Herb Container Gardens

by Vicki Payne
as seen on For Your Home

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Love to cook? Then you need to be growing your own herbs. It’s easy and a real money saver.

Supplies you need:
A container large enough to hold all your herbs
5-6 of your favorite herbs. Select all the same sun/shade tolerant plants
Potting soil with fertilizer
Gardening trowel and watering can
Gardening tools

1. Fill your container with potting soil. Leave about 3-4” at the top.

2. Plant your plants starting with the largest variety at the back of your container and the smaller varieties near the front. Any trailing herbs should be placed next to the edges of the containers.

3. Once planted gently rock or tape the container against the ground to help settle the dirt. Add more dirt is needed. Be sure to allow at least 1-2” of space at the top of the container for watering.

4. Harvest your herbs in the morning never in the heat of the day. Remove any blooms when they appear to encourage growth.

5. Use a sprayer filled with soap and water to treat for pest.