Create Crafts Challenge Submission Instructions

A national competition focused on giving Create viewers – both home crafters and professional artisans – a chance to share their ability, knowledge and expertise with viewers via a video of three (3) minutes or less featuring a tip, project, or idea about how to create, or the creation of a craft item using plant, animal, metal, clay, or synthetic fibers.
All entries MUST be submitted online.

To Enter:

  1. Create a video – three (3) minutes or less– showing your skill and enthusiasm. Enter the Create Crafts Challenge to compete for the chance of being featured on as the host of your own web series. (See the criteria below.)
    1. Do what you know best.
    2. Show your crafting skills at home, in a classroom, outdoors, or other appropriate venue.
    3. Be sure to read all of the Official Rules. We’ve added some links in section 4 of the Create Crafts Challenge Official Rules ( to help you create your video with a camera or even a smartphone.
    4. Remember you are "teaching" your audience.
    5. Before entering, review the list of projects which will be considered for this competition under number 6, below. The creation of artwork, including paintings, drawings, illustrations, sculpture and photography will NOT be accepted as entries for this contest.
    6. Do not mention product brand names or allow any product brand name to be seen on container/package labels or elsewhere. For instance, it is better to gather your materials and group them on a surface or in clear, plastic bags or a a glass container than to take them from a wrapper or product box. When not practical to do so, position products so the brand name is not visible on camera.
    7. Do not use any music.
    8. Consider these additional video production tips before you create your Submission:
      • Video tips:
        • Be careful to white-balance correctly using your camera's video settings.
        • You may need to try different settings for fluorescent, incandescent or natural light, depending on where you are shooting.
        • Do test recordings first, and adjust lighting to avoid 'hot spots' (too much light) reflecting off white cabinets, counters or tables.
        • Shoot within a horizontal frame.
      • Audio tips:
        • Get the best audio by using an external microphone placed on or near the talent.
          • Try a lavalier mic (the kind you attach to your clothes). Do your best to hide the mic's wire under your clothing.
          • Or, use a "shotgun" mic (handheld or one that attaches to a door or tripod). Try to place it out of the frame, if you can.
        • Using the built-in mic on a camera or smart phone will likely result in hollow, echo-y or muffled-sounding audio.
        • When you test the video for lighting, test the mic you are using to be sure it is capturing your voice as you want it heard.
      • No music:
        • Do not add music to your videos. The sound we want to hear is your voice telling us about the tip, project or idea, and how to create it. It is fine to hear the “natural sound” as you are creating (i.e. scissors cutting, knitting needles clicking, sawing of wood, etc.).
        • If your video is chosen for Create, we may use Create-related music as appropriate.
      • Be sure to view your video before submitting it to be sure it is clearly visible, with working sound, and no longer than three (3) minutes (not even a second longer).
    9. Have fun!
  2. Upload your video to your personal YouTube page. (If you don’t have a YouTube page, you will need to set one up to enter. It is free and easy. Just go to and follow the directions.) You have between 12:00 a.m. ET, Monday, March 2, 2020 and 11:59 p.m. ET, Monday, March 30, 2020 to submit your video.
  3. Once you have uploaded your video to YouTube, be sure your video is set to either “public” or “unlisted” on YouTube. Be sure to view your video before submitting it to ensure that it is visible on YouTube and the sound is clear. Once you feel confident about the final video, return to’s Create Crafts Challenge Submission Form page (
  4. Complete the Submission Form – all TEN sections. If you don’t complete the form in its entirety, your entry will not be entered into the competition.
  5. Be sure to look for an email acknowledgement that your Submission Form has been received. This tells you that your entry is accepted in the competition, and please be sure you have provided your personal contact information for winner notification, since phone calls will be in a two-day window! Acknowledgement will come from
  6. The Create Crafts Challenge is a contest focused on crafts using plant, animal, metal, clay, or synthetic fibers to construct a practical and/or decorative object. Following is a list of projects which will be considered:
    • Fiber Arts
    • Weaving
    • Appliqué
    • Macramé
    • Tapestry
    • Knitting
    • Textiles
    • Creation using articles found in nature
    • Metalwork
    • Woodcraft
    • Jewelry Making
    • Basketry
    • Needle Arts
    • Sewing
    • Crocheting
    • Pottery/Clay
    • Glassmaking
    • Paper Making
    • Quilting
    • Embroidery
    • Printmaking
    • Rug Hooking
    If you are unsure if your craft meets the criteria, send a brief email (no more than 20 words) to:


The Create team will be reviewing entries soon after receipt to see if they meet the specific guidelines set forth in the Create Crafts Challenge Official Rules ( The initial review will end on or about April 3rd, with up to approximately 40 final video entries being passed along to the final judges’ panel for their review and award selection. The judges will base their decisions upon:

  • 30%: Demonstrated knowledge, skills and familiarity in working with your chosen craft medium, subject matter and understanding of the idea/subject
  • 25%: Ability to present all ideas clearly within the allotted time, enunciating clearly and using correct pronunciation
  • 20%: Use of the camera frame and setting the stage – ensures that Entrant and/or close-ups are in focus and clear, and video matches what Entrant is saying
  • 20%: Telegenic appeal – appearance and how well the Entrant engages with the audience: looks at camera, smiles, dresses appropriately, demonstrates comfort and organization in front of the camera in staging and presentation
  • 5%: Unique idea, project, or tip, and manner of presentation (use of additional visuals to support quality of message)

The winner notification period begins on Tuesday, April 28, 2020 and ends on Thursday, April 30, 2020. The Create team will attempt to contact winners during this time, or alternates if necessary, in accordance with the Official Rules. The winners will be announced on or about Monday, May 4, 2020. There will be one Grand Prize Winner who will receive $4,000 and production equipment valued at approximately $1,000 to complete 10 or more additional episodes to create a Web series for public viewing on! For a complete list of prizes, see the Create Crafts Challenge Official Rules (

For a paper copy of the Official Rules or a complete listing of winners, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Official Rules, Create Crafts Challenge 2020, c/o American Public Television, 55 Summer St., Boston, MA 02110. Requests received without a self-addressed, stamped envelope will not be fulfilled.

Sponsored by American Public Television. NO PURCHASE REQUIRED TO ENTER OR WIN. Open to legal residents of the U.S., District of Columbia and U.S. Territories at least 18 years old only. Begins 3/2/20 at 12 a.m. ET; ends 3/30/20 at 11:59 p.m. ET. For the complete Official Rules, visit Void where prohibited by law.