Top Ten Tips For Restoring Historic Homes

by Christy Rost
as seen on Home for Christy Rost: Thanksgiving, A

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Christy And Randy Rost’s
Top Ten Tips For Restoring Historic Homes

1. Plan, plan, plan – make mistakes on paper before picking up your tools.

2. Visit the local building and inspections office – learn the requirements and applicable building codes.

3. Set a realistic budget, but be prepared for unexpected expenses.

4. Interview multiple contractors, check references, and see examples of their work whenever possible.

5. Be involved – time spent on the job site helps to avoid unpleasant surprises.

6. Be flexible – changes may be necessary as construction gets underway and things are uncovered.

7. Save money – do some of the work yourself.

8. Shop the sales – investigate retail and online sources.

9. Use restoration catalogs – a good source of ideas and hard-to-find items.

10. Mix old and new – bring your home up to 21st century standards while preserving historic and architectural features.