Crafting at the Spotted Canary

Crafting at the Spotted Canary, hosted by Joy Macdonell, is a destination spot for contemporary crafting. It’s a new place for everything crafting, from scrapbooking, jewelry making, and kids’ projects to paper crafting, needle work, and crafts in general.

Each program is filled with fun and informative projects that complement everyday life. It’s a way to make crafting relevant to the needs of every day. Each project is start to finish - things you can really make with the supplies you have on hand.

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Show Schedule
Change Your Station

Things That Decorate Your Work Space

Episode #101 · Today's show features the latest in desk accessories. The first segment shows how to make fun and functional binder clips - you'll find they have a lot more uses than just holding papers. Next, guest expert Karen Bulmahn demonstrates a remake of an inexpensive clock. Last, learn how to personalize file folders - no more drab manila ever again.

Things That Make A Party Festive

Episode #102 · We're making parties more fun with a creative take on decorating with a theme. Three party events each with a unique look will be explored. First, a baby shower featuring favors, cupcake piks and more. Next, guest expert Becky Cates shows how to use paint pens to embellish a kid's party complete with balloons, a centerpiece, name cards, and napkin rings. The last party idea highlights n elegant, sophisticated, adult party with an organic theme.

Things That Adorn Everyday Life

Episode #103 · Wear your creativity as we adorn our everyday life with hand made accessories. Learn how to add those decorative accents that define your personality. The first segment shows how to make a decorative cuff - it's more fun than a regular bracelet and has a texture that makes it interesting to wear. Next, give a new look to your favorite broken-in jeans - a little embroidery goes a long way. Last, guest expert Dale Nicholson demonstrates how to embellish a basic tee shirt.

Things That Wrap A Gift

Episode #104 · We're wrapping gifts - quickly and with special personalization. Learn how to make custom wrapping paper using stamps - you can create just about any motif or design. Then, it's card making including how to make an envelope and a box. Last, guest expert Catherine Matthews-Scanlon demonstrates a gift bag topper to embellish any size or color gift bag.

Things That Tell A Story

Episode #105 · Every day life and every day activities all have a tale to tell. Part of the allure of scrapbooking is highlighting every day moments - one of the key ways to do this is with journaling. Guest expert Elizabeth Barboza demonstrates journaling on a scrapbook page. Next, learn how to accent letters with glitter and pens. Last, how to use stickers instead of handwriting for journaling.

Things That Reveal A Secret

Episode #106 · Today's projects all have a hidden secret - a little something extra to add a surprise to every day and mechanical details that make them operate. First, learn the mechanics behind pop up cards. Then, guest expert Becky Cates returns to show how to add movement to a card. Last, create envelope albums - one from standard sizes and another from found envelopes from your home.

Things That Hang on the Door

Episode #107 · Today's show provides an opportunity to add a personal touch to your environment with door decorations. First, learn how to make a wreath made with punches. Next, create a door hanger for a baby's room. Last, guest expert Leslie Bower demonstrates how to make a baby name sign using a punch needle technique.

Things That Bling

Episode #108 · We're adding sparkle to our day with headbands, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Learn the techniques behind these sparkly creations. Sparkle expert Dale Nicholson appears with Joy to demonstrate basic jewelry making techniques. In the first segment she creates a headband. Next, she shows how to make a matching jewelry set incorporating various techniques. Last is a demonstration of wire wrapping and creating loops with eye pins to make a bracelet and earrings.

Things That Are Green

Episode #109 · Time for a little trash to treasure. Create fairytale castles, gift containers and storage all from recycled materials. The first project features a collection of recycled boxes, stickers, and papers to create a fairy tale castle that any little girl would love. Next, guest expert Karen Bulmahn returns to show how to re-use milk cartons for baskets that can be used as gift containers. Last, recycled cans are used to make storage for your craft area that is inexpensive and creative.

Things for Kids

Episode #110 · Kids' projects are some of the most fun but crafting along with kids starts them on a lifetime of enjoyment. The first project includes fun and funky rings. Next, guest expert Catherine Matthews-Scanlon shows how to make a memory game using punches, stamps and markers. Last, learn how to make a sweet lollipop bouquet.

Things That Help Us Remember

Episode #111 · So many things to remember and keep track of every day. Today's show focuses on ways to keep those important memories safe and how to organize your daily life. First, create a box that will hold special memorabilia. Next, guest expert Becky Cates shows how to attach special mementos to a scrapbook page. Last, a fun, little interactive sign to remind you about household chores.

Things That Are Stitched

Episode #112 · Today's crafts have one thing in common - a needle - from felting, to embroidery, and all the way to punch needle. Guest expert Leslie Bower joins Joy, first demonstrating needle felting on a black felt bag. Next, is a punch embroidery tote bag. Last, she shows how to embroider and then applique a design to a skirt.

Things That Organize

Episode #113 · Message boards, chore charts, and calendars - let's get organized! First, create a tricked out message board. Next, kids will love this chore chart embellished with colorful papers, stickers, and pockets. Last, guest expert Elizabeth Barboza designs a family calendar to keep track of all the important activities in your everyday life.