Taste of the Midwest with Dan Kaercher

There’s an old saying – “You are what you eat.” So who are Midwesterners? Dan Kaercher, editor-in-chief of Midwest Living Magazine, set out to discover the answer to that question during a food-packed, fun-filled trip through 12 states in the middle of America. Learn about food and its traditions as Dan travels over 8000 miles, samples over 150 meals, and experiences some farming lessons along the way! It’s a road trip to find out what we eat, why we eat it, and how we grow and prepare it.

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Episode #102 · Illinois is home to the largest city in the Midwest, Chicago. Dan Kaercher, editor in chief of Midwest Living Magazine explores Taste of Chicago, an eleven day festival that includes food, concerts and fireworks. The eclectic city of Chicago is also home to authentic soul food at Army and Lou's and Swedish breakfast delights at Ann Sather's. Dan ventures out of the big city to a food landmark in Wilmington. The Launching Pad Drive-In is one of the remaining restaurants from the days of Route 66. Join Dan for this trip to Illinois where new and innovative tastes mix with tradition and culture.Taste of Chicago-Chicago Warsaw Inn-McHenry Army & Lou's-Chicago Ann Sather's-Chicago Ina's-Chicago North Pond-Chicago Launching Pad-Wilmington McDonald's-Chicago.


Episode #104 · Dan Kaercher, editor in chief of Midwest Living Magazine takes a culinary journey through the state of Michigan. With all of the delicious treasures found in Michigan it's no surprise that the Great Lakes Culinary Institute is a popular spot for tourists as well as aspiring chefs. Dan tries his hand at gourmet cooking. Another sweet delight from the land of the Great Lakes is maple syrup. Dan visits a Casier Maple Syrup producer and samples some of the 500 gallons produced annually. The Great Lakes make a striking backdrop to this appetizing adventure.Chateau Grand Traverse-Traverse City; Cafe Bliss-Suttons Bay; Great Lakes Culinary Institute-Traverse City; Tapawingo-Ellsworth; Stafford's Bay View Inn-Petoskey; American Spoon Foods-Petoskey; Jesperson's-Petoskey; Norconk Asparagus-Empire; Casier Maple Syrup-Empire; New Hellas Cafe-Detroit; Zingerman's Deli-Ann Arbor.

Ohio & Indiana

Episode #105 · Ohio and Indiana, two states with great culinary secrets. Join Dan Kaercher, editor in chief of Midwest Living Magazine as he travels through these two Midwestern states and discovers delicious delights. Dan stops at Skyline Chili in Cincinnati to try to uncover their secret recipe then satisfies his sweet tooth at Graeter's Ice Cream. Indiana is a leading state in blueberry production. Dan visits a blueberry farm where visitors can pick their own fruit. Join Dan as he explores Ohio and Indiana.Ohio: LaRosa's Pizzeria-Cincinnati; Montgomery Inn-Cincinnati; Skyline Chili-Cincinnati; Graeter's Ice Cream-Cincinnati; Tony Packos Cafe-Toledo; Freshwater Farms of Ohio-Urbana.Indiana: Blueberry Ranch-Mishawaka; Wakarusa Produce Auction-Wakarusa; Yoder Popcorn-Topeka; Cafe Patachou-Indianapolis.

North Dakota & South Dakota

Episode #108 · Dan Kaercher, editor in chief of Midwest Living Magazine continues his culinary journey through the Midwest in North and South Dakota. The Corn Palace in Mitchell is home to giant murals made out of a Midwest staple, corn. In North Dakota, Dan visits the Maple River Winery, known for its rhubarb wine. The winery ships to states across the country, adding something unexpected to food prepared in the Midwest. Join Dan as he discovers these unique spots across the Midwest.South Dakota: Corn Palace-Mitchell; Flandreau Santee Sioux Reservation-Flandreau; Minervas-Sioux Falls; International Vinegar Museum-Roslyn; Possibility Farms-Carpenter; Prairie Sky Guest and Game Ranch-Veblen.North Dakota: Mauch Sugarbeet Farm-Mooreton; Joe Mathern Potato Farm-Lisbon; Bagg Farm-Mooreton; Hartley's Cupcake Cafe-Fort Ransom Bless My Bloomin Cookies-Enderlin; Widmans Chocolates-Grand Forks; Maple River Winery-Casselton.