Destination Craft with Jim West

In Destination Craft With Jim West, host Jim West travels around the world with a small group of crafters to observe and celebrate the traditions, arts, culture, scenery, and food of each destination.

In season one, they visit a group of monks in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal who make colored sand Mandela designs in a Buddhist Temple. In India, Jim and the crafters participate in a rangoli design workshop and learn to make a traditional Indian dish from a master chef. In Ireland, they discover the techniques of soap-making and the art of making jewelry.

From learning about the arts of batik and wood carving in Bali, to blowing colorful glass Christmas ornaments in Rattenberg, Austria, to making the perfect cup of coffee in Guatemala, DESTINATION CRAFT highlights the heart and soul of indigenous artists around the world.

Distributed by: American Public Television (APT)
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Jim West

Jim West

Host Jim West brings his passion for artisinal crafts and his extensive experience as a world traveler to Destination Craft with Jim West.


Episode #101 · Jim West journeys to Bali where master artisans teach woodcarving, free style and block batiking, painting and ikat weaving techniques. He discovers how crafting is associated with rice fields, makes a traditional Balinese dish, and creates crafts in the exotic Monkey Forest. He also sees an elephant who paints in a Safari Park.


Episode #102 · Jim West explores the indigenous crafts of Ireland where master artisans teach dry felting, basket making, woodturning and creating the perfect Irish scones. Jim crafts an Irish rock wall, makes jewelry from Connemara marble, crochets Irish lace, and explores the traditions and culture of the enchanting Emerald Isle.


Episode #103 · Jim West travels to colorful Guatemala where master artisans teach cotton dying, back strap and loom weaving, hand embroidery, pine needle basket making, and crafting functional mats from the reeds found in Lake Atitlon. Jim makes tasty tamales, learns about iron work and creates an artistic journal with celebrity artist Pam Holland.


Episode #104 · Jim West travels to the Warsaw and Krakow areas of Poland where master artisans teach how to make traditional Polish folk dolls, stained glass, and exquisite pottery. He makes Polish pierogi, visits the Wieliczka Salt Mines, and travels to a small "painted" village. He also sees the largest piece of lace in the world.


Episode #105 · Jim West travels to Jaipur, India where master artisans teach wood block printing, create henna designs, along with miniature painting and brass inlay work. He also creates rangoli designs from rice and flowers, visits a family who make puppets in the Kathputhli Slums and creates India's staple dish-dal bhat tarkari.


Episode #106 · Jim West travels to Tuscany and Milan in Italy where master artisans teach how to make Italian frescos, Florentine paper marbling, and leather journaling. He also learns how to make homemade Italian pasta. Jim visits the art studio of a father and son who master in mosaic art, meets an iconic fashion embroidery artist, visits the Aurifil Thread factory, and crafts the perfect gelato.


Episode #107 · Jim West travels to Reykjavik, Iceland where master artisans teach how to make horsehair jewelry, craft items from fish skin, and participatse in one of the largest tapestry projects in the world. He carves items from driftwood and makes beautiful glass products from volcanic ash. Jim also learns about traditional Icelandic costumes and makes a hearty and healthy Icelandic lamb soup.


Episode #108 · Jim West travels to Cusco and Lima in Peru, South America where master artisans teach gourd carving, Peruvian pottery, and making a traditional retablo. He also crafts the perfect pan flute. Jim also makes a "ceviche" dish with a master chef, learns about silver jewelry making, and weaves colorful tapestries.


Episode #109 · Jim West ravels to Vancouver, Canada where master artisans teach totem pole carving, painting on canvas, traditional soapstone carving, and how to prepare the perfect Canadian salmon with a master chef. Jim creates a traditional native Indian drum, crafts the perfect maple syrup candy, and is tattooed for the first time.


Episode #110 · Jim West travels to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where master artisans teach paper mache, Huichol beading, pinata making, and creating giant Mojiganga puppets. He hopes to master the art of Mexican mosaics, craft sweet potato ice cream, learn about neo-muralism from street artists, and create a traditional mole sauce with chicken from a master chef.


