Beads, Baubles and Jewels

Beads, Baubles & Jewels spotlights do-it-yourself jewelry-making. Each episode features a jewelry artist showing how to make creative jewelry using easy-to-find supplies and innovative techniques. Plus, host Katie Hacker offers a beading lesson teaching her favorite techniques. The artists and designers teach viewers what they need to know to create their own one-of-a-kind designs and build their skills.

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Katie Hacker

Katie Hacker

Katie Hacker is an artist and prolific author. Viewers connect with her approachable style and “you can do it!” attitude. She has appeared on Beads, Baubles and Jewels for 22 seasons, first as an expert providing beading advice and now as the host.

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Mixing Simple Metal Smithing with Stringing

Episode #2001H · Designer and author Candie Cooper has a unique lesson on coordinating your jewelry pieces. She creates simple layered earrings and then a knotted necklace. She also shares a tool tip for using a hammer and anvil. Katie's Beading Lesson is about coiled bead bracelets to suit any style.

Using Jigs for Wire Forming

Episode #2002H · Brenda Schweder is an expert on using jigs for forming wire. She demonstrates how to use a jig, plus new ways to create buckle findings. Katie's Beading Lesson is a stylish color block necklace.

Torch-Fired Enameling

Episode #2003H · Metal artist Mary Hettmansperger demonstrates torch-fired enameling and how to create three dimensional surfaces. She also shares tips for cutting metal. Then, enjoy an online visit with author and teacher Kate Richbourg from her studio with advice for caring for and cleaning your tools.

Stringing Projects Using Double-Drilled Beads

Episode #2004H · Author and designer Kristal Wick has some fabulous stringing projects featuring double drilled beads. She shows how to design coordinating necklace and bracelet using double drilled beads. Kristal also has a segment discussing metal clay. Katie shows how to store and organize seed beads.

Get Creative with Resin and Wire

Episode #2005H · Mixed media artist Susan Lenart Kazmer demonstrates making faux stones with glass glitter, inclusions and resin, and then she shows cold surface work to mimic enameling on metal. Today's Beading Lesson is on knotting with leather.

Beaded Embellishments for Your Home

Episode #2006H · Add a touch of glamour to your life. Laura Timmons has rings for your fingers and beaded napkin rings for your table decor. Laura also has tips for adding crystals to fabric. Katie's Beading Lesson is on creating your own beading storage station.

Hammering, Torching and Shaping

Episode #2007H · Author and metal artist Mary Hettmansperger has some great ideas for hammering, texturing and coloring metal, plus using eyelets and rivets for cold connections. Katie's Beading Lesson is using snap finding to make jewelry quickly and easily.

Style and Color

Episode #2008H · Molly Schaller shows how she uses trend boards to design jewelry and demonstrates trendy leather bracelets with large focal beads. Then she makes a colorful statement necklace and shares great tips on storing bead strands. In Katie's Beading Lesson she shows how to organize your work space. She offers suggestions for the right supplies and tools and adds another important element - lighting, especially when working with small beads and distinguishing colors.

Learn How to Viking Knit

Episode #2009H · Stephanie Eddy shares some of her secrets about Viking knitting - making a bracelet and ways to add beads to Viking knit. Katie has some special tips for making stretchy bracelets more durable in her Beading Lesson.

Art Inspired Jewelry Making

Episode #2010H · Blogger Andrew Thornton talks about drawing inspiration from your art and turning your hobby into a business. Then, he shares one of his favorite new jewelry making techniques on making decorative end caps using epoxy clay. Katie's Beading Lesson is about using beaded chain for an easy necklace.

Bench Jewelry Techniques

Episode #2011H · Patti Bullard shares some bench jewelry techniques that don't require a lot of space or supplies, plus a tip on how to choose the right pliers for a special project. She also shows how to texture bracelets and earrings. Katie's Bead Lesson is about stamping on leather, a fast and easy technique to learn to create a trendy bracelet.

Needle Tatting and Chainmaille

Episode #2012H · Lauren Andersen, The Chainmaille Lady has a new take on mixing other materials with chainmaille, including needle tatting and premade cuffs. Lauren also shares a tip for making your own jump rings. Katie makes a beaded cluster bracelet in her Beading Lesson.

Mixed Media Jewelry

Episode #2013H · Author and designer Cynthia Deis demonstrate collage techniques for mixed media jewelry. She creates a mica tag and a flat leather bracelet. Katie's Beading Lesson features an assist from Candie Cooper for a quick lesson on making silk beads.


Episode #2101H · Leatherworking has deep roots in the Old West. Author Melissa Cable shows how to create a rippled bracelet from a leather strip and embellish with beads. In her second segment, she creates a studded leather bracelet. In Katie's Beading Lesson, learn to wrap wire around stones to create a ring or bracelet.

Heirloom Cabochons

Episode #2102H · Using colorful fabric, blogger Mandi Ainsworth fashions cabochons to create heirlooms using a new twist on traditional techniques. Mandi makes a bezel with seed beads to create timeless pendants, bracelets and necklaces. Katie shows how to tie knots in leather strips to create a fashion-forward necklace.

