Frank Clarke Simply Painting Around The World: China

In this edition of the Simply Painting series, Irish artist Frank Clarke travels to China – a land renowned for its art, culture and architecture — to experience its fascinating blend of ancient and modern. His tour takes him to temples and pagodas, waterfalls and cityscapes, museums and galleries, and other sights of cultural and historical significance. While on location, Frank selects landscapes and still-lifes to paint back in his Beijing studio.

A charming tutor, Clarke offers a blend of encouragement and practical, step-by-step instruction to budding watercolorists with his "Have Some More Fun" method.

Distributed by: American Public Television (APT)
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Show Schedule
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Welcome to China

Episode #101 · Join Frank in Beijing as he previews some of the interesting places he will visit during the series. He also samples the sights and sounds of Old Beijing, including the Drum and Bell Tower.

The Great Wall

Episode #102 · No visitor to China could avoid a trip to the iconic Great Wall, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Frank also shares the story of the Origin Tree.

The Emperor's Temple

Episode #103 · In this episode, Frank visits the temple of Emperor Yao and the location of the beginning of Chinese civilization.

National Museum of Art

Episode #104 · Returning to modern-day China, Frank visits two exhibitions of contemporary Chinese artists and provides insight into the techniques used in traditional Chinese painting.

Logou Bridge

Episode #105 · Frank shares the fascinating history of the Logou Bridge - the magnificent structure also known as Marco Polo Bridge.

China House Museum

Episode #106 · Frank tours the China House Museum, which houses a stunning and priceless collection of porcelain from Ming and other great Chinese dynasties.

The Hidden City

Episode #107 · High on the slopes, Frank discovers a hidden city built during the war with Japan, which now houses a university and museum. Frank also pays tribute to his favorite Chinese artist - the late Xu Beijong.

Private Collector

Episode #108 · Frank's good friend and art collector Chiang Lianzhi invites him to his home, a veritable treasure trove of Chinese artifacts.

Beautiful Pagoda

Episode #109 · In this episode, Frank visits the beautiful Skayamamuni Pagoda and relates the stories of the two fighting trees.

The 56 Steps

Episode #110 · Frank climbs the 56 steps to the magnificent Archway at Linfeng and happens upon a park where children can get close to some impressive outdoor sculptures.

The Yellow River

Episode #111 · Along the majestic Yellow River, Frank visits the Temple of the Yellow Dragon.

Back to Beijing

Episode #112 · Frank never travels anywhere without his golf clubs and this episode finds him in swinging form. He also visits Beijing National Stadium, also known as the Bird's Nest, built for the 2000 Olympics. He concludes with a little Tai Chi.

Bye Bye to Beijing

Episode #113 · Finally, Frank learns more about two of China's most distinctive crafts: lacquer work and snuff bottle painting. He concludes the series with his own exhibition in Beijing.