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This series takes a new approach to cooking on television for the 21st century. It’s goodbye to the average stovetop and microwave cooking and hello to the realm of a new and exciting cooking show!

Traveling to gourmet and organic markets throughout the United States, Chef Joe invites culinary experts to enlighten viewers with their knowledge on a wide variety of food topics - whether a wine sommelier gives expert advice on the best wines to drink or a fish monger sharing their knowledge on how to select the freshest “Catch of the Day”.

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A Classic Lobster Roll

Episode #1301 · New York City has some of the most unique seafood restaurants in the world. Chef Joe Ciminera will take you to one Japanese seafood restaurant that is "making waves" with their creative culinary creations. Come join our culinary team as we sample foods from this fine establishment in NYC. It's a tasting frenzy with the famous Lobster Roll and much more on the menu!

A Tour of the San Genaro Feast In Nyc

Episode #1302 · The art of creating great ethnic food will be explored by highlighting some of the chef's signature "Italian Flavors" at the San Genaro feast. Learn the secrets of making Zeppole, Italian sweet sausage and the incredible steak pizziola. Taste a little bit of Italy in your own backyard.

Greek Delights Not So Far from Home

Episode #1303 · Who doesn't love the classics from Greece? Chef Joseph will prepare his favorite Mediterranean olive salmon dish. Experience the taste of Mediterranean cuisine and learn about Greek flavors and traditional cooking styles.

Small Hidden Eateries That Are Worth The Trip

Episode #1304 · Even the smallest, most hidden of restaurants can provide some of the biggest tastes around! How about your favorite dishes that only the small cafes can make perfectly? Organic beef pot roast with potatoes and gravy is to start. And if you like stuffed Veal Milanese and savory vegetables then this show is a must see! Come join Chef Joseph as he finds some incredible small eateries that offer unparalleled culinary quality.

Pasta Making for Over 100 Years

Episode #1305 · Pasta-making is a NYC institution. In this show, experience the art making of pasta dishes like penne Norcina, eggplant Toscana, and linguini with basil pesto. Learn the secrets of a family-favorite establishment that has the technique down to a science. Enjoy Four generations of Pasta making from a family that knows their cooking.

Classical French Restaurants That Feature Game

Episode #1306 · Foie Gras and Scottish Pheasant are among the many delectable treats featured on this show. Chef Joseph prepares his signature Duck recipe with delicate baby field greens and root vegetables as well as an aromatic Morel Mushroom Veal jus that's perfect for any dish. Bon Appetite!

Filming A Cooking Episode at Le Cirque

Episode #1307 · For over 36 years, Le Cirque has offered an unparalleled dining experience and has earned its place on New York's gastronomical landscape. Chef Joe meets with old time friend Siro Maccioni. The restaurants signature chocolate tortellini is on the map for dessert!

10 Minutes for Lunch in a Big City

Episode #1308 · Visit a lunch eatery where the top ten dishes are served within 10 minutes of ordering. Come see incredible pizzas, pannini and signature salads. Then it's down the road with Chef Joe as he takes advantage of the prix fix buffet menus. It's Fast Food- but with tons of taste!

Sculptures Made Out of Chocolate

Episode #1309 · At this show you can eat your chocolate and wear it too! Here viewers will enjoy decadent chocolate ganache simmered in a brandy cream sauce. Join us for this show where Art meets dessert with some deliciously creative results.

Latin Cuisine, "My Way"

Episode #1310 · If you don't know a tostada from a tostado, then tune in to this show. Follow Chef Joseph back to the kitchen as he cooks his amazing Paella dish with a twist.

Creative Cuisine in a Box

Episode #1311 · Grab and go meals are a dime of dozen these days. Chef Joe is on the hunt for gourmet artfully crafted food for the taking. His travels bring him to an eatery called "David Burke at Bloomingdales" where the chefs will sample the "Burke in the Box", a take-out and eat-in concept that includes dishes such as "Truffled French Fries" and lobster salads with peach vinaigrette.

A Taste of Italy Not So Far Away

Episode #1312 · Villa Pacri, Meatpacking's newest Italian venue, does not disappoint. Sample the best cheeses and cured meats that are indigenous to the region they are from. Join Chef Joseph as he explores the simplest ways to making quick delightful salad combinations using these very unique and delicious ingredients.

Making Your Next Meal A Healthy Treat

Episode #1313 · Dress up the dinner table with lighter pizzas, pastas and healthier choices. Enjoy Chef Joe's Quinoa with garlic, pine nuts and raisins. It's healthy food that the entire family will love!

Mixing Food with Designs

Episode #1401 · Chef Joseph heads to the Architectural Design Show at Pier 94 in New York City. Here he creates a delicious grilled steak sandwich using a custom countertop grill. Chef Joe heads back to the test kitchen to experiment with more steak sandwiches that are grilled to perfection!

Nyc Upper East Side

Episode #1402 · Chef Joe travels to the upper east side of New York City to learn more about this cozy restaurant that has been in business for the past 33 years. A staple in this neighborhood, this intimate restaurant offers an overall, great dining experience. Back in the test kitchen, using Sun dried Tomato Pesto, Chef Joe creates a chicken dish stuffed with the pesto and potato flakes plus a pasta dish using Gnocchi and the pesto as the garnish!

