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The Woodsmith Shop helps viewers create valuable woodworking projects while learning tips and techniques they can use forever. Whether just starting out and an experienced woodworker, viewers will find something new in every episode.  The series is hoted by Don Peschke, the founding editor of Woodsmith magazine. He is joined by editors of Woodsmith eager to share their woodworking expertise and helpful opinions. Viewers come away with a new understanding and appreciation for the time-honored tradition of woodworking, plus skills for building beautiful heirloom furniture that will enhance their homes for generations.

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Donald Peschke

Donald Peschke

As founding editor of Woodsmith magazine, Donald Peschke filled the need for a publication that explained woodworking in step-by-step detail. Donald hosts Woodsmith Shop with his staff of talented editors, designers and illustrators who are both passionate and knowledgeable woodworkers.

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Getting The Most Out of Your Router

Episode #102 · The router is generally considered one of the most versatile tools in a woodworking shop. Discover what to look for in buying a router and bits, and some tips on how to use a handheld router for clean, accurate cuts.

Perfect Crosscuts

Episode #103 · When crosscutting on the table saw, sometimes you have to break the rules. Find out why sometimes it pays to measure once and cut twice! Also learn how to make an auxiliary fence and a sled and adjust your saw for clean, square cuts.

Lumberyard to Table Top

Episode #104 · There's a certain satisfaction in taking your lumber from a rough state to a completed project. In this episode you'll learn about buying lumber, how to square it up, and glue it into panels.

Band Saw Tips & Tricks

Episode #105 · If you know how to tune it up and use it, the band saw is one of the most versatile and creative machines you can have in a woodshop. Follow along as you'll find the logical steps in tuning up and using a band saw for techniques such as cutting curves and circles, as well as resawing.

Mitered Frames

Episode #106 · Whether it's for a picture frame or a furniture project, a basic miter can be one of the trickiest joints to make accurately. In this episode, you'll learn a step-by-step approach to setting up the table saw for cutting perfect miter joints as well as some special store-bought and shop-built accessories for mitering.

Top 5 Table Saw Accessories

Episode #107 · Once you have a table saw in your shop, adding accessories will make your work more accurate - and safer. Eavesdrop in as four of the Woodsmith magazine editors get together around the bench to pick (and demonstrate!) their top five (plus a few more) table saw accessories.

Ins and Outs of Drawers

Episode #108 · Woodworkers love to check out the drawers in a piece of furniture -how they're made, how they're mounted, and if they fit accurately in the openings. Learn the correct joints to use when designing and building drawers and some shop tips for working with drawer guides, slides, and hardware.

Hand Planes, Scrapers & Chisels

Episode #109 · For some woodworking tasks, hand tools are better than machine tools. In this episode you'll meet a remarkable craftsman who uses nothing but hand tools and then learn some tips and techniques from the Woodsmith magazine editors on sharpening and using hand planes, scrapers, and chisels.

Mortise and Tenon: A Strong and Silent Joint

Episode #110 · One of the classic woodworking joints is the mortise and tenon. It's a joint that's very strong, but usually hidden inside the wood. Learn how to cut a mortise and tenon with a drill press and a table saw, what to look for in buying a mortiser, and how to fix a joint that's too loose.

Router Table Tips

Episode #111 · Discover what the Woodsmith magazine editors think is important to consider when buying or building a router table. Then pick up some tips for using a router table safely, building some accessories for a router table, and making your own moldings.

Setting Up Shop

Episode #112 · Whether you have a big space or just a corner of the basement or garage, setting up a woodworking shop can be a rewarding experience. Listen in as the Woodsmith magazine editors pick their favorite stationary power tools for a shop. Then learn about an interactive program that will help you lay out the tools in your shop. There will also be a discussion of mobile bases and dust collection strategies.

Quick & Easy Joinery

Episode #113 · Choosing the correct joint to strengthen a project is usually critical. But it doesn't have to be difficult. In this episode, you'll learn about three quick and easy joints and the advantages of each.

Setting Up A Shop: Then and Now

Episode #201 · Looking back over the past 30 years, the editors of Woodsmith answer the questions: If we were starting woodworking today, what three tools would we buy first? What accessories would you add? And what are your best tips for using the tools? And finally, what project inspired you the most?

