Container Surprise Gardens

by Vicki Payne
as seen on For Your Home

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Just plant it and forget it. These seasonal containers hold multiple seasons of growing surprises. Throughout the year, you can plant one or more layers of bulb blooming plants in the bottom of your container then top them off with that season’s flowering annuals. As the annuals provide color all season the bulbs pop through with providing a colorful surprise garden.

Supplies needed:
A container 12”-18” diameter
6-10 bulbs select for their blooming season
10-20 annuals
Potting soil with fertilizer
Bendable Wire
Gardening Tools

1. Fill your container about 4-5” deep with potting soil.
2. Place your selected bulbs per planting directions into the soil.
3. Add more potting soil until about 2” below the rim of the container.
4. Plant your annuals, covering the entire top of the container.
5. Water well and place in the sun or shade depending on the type of annuals you have planted.
6. After your bulbs have bloomed, twist the remaining leaves into a braid and fold over to the soil. Secure with a small piece of wire. After the leaves turn yellow they can be removed. The bulbs need these leave to feed it during its renewal time.