Bead Weaving

Episode #2103H · Sleepless Beader Leslie Rogalski shows her contemporary take on the traditional method of bead weaving on a loom. Using a variety of threads, cords and large beads, Leslie creates unconventional, trendy jewelry using traditional stitching. Katie shares tips for storing and organizing beading supplies.

Metal Stamping and Spiral Wire Wrapping

Episode #2104H · As she crafts a cuff bracelet from metal, author and instructor Lisa Niven Kelly shows how to size, stamp and shape a bracelet for fit and fashion. Inspired by the Spirograph and string art popular in days-gone-by, she creates a beautiful wire-wrapped pendant. In Katie's Beading Lesson, learn to make a leather wrap bracelet.

Wire Coiling

Episode #2105H · Inventor Sandra Lupo uses the ancient art of wire coiling to make wire-wrapped cones for end caps, tassel toppers and other creative embellishments. Learn to create a Kumihimo board to create a braid finished with cones and a clasp. Katie shows how to make a riveted leather strap bracelet with crystals.

Brick Stitch Jewelry

Episode #2106H · Colorful brick stitch creations are simple and easy to expand as your skills improve. Francie Brodie shows how to use this popular stitch to make large, lightweight earrings for summer fun or holidays. Francie takes the mystery out of making the Slip and Slide bracelet using the right angle weave with single and multiple bead units. Katie shares more tips on organizing and storing your seed beads.

Wire Wrapping Variations

Episode #2107H · Using new innovations and traditional techniques, inventor Wyatt White presents ideas for wrapping different types of wire to create a setting for a cameo cabochon. Using both vintage and new buttons, Wyatt shows how to shape wire to make rings and earrings. Katie shows how to stitch beads onto braided leather.

Leather and Chainmaille Jewelry

Episode #2108H · Author Laura Poplin combines the ancient art of leatherwork and chainmaille to make beautiful contemporary jewelry. Learn to make colorful dyed and painted leather rectangles and finish them into jewelry using classic leatherworking techniques. Laura shows how to connect leather pieces with Byzantine chainmaille weave to make a cuff style bracelet. Katie demonstrates a quick and easy cup chain bracelet.

Color Palette Inspiration

Episode #2109H · Jewelry designer and blogger Erin Prais-Hintz shares tips for drawing inspiration from color palettes, time periods and pop culture. Learn how to find a palette and choose beads based on those colors to make an embellished clasp. Using that color knowledge, make simple, stacking bracelets with beautiful, eye-catching beads. Katie crafts a knotted gemstone necklace.

Metal Clay Jewelry

Episode #2110H · Author Cindy Pankopf shares her technique for using antique salt spoons and other found objects as molds to create beautiful clay jewelry. Learn how to use silver metal clay to create unique rings using those same molds. Katie creates a bracelet from knotted wire and beads in her Beading Lesson.

Enameling and Metal Stamping

Episode #2111H · Using bench jewelry techniques, Kieu Pham Gray demonstrates new ways to stamp, layer and enamel metal components as she creates a small book with several pages. She shows how to torch fire enamel onto copper stamping. Katie shares beaded wedding accessory ideas.


Episode #2112H · Cindy Holsclaw takes traditional beadwork in a whole new direction using half-Tila beads to make a bezel setting for a crystal Rivoli. She creates beautiful earrings, a bracelet and more with a circular peyote beadweaving stitch using two-hole beads. In Katie's Beading Lesson, learn to make a wire-wrapped leather cuff.

Meaningful Gifts and Talismans

Episode #2113H · Artist Catherine Bickford presents ideas for meaningful gifts, including the symbolism of color and design motifs. Catherine discusses the meaning and symbolism behind various design motifs and materials. She shows how to combine themes, materials, techniques and motifs to create a talisman necklace that has significance and well-wishes for the recipient. Fair trade beaded bangles are featured on Katie's Beading Lesson.

Getting Started In Jewelry Making

Episode #2201H · With a few supplies and cold connection techniques, designer Abbi Berta quickly creates mixed media earrings. She also makes a textured cuff with a torch-fired patina to introduce metalwork. Viewer Leslie Rocha tells how her first jewelry class and love of music blossomed into a passion for making jewelry from guitar wire and picks.

Creative Embellishments

Episode #2202H · Author Nealay Patel embellishes knitted wire with seed beads to create beautiful chandelier earrings that light up any occasion. In her Beading Lesson, Katie embellishes trendy leather cuff wrap bracelets three different ways to suit any style.

Beading with Friends

Episode #2203H · It's fun to bead with friends. With a color palette for inspiration, Erin Prais-Hintz spills her beading secrets as she and Katie plan a beading party and give you more ideas for jewelry-making get-togethers. Katie uses vintage-style sliders to make glamorous chandelier earrings.

Trendspotting: Parachute Cord & Flowers

Episode #2204H · Using parachute cord in a whole new way, author Ashley Bunting adds beads from her stash to make a charming, colorful floral brooch. Katie rides the floral jewelry wave with pendants made with leather flowers, wire and crystals.

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