Glass With Vicki Payne

Glass With Vicki Payne celebrates its 15th season on public television. "You make it look so easy!" is always the reaction that host Vicki Payne gets from her viewers. This informative and entertaining program takes the mystery out of working with all types of art glass. Vicki’s step-by-step demonstrations for the many processes involved in glass work are helpful to hobbyists at all levels of experience and engrossing to viewers who are simply curious about the fascinating glass medium. From traditional stained glass panels to hot glass working techniques, viewers are sure to find this season’s shows exciting and interesting.

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Vicki Payne

Vicki Payne

Vicki Payne has been conveying her passion for design, style and nature with her television viewers, readers, clients and partners for over 20 years.

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Foil Repair 101

Episode #1002 · Never despair over a broken project again. Learn how to replace and repair broken glass pieces in any copper foil project. Today's tip features how to hold and use glass cutters.

The Cat's Meow

Episode #1003 · Imagine capturing your feline's image in stained glass. It's easy with today's lesson. You'll also learn how to turn this project into an outdoor flag for your garden. Today's tip features techniques you need to know to successfully operate glass breaking pliers.

Gazing Balls

Episode #1004 · Add a dramatic gazing ball accented with iridized dragonflies to your garden. Easy, basic stained glass techniques, a little glue and a glass gazing ball is all you need to have the most spectacular garden feature in town. Today's tip features glass grozing techniques that will save you time at the grinder.

Silver Jewelry

Episode #1005 · Learn how you can take art clay, shape it into any form, fire it in a kiln and create beautiful fine silver jewelry. Special guest Jackie Truty shares the secrets to working with art clay silver. Today's tip features the 10, 80, 10 clay working theory.

What's The Buzz?

Episode #1006 · Things are really buzzing in the garden with this adorable bee hive mobile and three fat glass bumble bees. Learn how to use a glass saw to create uncut able masterpieces and create your own garden work of art. Today's tip features mosaic glass cutting techniques.

Work of Art

Episode #1007 · Using a few simple glass fusing techniques will allow you to create small works of art that are worthy of framing. Learn how to create gallery works of art. Today's tip features the how, what and when of selecting copper foil tapes.

Tropical Heat Wave

Episode #1008 · Drinks are just cooler when there are served on a colorful mosaic serving tray. Learn how to turn any tray into a trendy summer accent piece using pre-cut glass pieces in a tropical hibiscus floral design. Today's tip features soldering iron basics.

A New Twist for Pansies

Episode #1009 · Capture the beauty of pansies in stained glass. Vicki shares a new framing technique that will encircle this sweet panel with an intriguing twisted lead frame. Today's tip features lead stretching and cutting techniques.

Quick Fix

Episode #1010 · Do you have an antiques or new stained glass window with a cracked or missing glass piece? Learn how to repair a lead glass panel to look as good as new. Today's tip features techniques for cementing and polishing lead came windows.

Sun-Drenched Flowers

Episode #1011 · Bring the sun shine indoors with a luminous sunflower window. Working with brightly colored glass and easy to master techniques Vicki shows you how to capture the beauty of nature in stained glass. Today's tip features metal framing techniques.

Painted Beauty

Episode #1012 · Artist Michael Kitchen shares the materials and techniques used for centuries to create painted glass windows. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about this ancient art form. Today's tip focuses on how to use glass grinders to shape your cut glass pieces.

Pop-Up Daises

Episode #1013 · Sun catchers are fun little projects created out of small pieces of colored glass. Learn how to create a field of bright little sun catchers to adorn your windows or give as gifts. Today's tip shows you how to work with wire to create special effects for your stained glass projects.

Beautiful Birds

Episode #1101 · International glass artist and instructor, Shane Fero uses warm glass torch techniques to create colorful, realistic glass birds.

The Bottle Slumper

Episode #1102 · Artisan Theresa Farrar demonstrates her methods for slumping bottles into fun, practical and profitable creations using a glass kiln and fused glass techniques.

Charming Charm Jewelry

Episode #1103 · Vicki Payne makes a stained glass scrapbook charm bracelet and necklace with family pictures in square frames. She also demonstrates beading techniques to complete the project.

Butterfly Beads

Episode #1104 · Carla Beyerlein creates colorful glass butterfly beads using her experience in warm torch work.

Tres Chic Tropical Tray

Episode #1105 · Vicki Payne creates a colorful mosaic party tray with a hibiscus floral design. This is a great beginner project and wonderful gift idea.

Eight Arms for Your Neck

Episode #1106 · Joshua Mazet, popular warm glass torch artist, makes an alluring octopus pendant using under water creatures and quiet colors.

Island Panel

Episode #1107 · Vicki Payne uses glass frit to blend colors for a fused glass panel with an island theme. The panel is displayed in an illuminating wall sconce.

Buttoned Up

Episode #1108 · Glass takes on a wearable application when hot torch artist Aimee Perez teaches how to create her adorable glass buttons.

Copper Foil Tips

Episode #1109 · Vicki Payne teaches basic copper foil techniques and demonstrates how to create a colorful stained glass tulip panel.

Sea Horse

Episode #1110 · International glass artist, Shannon Hill uses torch working techniques to create a glorious three dimensional glass seahorse.

Decorative Soldering Styles

Episode #1111 · Vicki Payne demonstrates various soldering and metal techniques that help all glass artists add interest and style to their traditional glass work.

Business Card Holder

Episode #1112 · Hot glass artist, Filip Vogelpohl uses a glass torch to create a glass business card holder. He starts with a pre-made pendant, then creates the card holder and fuses the two together for the finished product.

Cold Metal Jewelry

Episode #1113 · North Carolina jewelry designer and instructor Kim St. Jean demonstrates how to work with cold metal using different hammers and other metal working tools to create beautiful hand crafted earring designs.

Art Deco Window

Episode #801 · Don't know how to get started? No problem — Vicki Payne has all the answers! On this season’s opening show, Vicki shows how to measure for the perfect fit, create your design and build your panels. Then she gives step-by-step instructions for installing them.

Fused Glass Mirror

Episode #802 · Fusing artist Lisa Vogt joins Vicki in her studio for an afternoon of fusing. One of Lisa’s favorite projects, a colorful fused glass mirror, is perfect for advanced fusers and beginners will love all the tips and pro secrets shared on this fun show.

King of the Harvest

Episode #803 · Vicki offers a new twist on mosaic garden art with a cast stone centerpiece surrounded by beautiful glass art mosaics. They’re so unique and make perfect accents for a garden wall or patio focal point.

Perfect Firing Every Time

Episode #804 · Kiln guru Mike Kelly joins Vicki to address all your kiln-related questions. He tells how to maintain, operate and repair glass fusing kilns and answers many of your e-mails. Whether you own your own kiln or you are thinking about investing in a glass kiln, you will want to see this show.

Love Those Hearts

Episode #805 · Make it Valentine’s Day all year round with these charming heart-inspired projects. Vicki shows how to work with wire, glass and crystals to turn your heart’s desire into a beautiful stained glass accent piece.

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