Kira Hesser

Kira Hesser

Kira Hesser lives, writes, and acts in Los Angeles. She is a native Chicagoan who enjoys old people, old places, and old things.

Kira spent her youth in the bro-ridden shadow of Wrigley Field, and made her first buck by selling advice during baseball season to all the drunk Cubs fans that would have otherwise just peed in her front yard. Her love of performing was nurtured by her grandfather, who would lovingly command her to sing or perform impressions for staff in restaurants, patients in doctor’s waiting rooms, etc.

She got her start in acting by pointing at the TV at age 6 and saying “Mom, I want to be on that.” She performed in a Terry Kinney-directed Steppenwolf play at 8 years old, acted in various television and commercial spots, and was cast in Danny DeVito’s Matilda at age 11 to play the role of Hortensia, which is when she first learned about the magical and strange obsession this city has with donuts. She was nominated alongside Claire Danes for a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film (Supporting Young Actress), but Claire Danes won. To this day, she does not hold it against her.

After finishing a Master’s in Modern Literature in London, where Kira read a lot of Joyce and Stein and drank a lot of lager and wrote for various websites, she left the grey of London for the yellow of Los Angeles to re-pursue acting and writing.

She has improv training from both Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade. For the past two summers, she has been working as on-camera host for a documentary/travel series that aired on PBS. This Islands Without Cars series chronicles islands that forbid modern transport, thus allowing for a slower way of life that harkens back to the olden days (no cars, trains, buses, or Twitter.).

Kira is fluent in French, can do a myriad of accents, is really good at microwaving food, has lived in Rome, London, and Grenoble (not Chernobyl), and can almost play the saxophone.
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