Best Lobster Rolls in the City

Episode #1403 · Join Chef Joe as he travels through NYC and Redhook, Brooklyn, on the hunt for the best lobster rolls. Lobster rolls wouldn't taste the same without Truffle French Fries! When he returns back to the test kitchen, Chef Joe creates his own lobster wraps and pasta dishes!

Food and Fitness

Episode #1404 · For this episode, Chef Joe is joined by fitness guru John Basedow. As Chef Joe explores the tasty dishes at a local Argentinean restaurant, John lets the viewers know which dishes can help trim the waistline! Back in the test kitchen, Chef Joe puts his own Argentinean twist on his Roasted Duck recipe, but leave room for the decadent Chocolate Souffle Dessert!

Big Apple Bbq

Episode #1405 · This New York City event combines a block party atmosphere with pit masters from all over the country barbequing until their hands fall off! Chef Joe visits the stands known for the best pulled pork and ribs in the South! When he returns to the test kitchen, he focuses this episode's recipes on Veal. Recipes include a veal stew and veal scaloppini.

Grand Central Markets

Episode #1406 · When in NYC, Chef Joe always visits the Grand Central Fish Market. Follow him through the market where he is educated on how to pick the best seafood products to take home for dinner! After shopping for his fresh fish, Chef Joe returns to his kitchen in order to whip up a Salmon Bean Dish and Chilean Sea bass.

Taking You Down to Chinatown

Episode #1407 · In order to shop for fresh, authentic products, Chef Joe tours both the markets and restaurants of Chinatown in New York City. After he shops for his staple ingredients, Chef Joe will prepare a Fresh Crab Salad and Pasta with Crabs for his main course!

Authentic Italian Restaurants

Episode #1408 · Bring back memories of the old country, "Italy", by eating at the featured authentic Italian Restaurant in NYC. Follow Chef Joe as he dives into homemade pasta dishes with authentic sauces and flavors. When he returns to the test kitchen, Chef Joe creates a delicious summer salad with grilled tomatoes.

Best Deli Sandwiches

Episode #1409 · When looking for the best kosher and non-kosher delis, remember to not only look in New York City, but also on Long Island. Keep an eye out because some establishments have placed a spin on original deli dishes. Chef Joe visits a famous kosher deli in NYC that is known for its homemade pastrami sandwiches with Cole slaw on the side. After enjoying this delectable dish, he travels so to Roslyn, Long Island for creative and delicious Paninis. Chef Joe puts his own twist on classic sandwiches including a pepper and egg hero plus homemade Paninis.

Great American Burger Joints

Episode #1410 · Do you know where the hamburger comes from? Chef Joe educates his viewers on the history of the burger and how ice cream shakes became a staple side. He takes a big bite out of some juicy burgers from two well known Long Island burger joints! Chef Joe places his own twist on old fashion burgers, including veggie and salmon burgers.

A Sit Down with David Burke

Episode #1411 · Chef Joe visits one of David Burke's newest Manhattan restaurants. The concept of this restaurant is from farm to table using the fresh, healthy ingredients to create tasteful dishes. Back in his own kitchen, Chef Joe prepares Sashimi and a roasted Salmon wrap with potatoes.

Open Kitchens of Nyc

Episode #1412 · Restaurant goers love to be entertained in a front row seat witnessing creative cuisine that will be their dinner! Chef Joe visits a French restaurant where he gets a front row view of the action! In his own kitchen, Chef Joe is cooking up Caponata with Seafood.

Grilling on the 16th Floor

Episode #1413 · Get a beautiful view and useful tips on how to grill from a New York City terrace! Chef Joe will teach you how to have a summer barbeque high in the sky! He grills on a state of the art, outdoor, portable grill. His menu includes sausages, steaks, and even vegetables on the grill!


Episode #1601 · Join Chef Joe when he visits an old world Russian restaurant. This restaurant gives the feel of an old world tea room combined with delicious dishes that this great flavor stimulating your taste buds.

Cooks Who Care

Episode #1602H · Over 400,000 people in New York State go hungry every year. In this episode join Chef Joe as he reaches out to the community to feed the hungry. Chef Joe joins forces with God's Love We Deliver, which is an organization that provides food for the hungry. Back in the test kitchen, Chef Joe prepares an organic flat iron steak with chorizo apple rice on the side.

Cooks Who Care

Episode #1602 · Over 400,000 people in New York State go hungry every year. In this episode join Chef Joe as he reaches out to the community to feed the hungry. Chef Joe joins forces with God's Love We Deliver, which is an organization that provides food for the hungry. Back in the test kitchen, Chef Joe prepares an organic flat iron steak with chorizo apple rice on the side.

Cooking with Salt

Episode #1603 · Chef Joe's first stop is Tamba Bar and Grill in New York City. It's one of his favorite restaurants serving authentic Indian cuisine. Back in the test kitchen Chef Joe is entertaining and educating viewers on how to cook using a Himalayan Salt Brick. Ditch the spices, switch up your cooking technique and experiment with a salt brick! Watch Chef Joe as he prepares marinated steak with grilled summer vegetables all on the brick.

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