Chef's Life: The Final Harvest

In the series' finale, chef Vivian Howard hosts an epic harvest feast featuring some of the show’s most beloved personalities, while revisiting memorable clips from past seasons and sharing never-before-seen footage.

After five seasons, only a handful of dishes remain on Vivian’s culinary bucket list. Her search for two quintessential North Carolina ingredients take her to opposite ends of the state. Vivian and Ms. Lillie clean out the Warren Brothers’ pepper patch to make a late summer relish some call "chow-chow" and others call “Southern kimchi.” Then, she finds pawpaws — a tropical-tasting fruit — in a backyard orchard near Goldsboro, N.C.

With food as its conduit, A Chef's Life has shared the successes and challenges Vivian faces as an award-winning cookbook author, owner of multiple restaurants, daughter, wife, and mother of twins.

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Vivian Howard

Vivian Howard

Vivian Howard is an award-winning cookbook author, tv personality, chef and restaurateur.