Farmer and the Foodie

The Farmer & The Foodie follows Maggie and Lindsey as they embrace the bounty of Kentucky's rich culture, taking them to various corners of the Bluegrass State where they draw inspiration from the farms, ingredients and individuals they encounter. Then, they create delicious, approachable recipes and share a meal with the characters they met in the episode.
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Food, Family & The Hindman Settlement School

Episode #101 · Maggie and Lindsey travel to Eastern, Kentucky, for the Hindman Settlement School's annual Family Folk Gathering. They learn about the region's rich heritage and how the school is partnering with Grow Appalachia to empower local residents to grow their own food. Maggie helps prep a garden before they head back to Lindsey's kitchen to cook a meal inspired by their visit, including the Hindman Settlement School's apple stack cake cobbler.

Foxhollow Farm; Growing the Next Generation of Farmers

Episode #102 · Maggie and Lindsey head to Foxhollow, Maggie's family farm, to meet the diverse group of young farmers making a living from the land. This first hand look at the day to day life of three different farmers leads Maggie and Lindsey to the Farmers' Market, where they gather ingredients to craft a seasonally inspired feast including grassfed beef meatballs with homemade marinara sauce and a rosemary spritz cocktail.

The State of Hunger In Louisville

Episode #103 · Maggie and Lindsey take an in depth look at the state of hunger in their community and how Dare to Care Food Bank is partnering with local farmers to bring fresh produce and meat to the food insecure. They lend a hand in the Community Kitchen, helping to prep over 1,000 hot meals that will be served at Kids Cafes throughout the city. Maggie and Lindsey have the opportunity to meet and cook with some of the children benefiting from this program and share their recipes for kid-friendly pizza and salad.

Farming Well

Episode #104 · Maggie and Lindsey begin this episode on a decades old family farm in New Castle, Kentucky, where they learn what it means to farm well from farmer Steve Smith, access to Trackside Butchershop, where Lindsey and Maggie head next, a key component. They spend some time with Mary Berry of The Berry Center before heading back to Lindsey's kitchen where Mary teaches them to cook her family's brown sugar pie and they make a hearty winter meal of braised Boston butt with sweet potato BBQ sauce.

Coming Around One Table with Common Earth Gardens

Episode #105 · Maggie and Lindsey learn what a unifying role food and farming can play in this episode, as they work with the Common Earth and Common Table programs. They take part in the kitchen skills classes taught at Common Table, a six week program preparing refugees and employment insecure members of the community for careers in hospitality. They visit the vibrant vegetable beds of Common Earth Gardens, where refugees from around the world are able to make a living from the earth. New friend Ohanmi joins Maggie and Lindsey in the kitchen to share his recipe for a traditional Nigerian fish stew.

Tackling Carp In Western Kentucky

Episode #106 · The season's final episode brings Maggie and Lindsey to the Western Kentucky town of Paducah, where they learn firsthand how the community is turning the problem of the invasive carp fish into an opportunity. Chef Sara Bradley of Freight House cooks carp for Maggie and Lindsey, sharing with them the many benefits of this misunderstood fish. Maggie joins local fisherman Marcus on his boat and helps to catch his daily carp haul, which Lindsey then fries and serves with a squash soup.