and see how they deal with some, oftentimes, difficult growing conditions. If they can do it, we can too.

Episode #1110 · Garden Smart visits Wisconsin and an extraordinary hidden garden gem. Rotary Gardens in Janesville has a wide variety of interesting, beautiful gardens and is loaded with color. Join us, this show has gardening ideas galore.

Episode #1111 · The Missouri Botanical Garden is renowned for its botanical research and horticultural displays. The thematic gardens are not only beautiful but provide great gardening ideas. From Japanese and German to Chinese and Ottoman Gardens, all provide ideas we can employ in our landscape. Great ideas, great gardens, and Garden Smart is there. What's not to like?

Episode #1112 · Forest Park in St. Louis is located in the heart of the city and is the heart of the city. Forest Park opened to the public in 1876, is one of the largest urban parks in the U.S and in 1904 was home to the World's Fair. It's a beautiful garden and a wonderful location to discover how they've blended historical formal gardens with contemporary gardens. This Garden Smart program provides a unique gardening perspective and gardening ideas for all.

Episode #1113 · Overwhelmed with the number and types of plants? What grows where and how? To answer some of these questions Garden Smart visits one of the oldest botanical institutions in the U.S. Their experts have an amazing conservatory, greenhouses and collection gardens. What they've learned over the years can be put to use in our gardens today. Beautiful and educational, a don't miss show.

Episode #1201 · When you're an artist and use your gardens for inspiration, your gardens must be outstanding. Garden Smart visits a Connecticut home and gardens on Long Island Sound. All are stunning and provide lessons we all can utilize. Don't miss.

Episode #1202 · The Alamo represents nearly 300 years of history. Many know the story, few are familiar with their gardens. In 300 years a lot has been learned. "Remember the Alamo," takes on a whole new meaning for gardeners after this show.

Episode #1203 · San Antonio, Texas and Riverwalk are synonymous. The 3.5 Riverwalk miles are in essence an urban park filled with annuals, perennials and rock gardens. Great gardening lessons. Tune in.

Episode #1204 · The San Antonio Botanical Gardens is a 33 acre public garden whose purpose is to promote the public enjoyment and understanding of plants. Formal and display gardens, an old fashioned garden, sensory gardens and much more. A garden-lover's paradise. Be sure to tune in.

Episode #1205 · Gardening in Alaska? The season may be short but the results are beautiful. Tune in, even if you're a Master Gardener there's always more to learn.

Episode #1206 · The Gardens of Colonial Williamsburg are known for their cool, green spaces. Garden Smart visits the Governor's Palace and several smaller gardens and with the help of Thomas Jefferson we'll discuss design and interpretation of the gardens in the Historic Area. History is a great teacher, especially for gardeners.

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