2020 Create Crafts Challenge Winners

Congratulations to Grand Prize Winner, Martin Amado, from Sunrise, Florida and Second Prize Winner Dinah Wulf, from Anaheim, California!
This year, the Create team changed the challenge event to encompass another of Create TV’s most popular genres: Crafts! The Create Crafts Challenge 2020 received nearly 100 entries from markets representing about 50 local public television stations across the country. Despite the pandemic, these viewers were eager to share their crafts’ skills. Below are the top entries selected by the celebrity Final Judges. Our Grand Prize Winner’s 10-episode web series will launch later this year, followed by the three-episode web series from our Second Prize Winner. Over the coming months we’ll share many of the other top-scoring videos. They represent some truly unique ideas and crafting skills, from making a surfboard in Hawaii to creating pottery in Florida and woodworking in North Carolina to metalworking in Illinois. Thank you to all who entered!

Other Top Winners

Here are the other top winners and their entry submission: