Christina Cooks

Christina Pirello, renowned whole foods chef, introduces viewers to a style of healthy cooking that is decidedly Mediterranean and relies on techniques and simple ingredients that can be found at the average supermarket.

In light of the nation’s current obesity health crisis, Christina shows viewers how to make healthy eating fun, delicious and easy to do. Topics include: eliminating refined sugar and dairy from your diet; providing children with healthy alternatives to processed foods; and helping prevent illnesses such as breast cancer, arthritis and osteoporosis with a healthy diet.

Christina Cooks also features a number of entertaining cooking themes such as how to nourish and satisfy men with healthy cooking; eating chocolate for a well-balanced diet; and eating right for glowing skin.

Distributed by: American Public Television (APT)
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Christina Pirello

Christina Pirello

Christina Pirello, a popular chef and author of four cookbooks, beat cancer with the help of her healthy, macrobiotic diet; whole-foods cooking quickly became her passion. Christina is one of the country's foremost educators on cooking and alternative health.

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Weighty Issues

Episode #601 · People struggle and struggle...depriving themselves of delicious food, grimly trudging on the treadmill, trying fad diet after fad diet--and still don't achieve their ideal weight. In this show, Christina will examine the heavy issues of achieving and maintaining the ideal weight for any lifestyle.


Episode #602 · Mother was right. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what's on the menu after giving up eggs, bacon and sticky buns? Is it oatmeal forever? Christina and her guest whip up the most delicious breakfast foods in this eye-opening show.

Perfect Skin

Episode #603 · What's up with skin? It's too dry, too oily or there are dry patches. There's teenage and adult acne. Yet skin is meant to be a person's pride and joy. Join Christina to break the cycle of struggles with skin, as she cooks to create the peaches and cream complexions that are one's birthright.

What to Eat Instead of Meat

Episode #604 · If someone gives up steak and chicken, what's left...tofu and sprouts? Hardly. In this show, Christina will show how to navigate the mysterious world of vegetarianism. She covers everything from balancing meals to ordering in restaurants to meeting nutritional needs without giving up yummy recipes.

The Art of Sicilian Cooking

Episode #605 · Not just another show on Italian cooking, this show takes viewers to the sunny southern region of Sicily, where fresh ingredients and simple, whole foods are what makes this food so amazingly yummy. Join Christina as she ventures into a Sicilian household for a taste of the real thing.

Holiday Feast

Episode #606 · For New Year's Day or New Year's Eve, what does a whole foods holiday meal look like? Join Christina for a lighthearted approach to holiday cooking.

The Man Show

Episode #607 · Christina loves men. That's not always a popular view in society, where it seems that to know men is to beat them up. Well, it stops here. From snacks to main courses, Christina cooks to nourish, satisfy and cherish those most precious men, keeping them healthy and strong.

Dishy Desserts

Episode #608 · Eating well doesn't mean a life of grim endurance of deprivation. Desserts are not only splendid treats, but aid relaxation and happiness. But what are the best things to serve on those special occasions -- birthdays, graduations, weddings and anniversaries -- or just a special dinner party? Join Christina as she prepares festive cakes, pies and other specialty desserts as beautiful as they are delicious.

The Art of Latino Cuisine

Episode #609 · Latin cuisine is not just burritos and nachos. Instead, it's a rich and varied way of combining ingredients, flavors, texture and spices to create the most heavenly dishes. Join Christina as she goes South of the Border in the kitchen in this very special show.

Women and Their Health

Episode #610 · From chauffeur to cook to nurse to lover, women are the cornerstones of most households. So it's important that they stay strong and healthy. In this informative show, Christina and her guest discuss the best food and lifestyle choices for remaining the beautiful nurturers of the world.

Life on the Run

Episode #611 · In this fast-paced world, it can't be realistic to cook and serve healthy family meals every night. Is it true? In this wild life, can a home cook eat well and not go mad? In this practical show, Christina will go from main course to dessert quickly, easily and deliciously.

Essential Fats

Episode #612 · Hemp seeds, an ancient food cultivated and eaten by mankind for 12,000 years, are the most wonderful source of essential fatty acids, complete protein and other vital nutrients. From main courses to condiments, Christina and her guest will work with these versatile little seeds to create delicious meals containing the building blocks of life.

All Hands On Deck

Episode #613 · In this festive show, Christina demonstrates the joy of outdoor cooking without compromise to health or delicious fun. There isn't any meat simmering on Christina's grill, but there are foods so yummy no one will miss the meat.

