Field Trip with Curtis Stone

Chef Curtis Stone embarks on a global culinary journey to explore the spirit and passion of the destinations which inform the menu at Maude, his Michelin-starred restaurant in Beverly Hills. Curtis and friends travel to Australia, Italy, Spain and California, hunting pheasants, herding cattle and diving for pearls as they track the delicacies Curtis serves in his restaurant to their source.
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Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone is a Michelin star chef, restaurateur, author, media personality, and businessman.

Margaret River

Episode #101 · The Margaret River region in the southwest corner of Australia is known for its surfing, vineyards, and amazing farmlands. Lately, it's been garnering a lot of attention as a culinary destination. Yesenia and Ben join Curtis as he explores everything this area has to offer. Stuart McCormick gives us an up-close look at his herd of grass-fed Shorthorn cattle. Local Chef Tony Howell takes the team out to try their luck at trapping marron, a large freshwater crayfish. Vanya Cullen gives a tour of her biodynamic vineyard that's guided by lunar cycles, before they head to the shore to forage for coastal herbs with Chef Paul "Yoda" Iskov. Along the way, Curtis goes surfing, races motorbikes, and finishes the trip off with a barbie on the beach.


Episode #102 · At the base of the Italian Alps, Curtis travels to Lombardy to discover a local cheese and peasant dish before embarking on a helicopter tour of a prestigious vineyard to pick up wine which pairs beautifully with the decadent sturgeon caviar produced in that region which he serves at Maude.

Central Coast

Episode #103 · Heading up the coast on Highway 1 to discover the jewels of the Pacific, Curtis visits with a couple who turned from tech to cheesemaking, the only female uni diver in California, and to seaweed & abalone farms. The trip culminates in an impromptu vineyard cookout where Curtis creates a dish to bring back to Maude.

Western Australia

Episode #104 · A visit to the northern part of Western Australia finds Curtis in the quintessential Outback where he is educated by an Aboriginal elder on ancient fishing methods and dreamtime stories, herds cattle with a fifth-generation female rancher, and dives for pearls.


Episode #105 · Among medieval towns, dense forests, and winding cobblestone streets, a trip to Umbria in the heart of Italy finds Curtis chasing canine companions for his favorite ingredient, getting a tutorial from a master of porchetta, and on a lost-in-translation hunt for pheasant.


Episode #106 · Cheese, wine, and steak lovers unite as Curtis and key players from Maude travel to the misty mountains of Spain with excursions including goat milking, mushroom foraging with a Michelin-starred chef, and uncorking a sixty-year-old bottle of wine housed in a winery designed by an architectural icon.

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