Botanical Lamp and Shade

Botanical Lamp and Shade

by Donna Dewberry
as seen on Donna Dewberry Show, The

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Episode # 204

Fabric Brush-On Colors
Fresh Foliage 4416
Thicket 4419

Fabric Dimensional Colors
Fresh Foliage 4448

FolkArt One Stroke Brushes for Fabric
Fabric Brush Set 4325
Fabric Brush Set 1419

Enamels Colors
Fresh Foliage 4019
Thicket 4022
Wicker White 4001

One Stroke Brushes for Glass and Ceramics
Brush Value Pack for Glass and Ceramics #4160

other Supplies*
Tracing Paper
Transfer Paper
Vine Stencil #26829
Fabric Spray Medium #4499

*These supplies are used by the artist to create this project. The supplies listed are not chosen or endorsed by Create TV.

Surface Preparation
Clean the lamp base with rubbing alcohol and a lint free cloth.

Painting Instructions
Refer to the Color Worksheet for detailed paint­ing instructions and practice.

Lamp Shade (Fabric Paints)
1. Double load the 3/4” Flat with Thicket and Fresh Foliage add a touch of Wicker White to the Thicket side and blend to soften the color. Using the chisel edge of the brush leading with the Fresh Foliage side; paint a vine around the lamp shade. Add a few tendrils branching off of the vine.
2. Using the same brush and color and the chisel edge; paint some large scrolls, use more pressure to make the scrolls wide. Add a few thinner scrolls by using less pressure.
3. Using the same brush and colors but using the flat side of the brush; paint some one stroke leaf clusters. Pull stems into each brush using the chisel edge leading with Fresh Foliage.
4. Load the #8 Flat with Thicket that has been thinned slightly with the Spray Medium. Using the flat side of the brush; paint the small one stroke leaves, pull stems into these leaves as well.
5. Using the same brush and color, but using the chisel edge; paint some small scrolls.
6. Using the tip of the bottle of Dimensional Fresh Foliage; outline some of the leaves and then add a few curls throughout the design.

Lamp Base (Enamels Paints)
Using the same procedures described above to add scrolls and leaves to the base. Use the Enamels paints and the brushes for Glass and Ceramics.
Allow to air dry for 21 days prior to cleaning with a damp towel.