Alessandra Poli

Alessandra Poli has been a sought-after writer, producer, director and host of documentaries in her native Italy since she first began working for RAI Italian Broadcasting Services more than a decade ago.

Her adventurous career began as a marine biologist. Alessandra segued into television production at the request of RAI for a science series. This led to an acclaimed series of science programs sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Public Education which she wrote, produced and hosted, interviewing Nobel Prize winners and internationally renowned scientists. She has since worked with a variety of international broadcasters including National Geographic, Travel Channel and the European series “Risky Regions,” all leading to the convergence of her talents and love of travel in her latest project for American audiences, Passion Italy.

Born and raised in Rome, Alessandra brings a deep knowledge of Italy, its people, and their passions to this project. Her passion for traveling to obscure locations is fueled by her intense love of foreign cultures and lifestyle, art and literature, which she will now share with her American viewers as they discover the hidden gems of Italy.

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