Fit to Eat (Hometown Create)

In Fit to Eat, Chef Rob Stinson prepares fresh, healthy meals with a Mississippi twist. Find out the best way to take the fried out of fried chicken (without sacrificing the crunch), new ways to serve up Mississippi catfish, and some of Chef Rob's favorite meals from the Gulf Coast.

Fit to Eat is produced by Mississippi Public Broadcasting, and airs as part of Hometown Create, which features locally produced content from Create's member stations.

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Rob Stinson

Rob Stinson

Chef and restauranteur Rob Stinson stars in Fit to Eat, a series focused on healthy cooking techniques and using fresh and sustainable products.

Nothing But Vegetables

Episode #101 · Chef Rob prepares a squash "pasta" and vegetable medley with fresh ingredients from Two Dog Farms in Flora. Our guest is Registered Dietitian Rebecca Turner, who has some interesting tips on how to sneak a daily green into your diet.

Together Again Like Sweet Potatoes and Coffee

Episode #102 · Chef Rob makes coffee-crusted pork loin and sweet potatoes with special guest Tim Bradford, who is working with the Society of St. Andrew to end hunger. We visit the Mississippi Coffee Co. in Jackson, and Rebecca Turner shares her recipe for a healthy homemade coffee creamer.

Exploring Mississippi's Apples

Episode #103 · Chef Rob prepares blackened chicken with an apple almond chutney, and Larry Stephenson, Fruit Explorer, tells us all about Mississippi's native apples. We visit an apple orchard in North Mississippi, and Rebecca Turner tells us about the differences between whole fruit and fruit juice.

Quick and Easy (And Not Too Cheesy!) Meals

Episode #104 · Chef Rob shares his easy and delicious vegetarian lasagna recipe with guest Sunny Baker, from the Mississippi Farm to School Network. We travel to Bolton to visit The Garden Farmacy, and Rebecca Turner tells us about her favorite new healthy snack: roasted chickpeas.

All About Gulf Coast Seafood

Episode #105 · Chef Rob cooks Gulf Coast shrimp fajitas with General Joe Spraggins, Director of the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources. Rob tours Desporte Seafood Market in Biloxi, and Rebecca Turner has some helpful tips about healthy "wrap" options.

Beefing Up Nutrition

Episode #106 · Chef Rob prepares a stuffed tenderloin and talks about healthy meat options with Emily Thevis, Director of Education at National Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute. Rebecca Turner shares some helpful low-sodium crock-pot tricks, and we hear what it's like to be a butcher in Mississippi from the Flora Butcher.

A New Way to Etouffee

Episode #107 · Enrika Williams, owner of Fauna Food Works, helps Chef Rob prepare a healthy shrimp etouffee with brown rice. We take a trip to Delta Blues Rice in Greenville to learn about how rice is grown. Registered Dietitian Rebecca Turner shares some tips about how to make sure you're getting enough fiber in your diet.

Discovering New Mississippi Flavors

Episode #108 · Chef Rob prepares a green tea and crabmeat bisque with homemade blueberry dumplings. Author and James Beard award-winner, Martha Hall Foose is our guest. Rebecca Turner tells us about the benefits of berries and we visit JD Farms in Poplarville, who specializes in growing blueberries and tea.