Homestyle Desserts

Episode #614 · Cookies, cobblers, puddings and galettes are homey, cozy desserts that make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Easy to make, delicious to eat and oh, so comforting. Join Christina for this sweet show.

Aging Gracefully

Episode #615 · Are botox injections the only way to maintain youthful appearance? Does it all go south as the number of candles on birthday cakes grow? Of course not. While the process is unavoidable, it doesn't have to be devastating. Join Christina as she takes a dip in the fountain of youth.

Vegetarian Kids

Episode #616 · Study after study shows that children's health is suffering. Obesity, diabetes and poor coordination are just a few of the epidemics that plague children as they eat their way to ill health. But what foods will keep kids healthy that they'll actually eat? Join Christina as she discusses health, the environment and the practical side of healthy cooking for young people.

Cooking with the Seasons

Episode #617 · Sustaining the planet is no longer just a trendy idea, but essential to continued existence on Earth. Eating seasonally is key to that balance. But what does that mean in a world in which one can obtain any desired ingredient any time of the year? Christina shows how to re-learn the concept of seasonal freshness in order to maintain health and that of the planet.

Middle Eastern Cuisine

Episode #618 · Light, fresh and just a little spicy, middle eastern foods are incredible. Easy to make, interesting to serve, these traditional dishes are real crowd pleasers. Join Christina as she takes viewers on an exotic journey into the world of yummy, earthy foods.

How Sweet It Isn't

Episode #619 · Simply stated, sugar can kill. It makes people feel fat, tired, weak and depleted. And that's the good news. Is there another way to feel satisfied? Join Christina as she helps break the stranglehold of sugar addiction...replacing it with some of the yummiest foods imaginable.

The Art of the Stir Fry

Episode #620 · Fresh, vital, fast and furious, cooking in a wok is the epitome of vitality. High heat and plenty of sizzle, result in delicious main courses, side dishes and even dessert. Christina shows how to "wok" on the wild side in this fun, and fast-paced show.

The Greening of America

Episode #621 · It ain't just lettuce. Christina talks greens here--kale, collards, watercress, arugula, dandelion, bok choy and so many more. Rich in essential nutrients, dark leafy greens are the keys to health and beauty. From vascular strength to beautiful skin and hair, it's all about greens, baby.

Tropical Cuisine

Episode #622 · Exotic, sensual and delicious, tropical foods are a great way to get variety in day-to-day meals. Their light and vital energy is like a warm, sun-kissed breeze. Join Christina as she cooks with these amazing ingredients to create dishes that as freewheeling as island life.

European Flavors

Episode #623 · Forget butter and cream, complicated techniques and "tall food." In this informative show, Christina explores the heart of Mediterranean cooking--the techniques and ingredients that have created the most delicious food in Europe--simple, elegant, country-style dishes.

Soups and Sandwiches

Episode #624 · Does it get better than a lunch of soup and a sandwich? Light, yet satisfying, the combination of soup and sandwiches has an incredible energy that sustains until dinner time. Join Christina as she creates soups that will leave diners weak with pleasure and sandwiches to satisfy the heartiest of appetites.

Back to Basics

Episode #625 · Cooking has become a chore to be endured at the end of a long day. To stay strong, healthy and productive, people can go back to the kitchen and cook whole, delicious foods. But where to start? Join Christina to discover the simple, yummy basics of cooking well.

Dinner and a Movie

Episode #626 · Dinner for two, a quiet evening at home...just a sweet couple curled up on the sofa, snuggling and cozy. Join Christina as she creates a romantic dinner for two, delicious, sensual, and designed to create that intimate energy all crave with their partners.

The Story of Obesity

Episode #701 · Obesity is one of the leading causes of death in this country. In this informative show, Christina talks about obesity statistics and offers food advice that helps viewers lose weight.

Looking Good for Life

Episode #702 · Many Americans are obsessed with aging and will go to great lengths to stop the clock. Christina cooks some healthy recipes that will help viewers look and feel wonderful.

It's A Guy Thing

Episode #703 · Many men do not think about their health until it is in jeopardy. Christina prepares healthy meals for men that taste great and are sure to satisfy a manly appetite.

Bone Meals

Episode #704 · Saturated fat and sugar can sabotage strong bones and increase the risk of osteoporosis. Christina creates delicious meals, designed by Mother Nature, to keep bones healthy, vital and strong.

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