Art of a Cowboy

In Art of a Cowboy, painter Steve Boaldin seeks to capture and preserve the legacy of cowboys and ranchers on canvas. Each episode is recorded on working ranches throughout the Midwest, providing a rare glimpse into contemporary cowboy culture. Steve chooses his favorite aspects of farm life as his subject matter — from rodeoing to wildlife to portraits. Steve worked as a commercial artist, and illustrator for 30 years while selling his paintings on the side, and now works as a professional fine artist full time.
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Show Schedule
Change Your Station

The Cross Three Ranch

Episode #101 · A few days before Steve and his production crew arrived at the Cross Three Ranch in McClain, Texas to interview owner Ronnie Ferguson and his family, a horrific wildfire broke out and burned thousands of acres of pasture land in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. The fire came dangerously close to the ranch and 10 head of cattle were lost, but no ranch property. However, one young cowboy, his fiancee, and another cowboy from other ranches were killed trying to save their livestock. In addition to featuring the ranch's daily cattle operation, the crew filmed a memorial service/fundraising rodeo to help the fire victim's families. The show is an insightful look at a working ranch and the cowboys who help each other through the good times and bad.

Mark Boaldin: The One Man Ranch

Episode #102 · Since Steve is a third-generation rancher, he knew it would be interesting and informative to show how his brother, Mark operates a one-man working ranch. The ranch, which is located in a remote area of Kansas between Garden City and historic Dodge City, employs no other cowboys. His ingenious personally designed corral system and a special cattle chute designed by their father, Johnnie, allows Mark to successfully operate his ranch with only a little help from his wife and daughters. The program offers real-time information about modern-day cattle ranching plus a close-up look at a real ranching family.

American Quarter Horse Association: Up Close & Personal

Episode #103 · Quarter horses were the subject of the third episode. The American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) is the world's largest equine breed registry and membership organization. To showcase the passion for the American Quarter Horse and the vast lifestyle created by the world's most popular horse, Steve and his crew travelled to the association's headquarters in Amarillo, Texas to gather information and to experience one of their main events. Back in Oklahoma after the event, Steve caught up with his friend Jeff Tebow to find out how he is associated with the AQHA in Oklahoma and to spend some fun time with him riding quarter horses and roping.

3 Point Ranch: Past, Present and Future

Episode #104 · Since younger ranchers are beginning to come into prominence, Steve thought it would be interesting and informative to travel back to his own family's ranch in Elkhart, Kansas, to highlight his youngest brother's cattle operation. Thon's ranching experience and lifestyle has been handed down from previous generations of Boaldins and will soon be continued by the fourth generation. The 3-Point Ranch was named because it is located in the corner of three different states. Where the cattle are at any given time determines what state they are in. The show, which depicts the hard, physical work involved in ranching and the remoteness of the ranch, makes it clear that the ranching business is not for the faint of heart.

John of All Trades

Episode #105 · Since the Art of a Cowboy show seeks to highlight many aspects of the ranching and cowboy lifestyle, Steve travelled to Minco, Oklahoma to meet up with his longtime friend and fellow artist, John Rule. Affectionately know as "John of Many Trades" by his friends, he is not only a rancher, but also an accomplished saddle maker, sculptor, and artist. During the show, Rule explains why saddles are designed as they are and demonstrates some of the intricacies of making saddles for working cowboys. This show gives a behind-the-scenes peek at how one of the most important tools used by working cowboys and ranchers is made.

The Buck Starts Here

Episode #106 · Perhaps the most action-packed show of the series takes place in the small town of Dickson, Oklahoma. Dillon and H.D. Page own and operate the D & H Cattle Company, which is famous for raising some of the very best bucking bulls in the country. Their expertise in breeding bulls has resulting in producing the #1 bucking bull in the world for the last 3 years running. Two of their bulls, Bruiser and Long John, were the most sought-out animals by professional rodeo bull riders. Although Long John has died, Bruiser continues to be the #1 bucking bull in the country. Steve not only features the important elements of raising and breeding championship bulls, but also shatters the myth that all bucking bulls are mad, dangerous beasts. He confirmed that with a gentle pat on the nose, Bruiser the #1 bucking bull, is really a softie.

Tools of the Trade

Episode #107 · There are few things more important to a cowboy than a good pair of boots. To show how real cowboy boots are made, Steve and his crew travel to Guthrie, Oklahoma to meet two bootmakers, Ray Dorwart and Bo Lockhart, and then to Kingfisher, Oklahoma to meet another bootmaker and leather braider, Harlin Hackett. These men demonstrate the elements that go into the rugged boots that are necessary for a working cowboy and why they are substantially different than store-bought boots. After the filming, Steve shows off his roping ability in a fun session with Harlin and Bo.

Stuart Ranch: The Next Generation

Episode #108 · Stuart Ranch in Waurika, Oklahoma, the oldest ranch in the state of Oklahoma under continuous family ownership since 1868, is the featured ranch in this episode. The ranch has three main divisions: Horse, Cattle, and Outfitters. The ranch maintains a horse breeding program that ensures the versatility of the American Quarter Horse. Stuart Ranch is a charter member of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association as well as the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association and the Texas Southwest Cattle Raisers Association. Their outfitters service offers package hunts. Steve and his crew arrived on a very busy branding day which provided a wealth of information about the ranch as well as some excellent subjects for his artwork.

Randy Cate: Giving Horses A Second Chance

Episode #109 · This is a very special episode which pays tribute to a passionate man who has dedicated his life to giving ailing horses a second chance. Randy Cote of Fordland, Missouri, has nearly 30 years of experience helping horses with a painful foot condition known as laminitis or founder. Without treatment and care these horses would have a very miserable existence. Because of his experience, passion, and knowledge, Randy is able to save these beautiful horses lives and give them a second chance.

Behind The Scenes in the Horse Industry

Episode #110 · Steve and his crew are invited to experience the largest quarter horse sale in the nation. Oklahoma City is home to The Heritage Place, which the premier horse sale facility known worldwide for its motto "Where Champions are Sold." Through one-on-one interviews, Steve develops the story of how The Heritage Place began, how their system works, and how to accommodate the scores of horse buyers and sellers that visit the facility every year. Besides being a beautiful facility, The Heritage Place generates a substantial amount of money which benefits the local economy.