Episode #111 · Jim West travels to Zurich and Lucerne, Switzerland where master artisans demonstrate how to craft the perfect Alp Horn, make Swiss cheese in a family farmhouse, craft a traditional cheese fondue, and discover bobbin lace making. Jim becomes cuckoo for cuckoo clocks, crafts honey with a master beekeeper and enjoys the process of Swiss chocolate making.


Episode #112 · Jim West travels to Nepal and the extraordinary Kathmandu Valley where master artisans teach paper and clay mask making, creating felted balls for clothes dryers, and crafting an extraordinary singing bowl. Jim also participates in Nepalese paper making and learns about traditional wood carving. He watches monks make sand mandala's in a Buddhist temple, and enjoys a cooking lesson from a special group of ladies.

Christmas Crafts of Austria & Germany

Episode #113 · Jim West travels to Austria and throughout Bavaria where he visits the Christmas market in Salzburg, learns the mechanics of a three-year-old Glockenspiel, crafts the perfect pair of lederhosen, and makes homemade apple strudel with a master chef. He also learns how to create hand blown glass ornaments. Jim participates in a woodcarving workshop, learns how to make a holiday mulled wine, and takes a tour of a Christmas toy museum.


Episode #201 · In this episode, Jim and his group of crafters learn how cork is produced and crafted, learn the art of Portuguese tile painting, craft colorful Estremoz dolls, learn the process of salt production, craft gold applique with a master artisan, visit a mosaic paving school, and make a traditional bacalhau from their crafter's kitchen.

United Arab Emirates

Episode #202 · In this episode, Jim and his group of crafters visit a camel milk chocolate factory, learn the process of crafting gypsum, make scents at a perfumery, visit a coffee museum and craft the perfect cup of Arabic coffee, craft soap from camel's milk, practice Arabic calligraphy, and make jasheed (a typical Emirati lunch) from their crafter's kitchen.


Episode #203 · In this episode, Jim and his group of crafters make the perfect Spanish guitar, visit a centuries-old sword factory, craft and design delicious marzipan, visit crafters who have special needs, design and carve stone with a master artisan, and make a traditional Spanish paella from their crafter's kitchen.

Lost Crafts (Season One)

Episode #204 · In this episode, Jim highlights crafts that were not included in the original episodes of season one. Jim and his group of crafters travel to Switzerland and craft the perfect cow bell, learn the art of paper cutting decoupage, and master the perfect pitch in a yodeling workshop. From Nepal they craft incense, make traditional leaf bread in Iceland, create majolica ceramics in Italy, learn the craft of soap stone carving in Canada, travel to Mexico to make sugary alfeniques, and visit a group of ladies who craft traditional arpilleras in Peru.


Episode #205 · In this episode, Jim and his group of crafters learn traditional Hungarian egg painting, craft simple objects with straw weaving, visit a master seamstress who crafts clothing for dolls and children, tour one of the finest crystal factories in the world, visit a master jewelry bead artist, learn the craft of enamel art, and learn how to make a traditional Hungarian goulash.


Episode #206 · In this episode, Jim and his group of crafters visit the largest orchid farm/laboratory in South America, craft the perfect Panama hat, make traditional Ecuadorian ponchos, learn to weave designs with a master artisan, craft and design ceramic masks, and create a delicious tamale from their crafter's kitchen.


Episode #207 · In this episode, Jim and his group of crafters design the perfect indigo dye fabric, create authentic-looking plastic food, participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, learn the craft of origami, create the perfect Japanese flower arrangement, carve chopsticks from bamboo, and make a variety of different sushi from their crafter's kitchen.

Lost Crafts (Season Two)

Episode #208 · In this episode, Jim highlights crafts that were not included in the original episodes of season two. In Ecuador, Jim and his group of crafters visit a fifth generation family who make traditional makanas and learn how Mother Nature provides everything we need to craft special lotions. In the United Arab Emirates, they create colorful sand art in a bottle and learn the art of traditional metal engraving. They travel to Spain and visit a sparkling wine cellar, create and etch pictures with a master artist, and take a tour in a tapestry museum.