Sean Diediker

Sean Diediker

Sean Diediker is a native of Southern California who grew up in Newbury Park. Wherever he finds himself, Diediker places great importance on the effect of his environment on his paintings. “Muses rarely live in the studio,” he says. “They are out among humanity. The studio is where we apply discipline and articulate the observed.”

Diediker is currently directing a television docuseries called Canvasing the World, which depicts the subjects that inspire his paintings. As the driving force and creative eye behind Opera Garden Studios, he can extend his talents as a visual artist through both filmmaking and photography. His rare ability to see the world as a painter from behind the camera sets Diediker apart from his contemporaries. He says “I enjoy merging the techniques of the old world masters with modern-day media, to create and share unique windows into our world.”

Diediker’s artwork appears in museums and galleries around the world and has received attention from several news outlets, including NBC, CBS, Fox News, and the BBC. In 2010, he also released a 224 page, full-color book called The Wax Onion: The Art of Sean Diediker. A painter’s painter, his sweeping, faceted brushstrokes generate works that reveal the artist’s sensitivity to his medium and attention to the act of painting itself.

“I revel in the whole creative process, taking an experience and constructing a painting around it,” says Diediker, whose father is a general contractor. “I feel paint much in the same way that my father would erect a building, putting deep thought into planning and careful design… Step by step, layer upon layer until the work is done and standing on its own.”

Diediker carefully considers the nuances of relative color and value as he implements a cutting-edge sense of design. The result is a highly original body of work that evokes a timeless sense of the world around him.

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