Beauty of Oil Painting with Gary and Kathwren Jenkins

Husband-and-wife artists Gary and Kathwren Jenkins introduce viewers to the art of oil painting from their studio and gallery in Reno, Nevada. Gary and Kathwren's shared passion for teaching is evident as the couple calmly and confidently guide viewers step-by-step through the creation of a new painting.

With palette in hand and clean canvas before them, the Jenkinses use brilliant color, specific brush strokes and the wet-on-wet method to paint flowers and creatures great and small. Subjects include: their trademark florals, as well as portraits of an eagle, egret, macaw, swan, cardinal and rooster.

Distributed by: American Public Television (APT)
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Morning Light

Episode #102 · Today Gary paints a colourful bouquet of daisies, accented by different kinds of leaves. This is painted on a light, neutral background, accented by beautiful sun rays peeking out from behind the flowers.


Episode #103

Tea Roses

Episode #104

Sunflowers of Tuscany

Episode #105

Exotic Calla Lily

Episode #106

Rembrandt Tulips

Episode #107

Sunset Garden

Episode #108

White Poppies

Episode #109

Old English Roses

Episode #110

The Big Red Amaryllis

Episode #111

Luminescent Iris

Episode #112

Romantic Soft Focused Tulip

Episode #113

Gerbera Daisies

Episode #114

Tropical Garden

Episode #115


Episode #116

Pretty In Blue

Episode #117

Luminescent Tea Roses

Episode #118


Episode #119

Tulip Garden

Episode #120

Old Fashioned Musk Roses

Episode #121

Lavender and Lace

Episode #122

Springtime Poppies

Episode #123

Romantic Soft Focus Tea Rose

Episode #124


Episode #125

Tea Roses and Lilacs

Episode #126

Poppy Bouquet By Gary Jenkins

Episode #217H · Big White Poppies accented with Mauve colored edges are painted by Gary today. Lovely Blue and White Daisy's and light and airy Baby's Breath are added to the Poppies and painted on a dark background of Black and Blue.

Gold Fish Fanta-Sea By Gary Jenkins

Episode #218 · Join Gary today as he paints a fun painting of a Gold Fish. This beautiful fish has bright Red and Orange accents and a large graceful tail and fins. Gary shows you a fun and easy way to paint the look of underwater coral and a fast way to paint little bubbles.

Luminous Lily By Gary Jenkins

Episode #219 · A strikingly beautiful painting is taught today. Gary paints a large graphic style of oriental Lily. This beautiful big White Lily with soft Pink and Yellow accent colors is painted on a dark Cobalt Blue background. This realistic Lily is very easy to paint.

Victorian Roses By Kathwren Jenkins

Episode #220 · Join Kathwren as she paints her favorite flower. Today it's three soft old fashioned English Roses in colors of Mauve, Pink and White. Shades of soft Blue and Green foliage is added and painted on a textured pastel Pink background.

On A Windy Day By Gary Jenkins

Episode #221 · This is such an easy painting to do. Gary starts with a loose, abstract, acrylic background, then adds a cute little Wild Bird on a branch. With the design in the background, you can just imagine the leaves blowing on a windy day.

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