Garage with Steve Butler

In his garage workshop, artist and furniture maker Steve Butler creates a collection of clever woodworking objects — from a foosball table to a castle-themed sandbox. He strives to make each project accessible, both economically and technically, while emphasizing the fun and creativity of wooodworking.

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Steve Butler

Steve Butler

Host and producer Steve Butler brings his passion for furniture-making and mid-century design to The Garage.

Burgener Tool Box

Episode #101 · Steve walks you through the steps to build a classic joiners tool box.


Episode #102 · Steve demonstrates how to build a classic foosball game.

Mallet & Hand Plane

Episode #103 · Steve builds a mallet and hand plane from recycled materials.

Cafe Table

Episode #104 · Steve creates a unique cafe style table.

Work Bench

Episode #105 · Steve demonstrates how to build a work bench, perfect for small shop.

Castle Sand Box

Episode #106 · Steve shows you how to build a sand box, perfect for the young knight.

Coopered Chest

Episode #107 · Steve's throwing you a curve. He's making a coopered lid chest.

Yard Games

Episode #108 · Steve builds some yard games, guaranteed to create some backyard fun.

Tea Lights

Episode #109

Shaker Bench

Episode #110 · Steve builds a classic bench from Hancock Shaker Village.