Flower Watering Can

Flower Watering Can

by Donna Dewberry
as seen on Donna Dewberry Show, The

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Episode # 204

Folk ArtŪ Outdoor™ Opaque Colors
Wicker White 1610
Magenta 1657
Fresh Foliage 1625
Thicket 1628

Folk ArtŪ Outdoor™ Dimensional
Wicker White 355
Fresh Foliage 359

Folk ArtŪ One Stroke™
#16 flat brush 1204
Vinegar, clean cloth

*These supplies are used by the artist to create this project. The supplies listed are not chosen or endorsed by Create TV.

1. With a clean cloth, wipe vinegar over surface of watering can. Let dry.

2. Double load the #16 flat brush with Magenta and Fresh Foliage. Paint large wiggle leaf and some one stroke leaves in design.

3. Keeping the brush dirty with the above colors, add a bit of Wicker White on one side of the brush and add more one stroke leaves.

4. Load the #16 flat brush with Lemon Custard. Paint the trailing flowers using just the tip of the chisel edge.

5. Add detail with Wicker White and Fresh Foli­age Dimensional paints.