Making Shelves: Super Strong - Super Fast

Episode #202 · A shelf can be just a piece of plywood. But the Woodsmith editors show how to add the right edging, either veneer tape or solid-wood, you can enhance the look. Or, add a wider strip to balance the look while adding strength to support the weight of all the books.

Details That Make A Difference

Episode #203 · Adding a simple piece of molding can make all the difference in the appearance of a project. The Woodsmith editors show how to make three moldings on a router table: a quarter round, a cove molding, and bead molding.

Never-Fail Joinery Techniques

Episode #204 · The Woodsmith editors discuss four basic joints used to assemble the corners of a cabinet, a simple rabbet joint, a dado joint used for the top and bottom, a very strong locking joint called a tongue and dado, and a modern technique pocket screw joinery.

Perfect Case Assembly

Episode #205 · At some point all the pieces you cut for a project have to be assembled. The Woodsmith editors show how to dry-fit a cabinet to check the fit of all the pieces, the types of glue to use, and the techniques we use to clamp a cabinet so it's square.

Easy-To-Build Weekend Workbench

Episode #206 · The centerpiece of every shop is a workbench. The editors of Woodsmith show step-by-step how to build our most popular weekend workbench using common building materials. Then how to add a vises and bench dogs to make is even more useful.

Router Table Techniques

Episode #207 · A router table is one of the most important tools in the shop. It all begins with accessories for the fence and adding a micro-adjuster. Then the editors show how to use three common router bits to make 17 profiles, and how to make tenon and groove joinery on the router table.

7 Master Techniques

Episode #208 · From one simple project, a cutting board, the editors of Woodsmith show seven master techniques you can learn to use on hundreds of projects. Start by ripping narrow strips, then glue up a panel, and sand it smooth. Then use templates cut curves and sand them perfectly smooth.

Table Saw Secrets: Rip It Right

Episode #209 · Cutting boards to the exact width you need is best done on a table saw. The Woodsmith editors talk about the right saw blade to use, and then show the jigs and techniques to get a perfect rip cut.

Making Great Table Legs

Episode #210 · There's more to making a table leg than just cutting a long board. First, learn the secrets to getting a perfect grain pattern on a leg. Then the Woodsmith editors show a simple jig for cutting tapered legs, both two-sided and four-sided, and a special technique for make a flared tapered leg.

Shop Storage Solutions

Episode #211 · The editors of Woodsmith choose three of our most popular shop storage projects that you can build in a weekend: a peg board storage system, a roll-around shop cart, and a lumber storage rack.

Sanding Secrets and Fast Finishing

Episode #212 · The last 2 steps can be the most important part of a project: sanding and applying a finish. The editors look at the sanding tools and techniques to get the best results. Then they share their favorite, fast and fool-proof finishing methods.

Top Shop Tips

Episode #213 · Over the past 30 years, the editors have shown hundreds of shop tips in Woodsmith magazine. Now they share their top tips for getting the most out of your table saw, router table, drill press, and more.

Easy-To-Build Shop Storage Cabinet

Episode #301 · The editors of Woodsmith magazine show how to build an inexpensive wall-mounted shop storage cabinet. Pegboard and smooth-sliding doors allow you to maximize your storage capacity in a minimal amount of space, and simple construction techniques make it a snap to build.

Make Beautiful Bowls with Your Router

Episode #302 · Bowls made with a router? See the tips, tricks, and techniques for turning a few pieces of scrap wood into beautiful bowls. No big, expensive tools are needed to make the chips fly - just a hand-held router and a special bit.

Router Table Upgrades & Add-Ons

Episode #303 · Learn all the basics of a router table: from making a laminated top to getting a perfect-fitting insert plate. You'll learn step-by-step how to make a rock-solid router table top. Plus, the Woodsmith editors give their top picks for accessories and add-ons that will make any router table work harder.

Build Timeless Tables in a Weekend

Episode #304 · The Woodsmith editors share three quick and easy techniques for making heirloom tables. A never-fail corner joint that simply bolts together. Two ways to put a top together without having to worry about glue and clamps. And a way to add turned legs without using a lathe.

Table Saw Secrets: Box Joints

Episode #305 · Master this classic joinery technique. We fire up the table saw to show you the step-by-step techniques to building perfect box joint boxes - from making your own thin stock to cutting flawless-fitting joints on the table saw.

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