Flavors of America with Chef Jim Coleman

In Flavors of America With Chef Jim Coleman, take a culinary road trip through the back roads and ethnic neighborhoods across the nation. Jim creates regionally themed three-course meals with easy to follow recipes that will inspire you to step into the kitchen. Episodes include: New England Oysters, Chicago Irish, Greek Island Meal, City Farm and many more. Grab your forks and don your napkins for a voyage into culinary delights.

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Coconut Feast (Fiji Island)

Episode #703 · Chef Coleman visits with the Fijian people of Wakaya to learn about how the versatile coconut provides quick nourishment, commerce and even a marshmallow-type snack for the school children. Then it's back to America for a special coconut meal.

Wahoo Fishing (Fiji Island)

Episode #704 · Wahoo, sometimes called the ocean barracuda or Pacific kingfish, is a large deep sea fish which is fun to catch and delightful to taste. TheFiji islands are the backdrop to an amazing fishing excursion and seafood meal when host, Jim Coleman casts his line for the flavorful Pacific Kingfish.

Sweetheart Dinner

Episode #708 · In America, the restaurant is often synonymous with romance. We picture couples sitting at candle-lit tables, sharing desserts. But romance also happens in the kitchen. Share a romantic sweetheart meal with young culinary couple as Chef Jim Coleman plays matchmaker.

Greek Island Meal

Episode #710 · Greek American dishes are simplistic and delicious. So why travel to Greece?... For the scenery, of course; Chef Jim Coleman visits Santorini as inspiration for this authentic Greek Island meal and to gain a first-hand perspective of Greek traditions and culture.

Chicago Irish

Episode #711 · In Chicago they take the saying "Paint the town green" seriously. Every Saint Patrick's Day locals turn the Chicago River green and begin a long day of celebration. Savor a traditional Irish meal with Flavors of America because, on St. Patty's Day, everyone's Irish.

Traditional Boston

Episode #713 · What's more synonymous with Boston than baked beans? Savor recipes from a Boston Bean and Shrimp Salad to Boston Brown Betty. Chef Coleman will also travel to Boston to speak with the locals, and demonstrate how to home-cure codfish.

My Big Fat Greek Feast

Episode #808 · The Mediterranean diet is both healthy and ancient (over 4000 years old). Chef Coleman rediscovers Greek fare with the assistance of Chef George Kyrtatas. His taverna-style of cooking is evident in his grilled whole snapper and a classic Baklava with a special twist.